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Sacco Micro SLKOR, gradually become the first choice of electronic components "domestic replacement"!

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Shenzhen Sacco micro semiconductor Co., Ltd. recently developed rapidly, is firmly seize the electronic components "domestic substitute" historical development opportunities, in the current domestic semiconductor "lack of core less soul" under the background, with independent research and development ability and technical reserves of Sacco micro semiconductor, the advantage is more and more obvious. At present, Sacco micro semiconductor is basically localized in important nodes of the industrial chain, and has achieved independent control of the industrial chain. The layout of the domestic industrial ecology is also getting better and better. In the eyes of electronic engineers and purchasing sisters, sACCO micro power devices and "SLKOR" brand are the first choice of "domestic replacement"!

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Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager, said that SACCO Micro SLKOR is an innovative company driven by RESEARCH and development, striving to be the "leader of domestic semiconductor", with a grand vision of Texas Instruments of the United States, and there is a great space for progress in the process of domestic replacement. Sacco micro semiconductor before the introduction of South Korea Yonsei University silicon carbide technology at the same time, but also vigorously cultivate domestic technical force, the current domestic technical backbone from Tsinghua University and returnees of senior talent, new materials new technology new products to lead the development of the company. Sacco Micro SLKOR (www.slkormicro.com) products include diode triode, power devices, power management chips and other integrated circuit series. Sacco micro official website (www.slkormicro.com) in the display of Sacco micro products, publicity "SLKOR" brand at the same time, but also to carry out the industry technology exchange, thought collision, information exchange, data query, etc., developed into one of the most important platform for collaborative development in the semiconductor industry.

Song Shiqiang, general Manager of SACCO Micro, manages Kinghelm Sacco Micro SLkor, all of which are first-class online celebrity brands. They support and drive each other, and combine them with www.bds666.com and www.slkormicro.com of Sacco Micro to form a publicity matrix. Jinhangbiao SACCO Micro and Internet sales platforms, such as Lichuang Mall, Yunhan Core City, Hunting core network, hard city, electronic enthusiasts, Shiqiang hard create e-commerce and other strong cooperation, through the Internet platform and sinking channels, Let the products of Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) and kinghelm (www.bds666.com) brand be quickly displayed in front of r&d engineers of electronic components industry through PC desktop screen and mobile phone screen.

Sacco Micro SLKOR Hall switch sensor:

Slkor Sakmicro Hall switch sensor SLSS41F replace Honeywell Honeywell SS41F,

Slkor Saco Micro Hall switch sensor SLSS360 replaces Honeywell Honeywell SS360,

Slkor Saco Micro Hall Switch Sensor SLSS451A to replace Honeywell Honeywell SS451A,

Slkor Saco Micro Hall switch sensor SLSS39E replace Honeywell Honeywell SS39E,

Sl-302b to replace AKM into Hall sensor SS41F,

Slkor Saco Micro Hall sensor L-106C replaces AKM with HG-106C,

Slkor Sacco Micro Hall switch sensor SL-322B replaces AKM asahi to HG-322B.

MOS tube:


MOS tube SL2302 replace CJ LRC VISHAY CJ2302 LP2302LT1G SI2302CDS

MOS tube SL2309 replace LRC LeshanlP2309LT1Gvishay SI2309CDS,

Slkor MOS tube SL3409 replace CJ Changtai LRC Leshan radio LP3409LT2G Yutai semiconductor UMW3409 VISHAY AOS Bandai semiconductor AO3409,

MOS tube 2N7002,2N7002L replace CJ LRC VISHAY ONSEMI 2N7002,2N7002L

Slkor Sakmicro (www.slkormicro.com) power management IC standard replacement TI Texas Instruments, ON Anson, ST Stmicroelectronics, IR, MPS, Atmel, AMS and other models:

Sacco Micro power management IC LINEAR regulator SL4949, SOP-8 replace ST ST L4949,

Slkor SACCO Micro power management IC SACCO Micro linear regulator SL4275, to-252 replace IR TLE4275,

Sacco micro power management IC SACCO micro linear regulator SL4275, SL4284, TO-252 replace IR TLE4275, TLE4284,

Sacco Micro power management IC Linear regulator SL54620RHLR to replace TI TI TPS54620RHLR,

Sacco Micro power management IC SL6908D linear regulator to replace MPS MP6908A,

Sacco Micro power management IC SL2044 linear regulator to replace Atmel U2044,

Slkor SACCO Micro power Management IC LINEAR Regulator AMS1117-3.3 to replace AMS AMS1117-3.3,

Slkor SACCO Micro power management IC LINEAR regulator AMS1117-1.8 to replace AMS AMS1117-1.8,


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Slkor Sacco Micro (www.slkormicro.com) diode, transistor, ESD diode, TVS diode can replace CJ LRC Leshan radio VISHA Vishi, NXP and other brands:

Smaj5.0a can replace the DIODES SMAJ5.0A-13-F,

Smaj5.0a, SMAJ33CA can replace DIODES SMAJ5.0A-13-F, SMAJ33CA, SMAJ5.0A-13-F, SMAJ33CA, SMAJ5.0A-13-F, SMAJ33CA

Slkor SMAJ33CA can replace the DIODES SMAJ33CA-13-F,

SMAJ33CA, SMBJ5.0A can replace DIODES SMAJ33CA-13-F, SMBJ5.0A-13-F,

Slkor Sako MICRO TVS/ESD diode triode SLESD03D6BU (DFN0603) can replace NXP PESD3V3R1BSF,

Slkor SAKo MICRO TVS/ESD diode triode SLESD03D6BU, SLESD0501BU can replace THE NXP PESD3V3R1BSF, PESD5V0F1BL,

Slkor SAKo TVS/ESD Diode Triode MMBZ5V6AL (SOT-23) can replace ON ON MMBZ5V6AL,

Slkor SAKo TVS/ESD diode TRIode MMBZ5V6AL (SOT-23), MMBZ6V2AL can replace ON ON SAMmi MMBZ5V6AL, MMBZ6V2AL,

Slkor TVS/ESD diode triode MMBZ5V6AL, MMBZ6V8AL (SOT-23) can replace ON ON MMBZ5V6AL, MMBZ6V8AL,

Slkor Sacco micro (www.slkormicro.com) diode, transistor, ESD anti-static anti-surge diode, TVS transient suppression diode can replace CJ Changdian, LRC Leshan radio, VISHA Vishi, NXP, ON Anson and other brands,

Slkor Sacco Micro's diode SMBJ5.0A can replace VISHAY VISHAY SMBJ5.0A-E3,

Slkor SAK Micro's diodes smBJ5.0A and SMAJ5.0A can replace VISHAY VISHAY SMBJ5.0A-E3, SMAJ5.0A-E3/61,

Slkor Sacco Micro's diode SMBJ15A can replace the VISHAY Wesse SMBJ15A-E3/52

Slkor Saco Micro's diode SMBJ15A and SMBJ36CA can replace VISHAYS MBJ15A-E3/52, SMBJ36CA-E3/52,

Slkor Sacco Micro diode MMBZ18VAL (SOT-23) can replace ON OnSammer MMBZ18VAL

Slkor SACCO Micro diode MMBZ18VAL (SOT-23), MMBZ27VAL can replace ON ON MMBZ18VAL, MMBZ27VAL,

Slkor SAKo MICRO TVS/ESD diode triode SLESD03D6BU (DFN0603), SLPESD5V0U1BL can replace THE NXP PESD3V3R1BSF, PESD5V0U1BL,

SLESD03D6BU (DFN0603), SLESD0501CM can replace NXP'S PESD3V3R1BSF, PESD5V0S1BL,

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Sacco Micro SLkor has exploded models in Internet products

M7 (SMA), AMS1117-3.3 (SOT-223), AMS1117-5.0 (SOT-223), SS34 (SMA), SS36 (SMA), SS8050 (SOT-23), SS8550 (SOT-23), 2N7002 (SOT-23), BAT54 C (SOT-23), SD12C (SOD-323), ZMM5V1 (LL-34), LL4148 (LL-34), SMBJ6.5CA (SMB), SMBJ5.0A (SMB).

Slkor Sakwei (www.slkormicro.com) actively do a good job of "domestic replacement", SL series products can replace TI, ON, IR, Epson, NXP and other brands,

Slkor Saco Microdrive IC, SL27511 (SOT-23) standard replacement for TI UCC27511DBVR,

Slkor Sacco Micro driver IC, SL27525 (SOP-8) standard to replace TI UCC27525D,

Slkor Sacco Micro's driver IC, SL8402 (SOT-223) standard replaces ON Anson's NCV8402

Slkor Sacco Micro driver ICSSL27523 (SOP-8) standard to replace TI UCC27523,

Slkor SACCO Micro LED driver IC, SL4139 (SOT-23) standard replacement ON ON SAMmi CAT4139,

Slkor Sacco Micro led driver IC, SL401 (SOT-23) to replace IR brand BCR401

Slkor Sacco Micro power electronic switch SL3405G, standard to replace IR brand BTS3405G,

Slkor Sacco Micro clock chip switch SL8025T (SOP-14), standard replacement Epson brand RX-8025T,

Slkor Sacco Micro's clock chip SL8563T (SOP-8) replaces NXP's PCF8563,

Sacco Micro company "SLKOR" brand SL series thyristor products BTA06-800B, BTA08-800B, BTA12-600B, BTA16-800B, BTA24-800B, BTA26-800B, BTA41-800B, BTA41-1200B, BT136S- MOS Field effect tubes SL2301, SL2302, SL2N7002, SL2304, Hall switch sensors SL1613-SL, SL1625-S H, SL1613-SH, SL1603, SL1605 and other models, with Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) as the manufacturer of chip ceramic Bluetooth antenna KH2012, KH3216, KH5220, KH6010, etc. The spring thimble of Gold Beacon can also be applied to TWS Bluetooth headset. In the TWS Bluetooth headphone market, the two brands and products of Jinhaibiao and Sacco Micro have realized the development mode of two-wheel drive. Golden Beacon SMA half tooth plate end seat son KH-SMA-K513-G, IPEX antenna base KH-IPEX-K501-29, RF RF connector line KH-RFID-20-BQ and other connector products, can directly replace MURATA, HIROSE similar connector plug-in products, It can also be used in GPS navigation, vehicle positioning, GPS Beidou positioning equipment and so on. Kh series products of Kinghelm can directly replace MURATA MURATA, TDK, Wancheng, Yongye, ACX and Huake from Taiwan. Applied to Apple AirPods, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Rambler, etc., including Qualcomm (CSR), BES, MTK's Airoha, REALTEK, Actions, AMS, Geri and other solutions, Bluetooth headset TWS with wireless standard charging box, Including: Anker, AstreI, Uswei, B&O, Broadcom and other brands, but also use Sacco Micro SLKOR power management chip IC and battery management chips and other products!

The connector products of Kinghelm can replace B2B-XH-A, B3B-XH-A, B4B-XH-A, B2B-PH-K-S, B4B-PH-K-S of JST, A2001WV-2P, A2001WV-3p, A2001WV-4P, A2001WV-4P of Changjiang connector - 5 p, A2001wr-4p, TE640445-2, TE640445-3, TE640445-5, TE640445-6, 640388-3, KH-(2400)-J505-JB, KH3216-A35 of Gold Beacon can replace HUaxin antenna HX-MH2604P , HX-AUST007, HX-AUST002, HX-CH7005A, Connector KH-AF90DIP-112, KH-Type-C-16P, KH-Micro5P-zh, KH-XH-2A-2, KH-XH-pt.TJC3, KH-XH-2A-2, Can replace electrical connection ECT818000157, ECT818000251, ECT818000500, ECT818000417, ECT818000531, ECT818000276, Ampheno A1001wr-s-2x08pd01, Molex 473460001, 1050170001, 472192001 5033981892, 670688000, 530470310, JST b2B-XH-A, B4B-Xh-A, B4B-PH-K-S, B6B-Xh-A, B5B-XH-A, Yangtze River connector A2541HWV, A2501WV, A2001WV, Molex 430300001, 39000038, 430310001, 502128000, 39000040, HX-CH7005A, A2012-TP, A 2006-TP, A1251-TP, A2001-TP, A2008-TP-A, TE Tyco 1123343-1, 1670146-1, 282109-1, 1-104480-3, 964269-2. Slkor Sacco micro products and Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) antenna connector type-c and other connectors can be used together to bring customers a full range of services and experience!

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