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Trimble bd935-ins miniaturized positioning and navigation module comes out

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Trimble's new small positioning and navigation module, bd935-ins, is becoming a trend across professional and consumer fields
  Trimble BD935-INS

Trimble company has launched a new positioning OEM module bd935-ins, which integrates several characteristics: first, the module is small, second, it integrates GNSS and 3-D MEMS inertial navigation sensors compatible with GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo signals, and third, it provides a simple configuration scheme for system integrators.

  Trimble 无人机应用

Dale Hermann, general manager of Trimble integration technology department, believes that many OEM manufacturers and system integrators increasingly need positioning and navigation technology to support their products. Therefore, "bd935-ins integrating GNSS and inertial navigation technology can meet various shape conditions and application requirements, such as lightweight robots or UAVs."

  Trimble 产品应用于机器人

In the world of robots and UAVs, a steadily growing trend is to "follow" them with the permission of users. The playing method of this trend is very interesting. For example, using UAVs with GoPro cameras to shoot self shooting videos is not only fun, but also much cheaper than spending a lot of money to hire helicopters and film crews.

It is reported that there are already UAVs equipped with bd935-ins chips, and their related products have been released and displayed at the AUVSI's unmanned systems 2015 conference.


Firstly, from the technical development trend of UAV field, UAV has provided various segmentation services from industry to mass field, and the requirements for positioning technology are also gradually improving. Combined with the control of UAV by GIS, the application field of UAV will be wider and wider.

Another important area, as Hermann said, is the field of lightweight robots. Internationally, the spot robot developed by Boston Dynamics under Google has realized field exploration and geographic data collection; Sun Zhengyi, a robot enthusiast, pepper robot designer and Softbank group, predicts that by 2020, the robot field will create an output value of about US $20 billion in Japan alone, covering industry and consumer fields. Among them, outdoor working robots related to positioning and navigation technology will benefit and lead the geographic information industry to share the cake of this market. In contrast, the research on robots in the Chinese market is still in its infancy, but the demand potential is worth looking forward to.

Of course, there is also the field of wearable hardware and other subdivided intelligent hardware. Its developers are also looking for better positioning and navigation solutions to solve practical problems.


However, whether at the industry level or consumer level, developers of mobile equipment products suitable for outdoor use and sticky for positioning and navigation will pay more attention to the price, power consumption and body shape of core positioning and navigation components, because it is related to the cost of final products, the endurance working time of these mobile products and the integrated "Scene". This is also the most worthwhile thing for many positioning and navigation solution providers represented by Tianbao to work across professional and consumer fields through technical optimization and iteration in the next few years.

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