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Xidian Professor Liu Ying: the antenna leads the direction and hides the dream

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"Scientific Chinese" cover character - Liu Ying


       On November 1, 2016, amid roars and cheers, two my country's advanced fourth-generation heavy stealth fighter jets appeared over Zhuhai, pushing the atmosphere of the air show to a climax. As a new generation of stealth fighters independently developed by my country, the appearance in less than two minutes this time can be regarded as a glimpse, which has greatly inspired the spirit of the people on the scene and the national defense confidence of the people of the whole country.

       In modern warfare, whether a country's air power is strong or not depends largely on whether the overall stealth performance of the fighter is strong. In the 1991 Gulf War, the US F-117A stealth fighter-bomber first participated in the war and achieved significant results, relying on the most cutting-edge overall stealth level. It is no exaggeration to say that the pros and cons of the stealth performance of an aircraft can even decide the outcome of a modern war.

       Little is known that the overall stealth performance of an aircraft is closely related to the stealth performance of the aircraft antenna. In general, with the help of shape stealth technology and coated radar absorbing materials, stealth aircraft can reduce their own scattering characteristics to a very low level. However, once the aircraft is loaded with an antenna system that is not designed for stealth, its overall stealth performance will be greatly deteriorated, thereby seriously reducing the battlefield penetration and survivability. Therefore, in modern warfare, the quality of antenna stealth performance has become one of the key factors that determine the survival of weapon platforms.

       Since most traditional antenna stealth methods will bring about the loss of antenna radiation characteristics, it restricts the improvement of the combat capability of weapon platforms. Therefore, how to develop new antenna scattering theory, adopt new methods to achieve scattering control, and meet the needs of high-performance stealth antennas in various fields has become the top priority in the field of radar antenna stealth.

       Liu Ying, a member of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, an IET Fellow (member of the British Institute of Engineering and Technology), a professor at Xidian University, and director of the Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology, is a leader in this field of scientific research. Over the years, in order to meet the urgent needs of my country's military technology development, Liu Ying and his team have done a lot of research in the field of antenna stealth and achieved important results, making outstanding contributions to the cause of national defense.

       The continuous development of domestic heavy stealth fighters is inseparable from the silent dedication of scientific researchers in the field of antenna stealth. As a rising star in my country's antenna stealth business, Liu Ying's growth process presents a wonderful profile of Chinese female scientific and technological workers serving the country through scientific research.

Group photo of members of the 2019 Future Antenna International Symposium

dream broken wings

Gain unexpected love

       Liu Ying's childhood dream was to be a translator. By chance, Xiao Liuying was attracted by the personable translator on TV, and since then secretly resolved to be a translator for state leaders in the future. For this reason, she studied English hard all the time in middle school, just to fulfill her dream of being an interpreter. In the summer of 1994, when she applied for the college entrance examination, her first choice was the foreign language major of Xidian University. But God did not wish. When the notice came down, she found that she had been transferred to the same school majoring in electromagnetic fields and microwave technology. At that time, Liu Ying knew nothing about this profession and was reluctant. The dream changed from a translator who went to and from diplomatic occasions to a scientific researcher buried in the laboratory. However, Liu Ying has an unwillingness to admit defeat in his bones. When she learned that electromagnetic waves are the only "mysterious power" that can propagate without any medium, they are silent, invisible, colorless and tasteless, and they can come and go freely even in a vacuum, and they are fleeting, and they are quickly fascinated by magic. attracted by the electromagnetic world. Liu Ying quickly adjusted her mentality and devoted herself to this unfamiliar research field.

       Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology (XD for short), formerly known as the Radio School of the Central Military Commission, was born in the revolutionary war era of blood and fire, and has a pure red bloodline. In the 1990s, Xidian still retained the fine tradition of militarized management, and the campus learning atmosphere was very strong. At that time, there were often shocking scenes in the morning on the campus of Xidian. Because the students got up too early in the morning and the teaching building was not yet open, everyone sat on the stone bench downstairs to read and recite. The students dubbed it "Stone Bench Culture". In Liu Ying's memory, the classmates in the class at that time never compared the material conditions, only who got up early in the morning and who studied the most hard. She has never been in the habit of sleeping late, sometimes when she opens her eyes in the morning, she finds that a classmate has already made the bed.

       Xidian freshmen have always had a military training tradition. When taking a break between training sessions, others often sit and chat, but Liu Ying took out a small notebook from her pocket and began to memorize words. Thanks to this good habit of making good use of fragmented time, Liu Ying passed the fourth and sixth grades of the university early, and successfully passed the TOEFL test. This was a very difficult thing at the time. The assiduous spirit in study runs through Liu Ying's entire academic career from undergraduate to doctorate, and also has a huge impact on her subsequent scientific research work.

       With a "preference" for electromagnetic waves and a strong affection for Xidian, Liu Ying chose the Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology of Xidian without hesitation after graduating from her undergraduate degree, and started her postgraduate study. Perhaps at that time, Liu Ying secretly made up his mind to make an extraordinary career in the field of electromagnetics and antennas.

Liu Ying

Steady growth

Consistent academic excellence

       During the postgraduate and doctoral stage, Liu Ying successively followed Professor Gong Shuxi and Professor Fu Demin, well-known scholars in the field of antennas in my country, to conduct research on the basic theory and design of antennas and electromagnetic scattering. With her outstanding academic performance and with the support of her teachers, Liu Ying has been able to deeply participate in a number of major national scientific research projects. Mr. Fu and Mr. Gong have always taught Liu Ying: On the road of scientific research, you must be good at solving problems, but you must be good at discovering problems. Only in this way can scientific research work be more sustainable and systematic. The academic rigor and forward-looking thinking of the teachers have had a profound impact on Liu Ying. Under the guidance and encouragement of the teachers, Liu Ying has developed a good habit of constantly thinking and applying what she has learned, and her academic ability has been greatly improved.

       Among a number of major scientific research projects, Liu Ying felt the most difficult and deepest impression was the development of the antenna near-field measurement system. At that time, my country's antenna was first measured in the outdoor far field. Due to the poor outdoor measurement environment and relatively low measurement accuracy, with the emergence and development of microwave anechoic chamber technology, antenna measurement has been transferred from outdoor to indoor. Although this measure solves the problems of low outdoor far-field measurement accuracy and does not support all-weather testing, it brings new problems such as limited indoor space and inability to meet the far-field distance required for large-diameter antenna testing. The consensus of the industry is: To solve this problem, it is necessary to develop indoor near-field measurement technology.

       In this context, Liu Ying joined the scientific research team led by Mao Naihong, a famous antenna measurement expert in my country and a professor at Xidian University, and took the lead in conducting research on antenna near-field measurement technology in China. After years of research, the team successfully developed the first self-controllable antenna near-field measurement system in China, achieving a breakthrough from zero to one, breaking the foreign technology blockade, and filling the gap in the field of antenna near-field measurement in my country.

       At that time, the near-field measurement technology of the antenna was strictly sealed abroad. When Liu Ying's scientific research team built the antenna near-field measurement darkroom, almost everything from equipment construction to software writing was completed independently, thus solving the problem of being "stuck in the neck" by foreign countries. The laboratory has always closely focused on the needs of the country, and has formed distinctive features in the research of advanced antenna microwave measurement technology, antenna and electromagnetic scattering theory, high-performance spaceborne complex antenna optimization design technology, high-frequency channel measurement system, etc., and has undertaken a large number of national major In the past ten years, it has won more than ten awards at the provincial and ministerial level and above, published thousands of academic papers, authorized nearly 300 national invention patents, and published more than 20 textbooks and academic monographs. Talent cultivation has made an important contribution.

       Out of love for antenna stealth research, after graduating with a doctorate degree in 2004, Liu Ying chose to stay in school to engage in research work. Talking about the reasons for staying in the school, she said: "Ten years of study experience in Xidian has made me have a deep affection for Xidian, and many excellent teachers during my studies had an important influence on me, so I also hope to be able to engage in the teaching profession. A noble profession. More importantly, Xidian has many important scientific and technological achievements in solving major technical problems of the country, and also has an important influence. During my study at Xidian, I was determined to solve the problem through my own efforts. The technical issues that the country needs to develop, it will be very meaningful."

In 2006, Liu Ying went to Hanyang University in South Korea for further study; in 2007, he returned to China and was promoted to associate professor; in 2010, he was promoted to professor by exception. Along the way, it seems to be smooth, but in fact there are unknown ups and downs and hardships behind it. Antenna research is a long and uneven road, but Liu Ying has always maintained a steady and calm pace. On this uneven scientific research road, she was good at learning and thinking, and worked hard for 20 years.

Group photo of the old, middle and young generations of the Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology of Xidian University

still water depth

Twenty years of stepping forward

       When the Gulf War broke out in 1991, the F-117 bomber group developed by the United States destroyed important targets such as the Iraqi Air Defense Operations Center, the Presidential Residence and the Salman Park Intercept Operations Center in just a few minutes. During the attack, the Iraqi army was "unaware" of the arrival of the F-117 bomber, and even while the bombing was being carried out, the location of the F-117 bomber had not been determined. For a time, the whole world was shocked.

When studying these military information, Liu Ying was shocked and fell into deep thought: It turns out that "stealth aircraft" is so important to modern warfare! Because of this, she started research on stealth antennas as early as during her Ph.D.

       What is a "stealth aircraft"? Liu Ying introduced the concept of "stealth aircraft" to reporters. She said: "Antennas are the 'eyes' and 'ears' of electronic devices. Many antennas and radars on aircraft need to continuously emit electromagnetic waves to the outside world to ensure communication and detection functions. Stealth aircraft are not invisible to the naked eye as we imagine. , disappeared, but through a variety of comprehensive design methods to reduce the detectability of the aircraft. That is, our stealth aircraft is not easy to be detected by the enemy's radar, infrared, radio frequency and other detection equipment during combat, thereby improving the survival of our stealth aircraft. capabilities and overall operational effectiveness.”

The goal of "antenna stealth" sounds not easy, and it is far more difficult to do than imagined. As a device for sending and receiving electromagnetic waves, the antenna must transmit and receive electromagnetic waves normally, and at the same time, it cannot be detected by the enemy, which is obviously a contradiction.

"It's really contradictory," said Liu Ying, "From the perspective of transmitting signals, the stronger the electromagnetic waves emitted, the wider the detection range of electromagnetic waves, and the more information detected, but the probability of electromagnetic waves being detected is also higher. high".

       It is necessary to radiate electromagnetic waves efficiently and suppress the scattering of electromagnetic waves incident to the radar, which makes the stealth design of the antenna more complicated than that of ordinary scatterers. Therefore, antenna stealth technology is not only a scientific problem that needs to be solved urgently in the field of antenna scattering, but also an engineering problem to achieve the ultimate stealth of combat weapon platforms.

       Liu Ying and her team started from the basic theoretical research of antenna scattering, and did 5 years of theoretical research first. Under the guidance and help of the older generation of scientists such as Professor Fu Demin, she proposed a systematic antenna scattering formula in view of the lack of antenna stealth analysis theory. A set of formula descriptions unifies the formulas of three professors, R.B. Green, R.E. Collin, and R.C. Hansen in the United States, ending the 37-year-long inconsistency in the international definition of antenna scattering, and providing a solid foundation for the design of stealth antennas. theoretical basis.

       Then, Liu Ying launched a research on how to achieve accurate calculation of stealth antenna scattering. In just one year, she proposed the antenna scattering analysis model for the first time in the world, and realized the precise separation and calculation of the different scattering modes of the antenna. This model is simple and versatile, breaking through the bottleneck problem that can only be solved through engineering estimation in the world.

       "Although it is higher than Gao Feiyan, it is still less than Qingyun." Liu Ying was very modest when mentioning his scientific research achievements. The journey to research stealth antennas is never-ending, she said. For practical engineering needs, Liu Ying has carried out systematic research on antenna stealth design methods. The antenna frequency band is from narrow to wide band, and the antenna scale is from the unit level to the array level and then to the platform level. In the whole research process, Liu Ying made gradual progress and continuous innovation, and finally achieved the goal of sacrificing antenna gain in antenna stealth design, maintaining antenna gain in antenna stealth design, and improving antenna gain while antenna stealth design, breaking through antenna gain and stealth performance. The bottleneck problem of mutual restriction.

       no pain no gain. Liu Ying's related achievements have played a huge role in the development of key equipment in many major projects in my country, and won 1 National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award. In order to further promote the development of the domestic antenna stealth field and the cultivation of related talents, Liu Ying also compiled some basic research results into a book in addition to scientific research, and published the first domestic monograph on antenna scattering technology - "Antenna Radar Cross Section Prediction and Downsizing".

More than 20 years have passed in a hurry. Along the way, Liu Ying feels very fulfilled, because every inch of time is full of hard work. In addition to the research on stealth antennas, she has also achieved fruitful research results in the field of civilian antennas.

       The antenna in the mobile communication system is one of the most important applications of the civilian antenna, which promotes the development of the national economy. From 3G, 4G to 5G, my country's mobile communication technology has experienced a rise from following to participation and then to leading. 5G is a truly converged network, which will bring profound changes to all aspects of people's lives, complete the high-speed, safe and free connection between people, people and things, and things and things, and finally realize "everything". The vision of "interconnection", and the goals of 5G high-speed, large-bandwidth, and low-latency also put forward new and higher requirements for antennas.

       In the face of the country's major demand for technology in the new era, Liu Ying has carried out research on 5G terminals and base station antennas. In response to the urgent needs of mobile phone terminals for high-performance antennas, she innovatively proposed a mobile phone antenna design theory based on in-phase and out-of-phase mode, which solved the key problem of 5G MIMO antenna isolation under small spacing; For the relatively close dual-frequency antenna mutual coupling problem, she comprehensively used technologies such as array layout optimization and broadband impedance matching to solve the problem of coupling between multi-frequency antenna arrays such as the same frequency and different frequencies of the base station, making the index reach the domestic leading level. These technologies have served Huawei's 4G/5G terminal and base station antenna products well, and have played an important role in promoting the development of my country's mobile communication technology.

       In the cooperation with Comba Telecom, Liu Ying solved the core key technical problems such as miniaturization of base station antennas, ultra-wideband, and multi-system sharing. In the project of "New Miniaturized Multi-system Shared Base Station ESC Antenna System Products and Key Technologies", the application of relevant research results has enabled Comba Telecom's mainstream product performance to surpass that of Western manufacturers, breaking the monopoly of foreign industry giants. The project achievement won the first prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award. Related research is included in the book "Antenna in Mobile Communication System" edited by Liu Ying.

       Liu Ying and her team have achieved many honors in recent years. She herself has successively won honors such as the "Changjiang Scholar" Distinguished Professor and the 17th China Young Women Scientist Award. Her scientific research team has also won the title of innovation team in key areas of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The achievement of many honors is the result of years of hard work by this team of young scientists. Behind every honor, there are countless sweat, hard work and unimaginable pressure from outsiders.

       For example, when they proposed the theory of stealth antennas, Liu Ying and her team first encountered international doubts. Due to their prejudice against Chinese scientists, many people in the world hold an attitude of not agreeing with Liu Ying's achievements. However, real gold is not afraid of fire. As the theory was successfully applied by more scholars, all doubts were dissipated.

       As a female scientist, the pressure to balance work and family is not ordinary. Because of her perennial focus on scientific research, Liu Ying in her life has almost completely given up her leisure pursuit of life. In school, people often ask her why she never wears high heels? In fact, why is there any reason? Too often Liu Ying doesn't know which pair of shoes he is wearing today. She has always been in a hurry, as long as it is convenient, it doesn't matter which pair of shoes she wears. "There are too many things. You have to run and do many things. I really feel that there is not enough time every day." Liu Ying told reporters in an interview.

       For Liu Ying, working hard day and night is the norm at work; doing experiments in harsh environments is commonplace; taking a temporary order to go on a business trip is also common. These pressures are actually a lot for a female researcher who has already started a family. However, Liu Ying said flatly: "Although women researchers face more challenges in this field, we have the confidence and ability to do a good job, or even better."

       Keep improving, never give up, is Liu Ying's motto. 20 years of scientific research work has not been smooth sailing, and I have experienced failures again and again during this period. Among them, after experiencing the most tragic failure, Liu Ying went home at night and cried. Although full of grievances, she adjusted her mood and participated in the academic exchange activities normally with slightly red and swollen eyes early the next morning. Colleagues were surprised to see Liu Ying, thinking that she had suffered such a big blow and would at least be depressed for a while. Seeing that Liu Ying was not afraid of setbacks, her colleagues gave her thumbs up.

guide students

people oriented

Development of management positions

       In 2017, Liu Ying reached a new level in her career. She took the initiative to apply for the director of the Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology of Xidian University, and became the third-generation leader of the key laboratory.

       Founded in 1992, the Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology is a national-level research institution specializing in antenna and microwave technology research in my country. main supporting unit. At the beginning of the 21st century, the laboratory began to enter a stable development period after experiencing the glorious period of antenna near-field measurement.

       After taking over the Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology, Liu Ying took full responsibility for the management and planning and development of the key laboratory, and led the laboratory into a new stage of development. In the past three years, the per capita expenditure of the laboratory has increased significantly, and various business indicators have steadily improved. The achievement of this achievement is inseparable from Liu Ying's management philosophy of "people-oriented and making the best use of their talents".

       Referring to the scientific research management system of Xidian University, the laboratory led by Liu Ying carried out the reform of the management system of rewards and punishments, and implemented the research group as a unit, and the person in charge of the research group independently allocated personnel and funds. In this way, a team culture of unity and cooperation, pursuit of excellence, democratic decision-making, and resource sharing have been formed. This model has effectively improved the enthusiasm and efficiency of all staff to work.

       Liu Yingchang said: "One person can go fast, but a group of people can go further. If a team wants to go far, the members must be united. If people are not at the same level, then the team will not be able to fight. To this end, she first committed to building a united and efficient work team, focusing on building team spirit, focusing on exerting collective wisdom, so that the entire laboratory has formed a good atmosphere of "thinking in one place and working hard in one place".

       Secondly, Liu Ying pays special attention to the cultivation of young scientists and the cultivation of innovative teams. She said: "For young people, firstly, we should give them more opportunities to exercise, so that they can continue to tap their self-potentials; secondly, we must encourage them more to form a healthy competitive atmosphere, which will not only give them a sense of belonging , and let them have the fighting power, and let everyone move forward together.” According to the existing discipline layout and research direction, Liu Ying cultivated and introduced young talents in a targeted manner and through multiple channels, and is committed to creating a more reasonable age for researchers. echelon. At present, 55.7% of the researchers in the laboratory are under the age of 40.

In addition, Liu Ying also pays great attention to the intersection of disciplines, actively integrates resources, builds a sharing platform, regularly organizes internal academic exchanges, creates a relaxed academic atmosphere, actively encourages collaborative innovation, and forms a competitive research team.

       It is particularly worth mentioning that the Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology has always attached great importance to the importance of academic exchanges and focused on strengthening academic exchanges with the international academic community. Under the promotion of Liu Ying, the laboratory has created two international conferences with "Western Electric characteristics": IWFA (International Workshop on Future Antennas) and EM-MTF (Electromagnetic Materials and Technologies for the Future). Over the years, the laboratory has organized several conferences at home and abroad, attracting a large number of well-known scholars at home and abroad to participate in the conference, which has greatly promoted academic exchanges in the field of electromagnetics. At the same time, Liu Ying also actively encouraged laboratory members to carry out a series of substantive cooperation with research institutes and outstanding enterprises, and established relevant cooperation mechanisms. The scientific research results are truly industrialized.

       As the person in charge of the key laboratory, Liu Ying said that scientific and technological workers are the most taboo of "small wealth is safe". She said that the reason why she took the initiative to apply for the post of laboratory director is to accept challenges constantly and contribute to the development of the discipline and the needs of the country. She herself grew up with the development of the Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology. Now standing at the new historical starting point of the "14th Five-Year Plan", she will definitely lead her colleagues in the laboratory to make persistent efforts and strive for greater achievements.

Group photo with graduates

spring breeze

Willing to educate talents for the country

       Building morality and cultivating people is the most fundamental task of teachers in modern colleges and universities, and undergraduate education is the soul of a university. As an educator at Xidian University, Liu Ying has always kept in mind the mission of "preaching, teaching, and solving doubts" since she started to work in 2004, and sticks to the front line of teaching. In the daily classroom teaching, we have always insisted on preparing lessons before class. In class, she helps students to have an essential understanding of electromagnetic theory knowledge through various teaching methods such as writing on the blackboard, multimedia and real samples. Her classroom teaching is both simple and humorous, and she can always expand new concepts and methods of electromagnetic fields and microwave technology in a timely manner. She is good at integrating various teaching contents, which is in line with the cognitive characteristics of students. For example, according to the wireless communication principle and application teaching content, Liu Ying brought a representative wireless mobile terminal antenna into the classroom, so that students can understand the working principle of wireless communication from the real thing, which not only broadens the students' vision, but also greatly improves the students' vision. understanding of theoretical knowledge. She also carries out research-based teaching based on the characteristics of professional courses and students, and cultivates students' autonomous learning and expression skills and research ideas through case teaching, discussion courses, and letting students write literature reviews or small papers.

       Scientific research educating people is to respond to the call of the party and the state in the new era and new situation, integrate scientific research and teaching, make talent training closely follow the theme of national innovation and development, and develop a new type of education concept and education model with more contemporary significance. Since taking over the laboratory, Liu Ying has actively carried out the training of high-quality talents in the field of electromagnetic field and microwave technology based on the Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology of Xidian University, relying on the national key discipline of "Electronic Science and Technology". She has always carried out scientific research and education around improving the value of people, in order to break through the separation of teaching and scientific research in the past.

       The Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology adopts a matrix management, and takes the research direction of the subject as a group, and adopts different levels of training models for graduate students of different grades. Liu Ying, as the head of the laboratory, is responsible for keeping track of the overall scientific research progress. In order to further inspire students' academic thinking and broaden their academic horizons, the laboratory also conducts academic discussions on a regular basis, and invites well-known scholars at home and abroad to come to the school to give academic reports, so that students have the opportunity to have face-to-face academic exchanges with well-known scholars in the field of electromagnetics. In addition, Liu Ying also regularly arranges outstanding graduate students to participate in high-level academic conferences such as ISAP, APCAP, and National Antenna Annual Conference, so as to broaden students' international horizons, improve students' communication skills and the international reputation of the team.

       Liu Ying attaches great importance to cultivating the practical ability and practical experience of postgraduates. She said: "I think at the graduate level, the important thing is not what you have learned today and how much you have learned, but the improvement of your overall quality. What problems do you find, how to solve them, and how you explain them to others after you solve them These are the abilities that graduate students must have.” In her laboratory, each graduate student undertakes scientific research projects similar to the research direction, and in the process of tackling key problems in scientific research projects, students can repeatedly deepen their understanding of the research direction. Understanding, from theory to practice, from scientific research to engineering, continuously improves graduate students' ability to discover and solve problems.

"A century-old plan is based on education. The major plan for education is based on teachers." Over the years, Liu Ying is not only a teacher who imparts book knowledge, but also a "big gentleman" who shapes students' character, conduct and taste.

       Xidian University is one of the few key universities with the longest red bloodline among Chinese universities. As a member of the Communist Party, Liu Ying pays special attention to the educating function of the red culture of Xidian University, and is good at transforming the red resources into educational resources for building morality and cultivating people, making it truly an important factor in cultivating students' ideals and beliefs and realizing value leadership. source. She pays attention to the use of various teaching links, combined with professional content to strengthen the ideological guidance of students. By introducing the development situation and challenges in my country's electromagnetic field, she guides students to take the national electronic information development as a guide, take national electronic information security as their own responsibility, and learn the major well. To serve the motherland; to inspire students to be "ideal, moral, cultural, and disciplined" young people, to establish "everyone" thinking, and to have a sense of nationality, responsibility, and mission to build the country.

In the eyes of the students, Liu Ying is a gentle and strict person who can get along with the students at any time. Many students always like to chat with Liu Ying whether they have any troubles at work or in life. However, Liu Ying, who is particularly easy-going in life, is very strict in scientific research. She has extremely high requirements for students, and the assessment standards are even much higher than the school's standards. Over the years, Liu Ying has insisted on guiding students to establish a correct outlook on life, values and world outlook. They must not only possess super scientific research ability, but also establish a noble life pursuit and dedication, and truly grow into qualified socialist builders and successors. .

       With the rapid development of science and technology in today's world, the giant wheel of the times is rolling forward. When the era of the Internet of Everything is coming, my country will face more challenges and opportunities in the field of antennas. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, in order to better safeguard national defense security and the interests of the people, Liu Ying and her team are determined to continue to forge ahead in the field of antennas and climb to new heights.

Liu Ying


       Liu Ying, Director of the Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology, Xidian University. She is currently the “Changjiang Scholar” Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education, the head of the innovation team in the key field of “Antenna and Microwave Technology” of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and won the 17th China Young Female Scientist Award. At present, the main research directions are antenna radiation and scattering mechanism research, new generation mobile communication antenna design, electromagnetic metamaterial design and application, etc. The research results have won a total of 5 provincial/ministerial/national society-level awards.

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