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The Beidou system has been fully opened, but we are still using GPS? There is some helplessness behind it

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With the development of science and technology, China's development in various fields has entered a new stage. For example, for the satellite positioning system we use every day, countries all over the world basically need to use the GPS satellite positioning system of the United States. However, with the full opening of the Beidou satellite positioning and navigation system, the monopoly of the United States has basically ended, However, there has always been a question in some people's hearts. Since the Beidou system has been opened all over the world, why are we still using the GPS system now? The reason for this problem is somewhat helpless, but one thing is certain that we have been misled.

As the first global positioning system in the world, the GPS satellite navigation system of the United States has more mature and stable technologies, high positioning accuracy and convenient use. So far, no navigation system in the world can compete with GPS, so few countries in the world do not use GPS satellite navigation system. However, after the advent of Beidou, the situation in the world has changed greatly. Many countries, including China, have begun to use Beidou satellite positioning system. Why do some people say that GPS signals are displayed on our mobile phones?


GPS is the English abbreviation of global satellite positioning system. The United States, as the first country in the world to master this technology, naturally uses this code. Therefore, even though we have applied Beidou to our life, people are still used to GPS when calling it. This reason sounds helpless, but it can also prove that many people are actually misled by the name, China's Beidou satellite navigation system may still have some shortcomings, but it can fully meet our use needs.


China's Beidou satellite navigation system started late, so there are not many users in the world. Therefore, some technical aspects need to continue to be tested and adjusted. With the increase of users, the accuracy and stability of Beidou system will increase. As the Beidou system becomes more and more perfect, the monopoly era of American GPS system will come to an end. More importantly, the maturity of the Beidou system means that we don't need to worry about other countries cutting off satellite signals.

Most modern weapons need to be assisted by positioning systems in combat, such as various fighters, warships, missiles and other equipment. In case of war, after the opponent cuts off the GPS signal, these equipment will be like headless flies, and the combat effectiveness will be greatly reduced. But with the Beidou system, we don't need to worry about this problem. Even if the war comes, we can hold our destiny in our own hands.

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