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Why does Beidou satellite system hate GPS?

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Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS), GPS of the United States, GLONASS of Russia and Galileo of the European Union are recognized suppliers by the United Nations Satellite Navigation Commission. At present, Beidou has been able to challenge GPS with "centimeter accuracy". Americans hate it! Which awesome enterprises are quietly building it? Don't bother. Read the following, all the secrets are here.

Let's introduce the five companies of "two customers and one danger":

1、 Xi'an Aerospace Huaxun Technology Co., Ltd
Company introduction: aerospace Huaxun is the only enterprise in the field of satellite navigation in China with the capacity of RF and baseband design, R & D and batch production. It is subordinate to Aerospace Science and industry group. Mr. Zhou, general manager, returned from SiRF company in 2009 and devoted himself to the R & D of RF baseband chip. In 2014, Beidou ranked first in the industry in terms of shipments. In the first half of 2015, the sales volume exceeded 900000 sets, ranking first in vehicle navigation. It undertook the construction of the first Beidou police vehicle monitoring and management system of the domestic public security system, the "Beidou modern logistics" industry of the national development and Reform Commission, the "Beidou people's livelihood care" demonstration project, the provincial Beidou Judicial Correction supervision project and other national and provincial key projects. Lay out important links of Beidou industrial chain for aerospace.

Website: www.hxcasic.com com

General manager: Zhou Wenyi

Product model: hx6317, hx6412

Main customers: BoShiJie, Youwei, national pulse, Capital Airlines

Agent: Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd

Agent introduction: Golden beacon is the agent of aerospace Huaxun Beidou navigation module and Jiashan Jinchang Beidou / GPS antenna.

2、 Dongguan taidou Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd
Company introduction: taidou micro is committed to satellite navigation signal processing technology, baseband chip design, product application and other fields, has carried out all-round R & D and industrialization, and provides Beidou satellite navigation, positioning, timing and other products. It won 80000 pilot projects of "two passengers and one danger" in the national transportation industry in 2012 and undertook a number of national ministries and commissions. In 12 and 13 years, Beidou's shipment volume ranked first in the industry. As a private enterprise, it is amazing.

Website: www.techtop.com com

Deputy General Manager: Xu Xiangbin

Product model: td3020c, n302, n303

Main customers: Huabao, Lianhe Anye, Capital Airlines

Agent: Shenzhen Ibet Electronics Co., Ltd

3、 Beijing Hexin Xingtong Technology Co., Ltd
Company introduction: Hexin Xingtong is a subordinate enterprise of Beidou Xingtong. It is committed to baseband processing technology, a variety of navigation timing modules and high-precision OEM boards. It has undertaken a number of projects strongly supported by the government, such as China satellite navigation system management office and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission.

Website: www.unicorecomm.com com

Chairman: Zhou Ruxin

Product model: um220

Main customers: Xugang and Hangsheng

Agent: Shenzhen weixunye Technology Co., Ltd., jundachuang

4、 Hangzhou Zhongke Microelectronics Co., Ltd
Company introduction: as a subsidiary of the Institute of microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhongke micro is committed to the R & D and production of Beidou satellite navigation chip, navigation module, timing module, motor drive chip, analog security chip, etc. Undertake a number of major national science and technology projects and local scientific research tasks.

Website: www.icofchina.com com

General manager: Yin min

Product model: atgm331c, atgm332d

Main customers: Xiamen yaxun, Zhuhai tianqin

Agents: Shenzhen weierjian Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou woxuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

5、 Beijing Dongfang Lianxing Technology Co., Ltd
Company introduction: Dongfang Lianxing is subordinate to China ordnance industry group. It is engaged in the R & D, design and manufacturing of satellite navigation chips and application products, and has undertaken a number of major national special technology development of Beidou satellite navigation. Although it is shortlisted for the pilot project of the Ministry of civil Beidou transportation, the main scope still lies in the field of military application. Its cooperation with Huawei in Beidou Positioning of glory series mobile phones is also a bright spot.

Website: www.olinkstar.com com

General manager: Zhang Junlin

Product model: cc50

Main customers: Huawei, weapons

In addition, there are many chip design companies working silently here. Some have made precipitates and breakthroughs in technology, but the current market environment has not yet delivered in batches. Let's recommend some for your reference.

1、 Chongqing Southwest integrated circuit design Co., Ltd
Company introduction: Southwest integration is based on the national "nine О The company, established on the basis of Southwest design center of "8" project, has rich experience in RF integrated circuit industry and has undertaken a number of national key research projects. The RF chip designed and produced by the company also cooperates with the shortlisted enterprises of "two passengers and one danger" of the Ministry of communications.

Website: www.swid.com com. cn

2、 Guangzhou Runxin Information Technology Co., Ltd
Company introduction: Runxin is a subordinate enterprise of Guangzhou Haige communication group. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in RF analog integrated circuit design and RF module R & D, production and sales. At present, the leading micro has taken shares in cooperation.

Website: www.runxinic.com com

3、 Shanghai Jiamei Xinxin Communication Technology Co., Ltd
Company introduction: jiameixin chip is a RF chip design company. It has unique innovation in CMOS RF chip design. It has cooperated with many domestic Beidou chip manufacturers to provide RF chips and serve China's Beidou industrial chain.

Website: www.canaantek.com com

4、 Beijing Zhongdian Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd
Company introduction: Huada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Electronics. It is an integrated circuit design company for the development and service of smart card chips, RFID chips and satellite navigation chips. At present, low-cost Beidou chips will also be launched to lay out the satellite navigation market.

Website: www.hed.com com. cn/CN/index. aspx

5、 Datang semiconductor design Co., Ltd
Company introduction: Datang semiconductor is the integration of existing IC design industry resources by Datang Telecom. It has the ability of IC whole process design, the comprehensive planning and design ability of digital circuit, analog circuit, RF circuit and digital analog hybrid circuit, and has established the corresponding development test and simulation verification platform and environment, which can be used at chip level, module level System level and solution level provide customers with a full range of products, services and solutions. At present, it cooperates with aerospace science and industry to develop 5g mobile network communication, and cooperates with aerospace Huaxun to layout the R & D and design of Beidou satellite chip.

Website: www.datang.com com

6、 Shanghai Beijia Navigation Technology Co., Ltd

Company introduction: Beijia navigation is mainly engaged in the R & D and production of multi-mode satellite navigation chip (BD / GPS / GLONASS / Galileo), and the development, construction and operation services of high-precision ground-based enhancement (GBAS) technology. Focus on the development of BD / GPS multimode SOC RF baseband integrated chip. He has undertaken many major research topics such as the Galileo plan of China EU cooperation, major national science and technology projects, the National 863 plan and major science and technology projects in Shanghai, obtained a number of patents and software copyrights, and developed a series of products and services.

Website: www.sh-bg.com com

***The content of this article is provided by Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd***

Little popular science: Beidou system is our national strategic industry and plays an important role in national security and improving national competitiveness. Beidou chip is the core component, which will occupy a very important position in aerospace, military industry, future consumer electronics and mobile terminals. It plays an important supporting role in the development of the whole Beidou and even information industries, and will become a growth pole of economic development. Since 2011, the mass application of the state led Beidou industry has gradually entered the consumer electronics fields such as mobile phones, tablet computers and wearables from the fields of transportation, meteorology and fishery. As of October this year, China had launched 20 Beidou satellites, realizing full coverage in the Asia Pacific region. In the field of satellite RF and baseband chips with independent intellectual property rights, in addition to the five Beidou chip manufacturers designated for the pilot in the transportation industry (i.e. two passengers and one danger), a number of enterprises with high-tech content have also emerged, which has made great contributions to the popularization of Beidou application in the country.


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