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USB4 connector and cables start to enter the market

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     In 2021, we will see USB4 start appearing in computing products and peripherals. The latest iteration of the USB standard will be backward compatible and promulgated at an accelerated rate.

     In the connector world, an upgrade usually means two things: higher speed and more power. The arrival of new USB connectors also means more compatibility. In 2021, a new generation of technology products will adopt the latest USB standard: USB4. USB4 works in the same form as the reversible USB TYPE-C connector, but adds Intel's Rapid Thunder technology. A stable interface means that USB products will be fully compatible with USB4, including USB3.

      2. USB3.1, USB3.0, USB2.0 and many Thunderbolt3 devices. This will protect the original USB products from being obsolete, while at the same time innovating the design.

     The USB-IF organization works with component manufacturers and product designers to anticipate industry needs and develop new standards for connected products, such as USB4. Since its introduction in 1996, the ubiquitous line of USB connectors has gone through four major redesigns and revisions. Because of its widespread use in commercial products, it is now one of the most common peripheral connectors in the world, known to consumers and electronics industry professionals alike. The rapid evolution of USB means that consumers must also pay attention to connector compatibility, as there may be a range of products that require a variety of USB.

     The latest iteration of the USB connector standard: USB4, will enable users to connect different USB products using universal connectors and cables, and achieve maximum speed and power for connecting products. The standard was first announced in an announcement in 2019, but the first products with connectors to the new standard arrived in late 2020, starting with Apple's M1 chip MacBook Air laptops and Mac Minis, and Intel Tiger Lake processors Featured PC Laptops.

    According to Jeff Ravencraft, President and COO of USB-IF, USB-IF

    4 solutions are already starting to enter the market, and we expect the number of USB B4 solutions to continue to increase in 2021.

    Two new performance or speed levels are included in USB4: 20GB/s and 40GB/s. Data is transmitted over two sets of four bidirectional lane cables. In video applications, USB4 supports 60Hz 8K resolution with HDR10 color. Combined with the new DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0 standard, the maximum transfer speed effectively doubles to 80GB/s, as the signal only needs to travel in one direction to the screen. USB-IF has worked closely with the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) to ensure seamless compatibility between USB4 and the DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0 standard released in 2020. VESA expects DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0 to start appearing in products this year.

     Another key feature of USB4 is improved bandwidth allocation. The driver chip in the USB4 connector activates the protocol channel, where packets pass through a protected channel for specific needs, such as DisplayPort or PCI e. The USB4 connector monitors the competing demands of each packet, connected device or function, and allocates the appropriate bandwidth to each packet. Any potential bandwidth that is not used can be used for other functions rather than being wasted by misallocation. Previous USB connectors evenly distributed bandwidth between devices, regardless of how much is actually required for a particular function.

    Since USB4 shares a common socket with USB 2.0 and the new connectors, many connector and cable suppliers will offer USB4 connectors and cables that meet the more stringent electrical performance required by USB4.

     JAE recently released its DX07 series of USB Type-C connectors. The new USB4 connector enables data transfer speeds of up to 40Gb/s, twice the speed of the previous USB3.2 standard. This is ideal for applications such as PCs, docking stations, monitors, high-capacity SSDs, game consoles, and VR headsets.

    JAE's Marketing Manager Kenta Minejima said: "JAE released its first certified 40GB/sUSB4 connector at the end of 2020. The company's full name is Japan Avionics and has been actively involved in the USB standard since the release of USB Type-C. Develop and contribute to customer requirements and adoption specifications for USB4 connectors."

    Minejima said: "For the new specification, the actual interface shape has not changed, so the mechanical requirements remain unchanged from previous revisions of the USB Type-C specification. Together with other contributors, we helped create the electrical requirements and test specifications, which are important for Ensuring proper functionality of USB4 devices is critical. In addition, a new JAE plug connector, dubbed the "golden plug", will be used for certification testing of all USB440Gb/s receptacle connectors.

    The main change in our connectors is the design of internal components such as contacts and midplanes. To meet the new requirements to receive USB440Gb/s certification, signal integrity performance must be improved compared to our existing lineup of USB Type-C connectors and cables. However, great design is only half the battle, and continuous precision manufacturing is necessary. To ensure that the parts we manufacture in volume production meet the expected design parameters, we use a variety of insert injection molding and automated assembly. "

      Amphenol ICC's new USB4 Gen3 Type-C connectors are Thunderbolt4 compatible and integrate power charging, protocol lanes, PCIe data transfer, and DisplayPort video and audio capabilities in a single USB Type-C connector.

    Amphenol ICC is also ready for the early adoption of USB4.

    The company's new design features a copper alloy that delivers up to 100W of power delivery power, with a 5A rated USB connector. These connectors are durable enough to resist wear and tear from repeated cycling, with a lifespan of up to 10,000 cycles. These new USB connectors also have a reinforced midplane sidewall to maximize contact area and stabilize contact performance.

    BizLink's new USB4 cable is up to one meter long, making it the longest USB4Gen3 Type-C cable on the market today.

    Biz Link plays a leading role in USB4 cable solutions. The company released a 0.8-meter USB4 cable in October 2020 and recently launched a new USB4 cable with a one-meter length, making it the longest USB4Gen3 Type-C cable on the market today cable with USB-IFTestID4561 certification. The new one-meter USB4 cable solution from BizLink exceeds the length specified in the USB Type-C Specification Release 2.0, provides enhanced design flexibility, and provides high signal integrity in a robust coax structure ideal for a wide range of use. In 2020, distance learning, work and home entertainment have brought unprecedented use of computers and peripherals, the vast majority of which use USB connectors and cables. As 2021 progresses, USB4 will find its place in new devices, but older devices will work just as well due to features like its standardized size factor and extended compatibility.

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