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How about the performance of GPS antenna? Which factors are related?

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At present, all kinds of antennas can still be applied in many different fields, especially the GPS antenna, which is also deeply concerned. Of course, the performance of this antenna is also worthy of attention. What factors are related to the performance of this antenna.

1. Quality of ceramic powder

The quality of ceramic powder and sintering process directly affect the performance of GPS antenna. At present, ceramic sculptures used in the market mainly have multiple specifications. The larger the area of the ceramic sheet, the greater the dielectric constant and the higher the resonance frequency, the better the acceptance effect. Most of the ceramic sculptures are square design, and the direction of resonance is basically the same, in order to achieve the effect of receiving uniform stars.

2. How about the silver layer on the surface

The silver layer on the surface of GPS antenna will affect the resonant frequency of the antenna. The ideal ceramic chip frequency is accurately reduced to 1575.42MHz, but the antenna frequency is very fragile to the surrounding environment. Especially when assembling the whole device, the shape of the silver coating must be adjusted. Therefore, when purchasing the antenna, the GPS complete machine manufacturer must provide the complete machine sample together with the antenna manufacturer for testing.

3. What is the supplier

The ceramic antenna collects the resonance signal through the supply point and sends it to the back end. Due to antenna impedance matching, the supply point is usually slightly adjusted along the XY direction rather than the center of the antenna. This impedance matching method is simple and does not increase the cost. Moving only in the single axis direction is called single axis movement, and two axis movement is called double axis movement.

So if we think about it, we can find the current situationGPS antennaIn terms of performance, it is mainly affected by these factors. At the same time, it has become something that enterprises can understand and pay attention to, so as to ensure that the antenna can bring good results.


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