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Good news! Sacco Micro semiconductor obtained three utility model invention patents

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Since its establishment, Sacco Micro semiconductor has been focusing on the development of new technology and new product reserves, sacco Micro also pays attention to the layout of intellectual property rights, which has become sacco Micro company in the fierce market competition barriers and "SLKOR" brand firewall. Micro semiconductor originality recently micro good news, Mr Sarkozy made a MOS tube encapsulation structure, a kind of IGBT power module installation structure, the shaping of a transistor with fixtures, such as three utility model patents, in March 2022 was authorized by the state intellectual property office, the invention for Mr Sarkozy micro general manager and technical director Song Shiqiang.


Sacco Micro SLKOR "A MOS Tube packaging structure" utility model patent certificate

Slogen's vision and Slogen were "leaders in making home-made semiconductors". All the time, Sacco micro semiconductor (www.slkormicro.com) team under the leadership of the general manager Mr. Song Shiqiang, adhering to the "integrity, progress, tenacity, details" of the corporate culture to do things, good to people strict, good talent can do a good job of products, is sacco micro people's creed. Song Shiqiang said that sACCO micro products sales, on behalf of our commitment to customers, on behalf of product quality and service, on behalf of the corporate culture and corporate ethics behind, but also our team spirit pillar and strength source. The specialization of the team, the innovation of technology and the continuous launch of new products are the key to the development of SACCO Micro company and the building of "SLKOR" brand value.

Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of SAKmicro, is a private economic researcher of the Economic Development Center of The State Council, a member of the electronic information expert database of China Association for Science and Technology, and a business research expert of Huaqiangbei. Song Shiqiang used to be the CEO of an international real estate listed company. He is now investing in Shenzhen Sacco Micro Semiconductor Co., LTD and Shenzhen Jinhangbiao Electronics Co., LTD to build sacco Micro "SLKOR" and Jinhangbiao "Kinghelm" brands. As a national high-tech enterprise, Jinhaibiao has obtained dozens of beidou navigation and positioning invention patents and software Copyrights. Sacco micro is currently one of the semiconductor enterprises with rapid and steady development in China, and the company's vision is to become the "leader of domestic semiconductor enterprises".


"Gold beacon, connect beidou", gold beacon from the development of beidou antenna. It produces microwave antennas, RF connectors and electrical signal connectors and other products, embracing the intelligent era of interconnection of all things. Mr. Song shiqiang has a wide reputation and influence in semiconductor and Beidou positioning and navigation industry. Mr. Song shiqiang has been working in the electronics industry for many years and has been making continuous efforts for a better business environment in Huaqiangbei. He hopes huaqiangbei will become a window of reform and opening-up and a name card of Shenzhen's economic development.

In the process of research and development of new products, Mr Sarkozy Song Shiqiang, general manager of micro led the luxury of yonsei university and tsinghua university research team, after repeated experiments, to overcome the difficulties in the process of research and development, solved the difficult problems one after another, the successful development and application is successful invention patent certificate issued by the state intellectual property office. This patent is the result of advocating technological innovation and technological innovation, which comprehensively improves the technical content and practical value of the company's products. "A MOS tube Packaging structure" is authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office with the patent number ZL 2021 2 2661946.0 announcement number CN216054681 U, and "an IGBT Power Module Installation Structure" is authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office with the patent number ZL 2021 2 2660554.2 Notice no. : CN216054659 U, "A crystal triodes for forming and processing jig" in the State Intellectual Property Office authorized patent no. : ZL 2021 2 2673251.4 Notice No. : CN216027801 U.



Sacco Micro SLKOR "an IGBT power module installation structure" utility model patent certificate

Through years of effort with precipitation, sarkozy micro on the invention patent number has reached a higher level in the same industry, the results of this patent accumulated for further development of the motivation for the company, further improve the technological content of products, enhance the stability of the product, enhance core competitiveness, for the company's development provides a persistent backing again.



Sacco Micro SLKOR's new product battery protection chip SL197-1

Sacco micro used in industrial and military products are: SiC SiC diode, SiC MOS tube, IGBT tube, the fifth generation of ultra-fast recovery power diode, etc., can meet the needs of high-performance products in new energy vehicles, high-end equipment, communication power equipment, solar photovoltaic, medical equipment and other industries; The products applied to civil consumption are: High and low voltage MOS tube, SCR, bridge stack and other power devices, Schottky diode, ESD static protection diode, TVS transient suppression diode, universal diode triode, and power management chip, HALL HALL sensor, high-speed optocoupler and other series, It is widely used in smart phones, portable computers, robots, smart home, Internet of Things, car networking, LED lighting, 3C digital products and other fields. Sacco Micro will also launch more digital and analog integrated circuit products to provide customers with more professional and comprehensive services. Slkor Sacco micro (www.slkormicro.com) New product Optocoupler series, It can completely replace the optocoupler of AVAGO, LITEON, FAIRCHILD, RENESA, VISHAY, ON, VAGO and other brands. Sacco Micro SLKOR photocoupler model 6N136, standard replacement AVAGO(AVAGO), FAIRCHILD(FAIRCHILD) photocoupler 6N136, 6N136M, Sacco Micro SLKOR optical coupler models 6N136, 6N137, standard to replace AVAGO, FAIRCHILD 6N136,6N136M,6N137,6N137 optical coupler models.



Sacco Micro SLKOR "a crystal triode forming and processing fixture" utility model patent certificate

Next, sarkozy micro team will make persistent efforts this year to apply for a successful international high-tech enterprises, Mr Sarkozy Song Shiqiang, general manager of micro led research and development team to obtain a patent for invention, for the company's future development provides a strong technical support, again showing sarkozy micro semiconductor as hardcore strength of domestic semiconductor industry, as the "Chinese core" contribute an own strength!


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