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Constructing the IoT cloud platform to achieve rapid and intelligent lighting

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On June 18, 2021, the 39th AIoT & Smart Lighting and Drive Technology Innovation Seminar came to a successful conclusion. Hangzhou Tuya Technology Information Co., Ltd. (referred to as Tuya Smart) participated in this seminar as a speaker company. Li Chenlong, business manager of Tuya Smart East China Lighting and Lighting, shared the topic of "Fast IoT Intelligence, Breaking the Inner Volume of Traditional Industries", and shared that Tuya Smart Cloud Platform covers hardware access, cloud services and APP software development. One stop The artificial intelligence IoT solution helps upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain to realize the intelligent connection of consumers, manufacturing brands, OEM manufacturers and retail chains.


Tuya Smart is one of the few AI intelligent interactive cloud platforms, focusing on artificial intelligence and IoT. Tuya Smart received E-round financing in January 2021, and was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange in March. According to Li Chenlong, the three main businesses of Tuya Smart are: first, to help enterprises realize zero-code development from traditional products to smart products; second, in the APP development business, to help customers customize the required Control interface; the third is to help customers build their own cloud platform.

Tuya Smart has established a prosperous ecosystem composed of brands, OEMs, developers, partners and end users through strong network effects - cloud platform, namely Tuya Smart Cloud Platform. The cloud platform provides an open architecture to connect any device of any brand, and at the same time enables users to use and manage all smart devices (including smart lighting) across brands through an App. This is exactly the operating experience that users want. This experience can be achieved on a smartphone. Based on this feature, Tuya Smart Cloud Platform has attracted a large number of brands to join in to integrate their respective brand devices into this unified user interface and connect with other brands through this interface. This self-reinforcing network effect, the cloud platform, further enhances Tuya Smart's brand awareness and generates word-of-mouth effect, thus helping Tuya Smart and its partners to form an extensive, vibrant and continuously interconnected ecosystem.

At present, domestic consumers' acceptance of smart lighting products is still relatively low. Li Chenlong said that from 2015 to 2016, the entire smart lighting market was still very unclear. The challenge at that time was that domestic consumers had low acceptance of smart lighting products, or there was no concept of smart lighting. Graffiti’s solution is to first choose overseas tracks, and cooperate with some overseas supermarket channels, such as Walmart, Costco and online Amazon in the United States, plus some German supermarkets Lidl, Aldi and French supermarkets in Europe. The Anda House system, etc. Selling through these major channels, on the one hand, improves consumers' acceptance of smart lighting products, and on the other hand, can encourage customers to actively understand the categories and functions of smart products.

Intelligent lighting will be an inevitable trend in the future development of the lighting industry. According to Li Chenlong, by 2025, the compound annual growth rate of the global smart lighting market will be about 21.5%. The penetration rate of smart lighting products is still at an early low point. For example, in the United States, the largest consumer of smart lighting products, the current penetration rate of smart lighting products is about 18.7%. In European countries such as France and Spain, the penetration rate of smart lighting is less than 4%. However, with the high growth rate of smart lighting and future development trends, the future penetration rate may reach more than 85%, and it will be in the not too distant future. The development direction of intelligent lighting is beyond doubt. At present, the lighting industry is undergoing a major reshuffle. If traditional lighting continues to stick to the rules and does not keep pace with the times, it is likely to fall into the situation of "involution" in the future, and the road to survival will be even more difficult. If you want to break the current situation, you need a breakthrough, and now there is a better breakthrough is the intelligentization of lighting products, that is, intelligent lighting.

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