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Wang Zhonglin Surveyed BDS Industrial Development and Emphasize the Vigorous Creation of National BDS Innovative Development Demonstration Area

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Wang Zhonglin Surveyed BDS Industrial Development

On afternoon of May 16, Wang Zhonglin, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee and governor of Hubei Province, came to Wuhan University to survey development of BDS industry and held a symposium, emphasizing it is necessary to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important directive spirit on the development of the BDS Industry in good faith; implement deployment of Party committee and government of Hubei Province, seize opportunity and ride on the momentum; intensify innovation, optimize layout, cultivate strength and eliminate weakness; pay attention to richness, expansion and application, promote application of BDS technology in various industries and fields and the great-leap-forward development of BDS industry and build a national demonstration area for innovative development of BDS industry


In the symposium, relevant agencies of Hubei Province reported work condition and academicians, experts and relevant enterprise leaders put forward opinions and suggestions on accelerating BDS industrial development of Hubei Province.   

Wang requests: All relevant regions and departments of the industry should optimize service, strengthen support and built a first-rate innovation and entrepreneurship ecology and advance in-depth integration of innovative chain and industry chain vigorously. Make sure financial capital input, talent service guarantee and supporting measures are implemented in good faith and accelerate the development of the BDS industry fully.   

Zhao Haishan, deputy governor of Hubei Province, Han Jin, secretary of CPC committee of Wuhan University, and Dou Xiankang, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of Wuhan University, participated in the survey.

As pointed out by Zhao Haishan, all departments should unify thoughts and improve the understanding on developing BDS industry; determine tasks, take active actions and promote development of BDS industry vigorously; make concerted efforts, for a resultant force, give play to advantages of BDS’s innovative advantages and realize the objective of building Hubei into a national demonstration area for BDS industry development. 

It is of great significance to promote BDS industrial development during the 14th Fivmatche-year Plan period and generalize BDS scale application and market-oriented, industrial and international development. As one part of BDS industry, Wuhan BDS Industrial Innovation Center survives based on its own strengths, actively implements industry and cross-industry cooperation and makes contributions to BDS industrial application.

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