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Heavy! Shenzhen's working opinions on supporting the development of satellite and application industry have come

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Shenzhen City on support

Opinions on the development of satellite and application industry

In order to seize the strategic opportunity for the development of satellite and application industry, give full play to the advantages of developed information technology and equipment manufacturing industry and active market players in Shenzhen, build an international first-class and domestic leading "satellite" innovation ecology based on China's Beidou satellite navigation system, remote sensing satellite series and communication satellite series, To build our city into an innovation highland of global satellite and application industry, the following measures are hereby formulated.

1、 Create characteristic application scenarios

(1) Encourage the integration and application of satellites with all walks of life.

Support the innovative application of satellites in transportation and logistics, marine economy, natural resources, urban security, environmental protection and other industries, and carry out the application exploration of "satellite" smart agriculture, smart energy, smart logistics, smart shipping, smart transportation, smart emergency and smart city, as well as satellite Internet, satellite Internet of things, skyline disaster monitoring and early warning. Several characteristic application demonstration projects with obvious driving effect, broad market prospect and significant innovation effect are selected every year, and they will be subsidized according to no more than 30% of the total investment of the project, up to 30 million yuan.

(2) Enhance the depth of satellite participation in urban public services.

Adhere to the promotion principle of "Exhaustion", and encourage government departments and municipal state-owned enterprises to give priority to the use of satellite technology and the purchase of satellite related data and products according to the needs of business management and social services; Give full play to the public welfare service function of municipal state-owned enterprises, and encourage the establishment of a comprehensive satellite data service platform for various industries and departments to provide multi scenario support. Actively promote the use of satellite technology to solve business needs, promote the construction of "sky, earth and sea" integrated dynamic remote sensing system, strengthen satellite applications in land planning, urban management, environmental protection, urban security, disaster prevention and relief, water monitoring, meteorological services, asset management and other fields, and in government procurement Priority should be given to satellite and application industries in major engineering design and bidding.

2、 Enhance the ability of independent innovation

(3) Accelerate breakthroughs in important links of the satellite and application industry chain.

Focusing on the core fields and important links of comprehensive application, integrated application and satellite development of communication, navigation and remote sensing satellites, a number of major equipment and key parts development projects will be arranged, and no more than 40% of the total investment of the project will be subsidized, up to 300 million yuan. Support technology R & D and application innovation in satellite and application industry, and give subsidies not exceeding 40% of the total investment of the project, up to 30 million yuan.

(4) Support the construction of innovation carriers in satellite and application fields.

Focusing on the integrated development of satellite and 5g, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other key fields, as well as the core technology links of satellite application, a number of innovative carriers such as engineering research centers, engineering technology research centers and enterprise technology centers will be built, and the subsidy will not exceed 40% of the total investment of the project, up to 10 million yuan. Support satellite and application related projects to give priority to applying for national major special support plans, and give up to 30 million yuan support to national innovation carriers such as approved national key laboratories and national engineering research centers.

(5) Accelerate the industrialization of satellites and application products.

Encourage enterprises to build satellite and application core products and parts production lines, support the R & D and achievement transformation of satellite application terminal products such as various satellite terminals, Beidou navigator, liquid crystal phased array antenna and remote sensing mapping equipment, and encourage the development and market-oriented application of high-end satellite data products for subdivided application scenarios. The subsidy shall not exceed 20% of the total investment of the project, with a maximum of 15 million yuan.

3、 Consolidate infrastructure construction

(6) Support the construction of civil space infrastructure.

With market-oriented operation as the main task, supplemented by government guidance, support enterprises to invest in the construction of independent, controllable, safe and stable global high-throughput broadband satellite communication system and regional characteristic remote sensing constellation. The subsidy shall not exceed 20% of the total investment of a single satellite project, with a maximum of 200 million yuan for high orbit satellites and 50 million yuan for low orbit satellites; A discount of no more than 50% for launch commercial insurance, up to 50 million yuan.

(7) Strengthen the construction of satellite ground application system.

Enterprises are encouraged to participate in the construction of satellite ground application systems such as Beidou space-time information cloud platform, Beidou ground auxiliary positioning system, spacecraft measurement and control ground station and satellite communication gateway station. Give priority to ensuring the construction land demand of relevant projects.

(8) Support the development of satellite and application industry clusters.

Support high-quality enterprises to take the lead in the construction of satellite characteristic industrial park, take major application demonstration as the guide, gather a number of key enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain such as satellite and application chip design, satellite terminal development, communication system research and development, remote sensing big data processing system, intelligent satellite development and satellite operation, accelerate the formation of scale effect and support the construction of 100 billion satellite application industrial cluster. The land price calculation and land supply related processes of the project shall be implemented according to the strategic emerging industry project.

4、 Improve the industrial supporting environment

(9) Build a public service platform for satellites and applications.

For the satellite and application industry ecology, build public service platforms that meet the requirements of space infrastructure, satellite ground system and satellite terminal products, such as technical testing and certification, authenticity inspection and simulation experiment, space environment modeling, network data and information security evaluation, global operation, etc., and give subsidies not exceeding 40% of the total investment of the project, up to 10 million yuan.

(10) Support participation in the formulation and revision of satellite and application standards.

Encourage high-quality enterprises and institutions to jointly establish satellite and application industry organizations, and actively carry out the preparation and revision of satellite and application standards such as technology, testing and testing. Financial support of up to 1 million yuan, 500000 yuan and 300000 yuan will be given to the formulation enterprises of international standards, national standards and industrial standards issued.

(11) Strengthen exchanges and cooperation in satellite and application industries.

Support relevant units in the satellite and application fields of our city to carry out exchanges and cooperation with relevant national departments and domestic and foreign industry organizations, release relevant policies, technologies and project information about communication satellite, remote sensing satellite and Beidou application through exhibitions and forums, carry out industry exchanges, technical seminars and product exhibitions, so as to create landmark activities in the satellite and application fields of our city and form a brand effect. For the activities approved by the municipal government, the required funds shall be subsidized according to regulations.

(12) Support enterprises to develop international market access certification.

For satellite application products, equipment or solutions that have obtained international market access or airworthiness certification from ABS (American Bureau of shipping), DNV (DET Norske Veritas), CCS (China Classification Society), FAA (Federal Aviation Administration of the United States), EASA (European aviation safety administration) and Civil Aviation Administration of China, support of up to 5 million yuan will be given.

(13) Increase the introduction and cultivation of high-quality enterprises and industry talents.

Vigorously support the introduction of top enterprises, teams and talents in satellite and application fields at home and abroad, and provide support subsidies according to the current policies on investment attraction, project introduction and talent introduction; Support relevant units to set up platforms such as postdoctoral scientific research workstation, postdoctoral innovation practice base, academician joint workstation and school enterprise cooperation talent training base, and encourage academician teams in relevant fields to work full-time in Shenzhen.

5、 Establish industry guarantee mechanism

(14) Establish a working mechanism for the development of satellite and application industry.

The satellite and application industry, as one of the strategic emerging industries, will be brought into the city's key industrial chain for cultivation. The municipal development and Reform Commission is the leading department of the satellite and application industry chain to comprehensively solve the major cross regional, cross field and cross sectoral problems in the development of the satellite and application industry chain. Each responsible unit shall work separately according to its own responsibilities to create a good environment conducive to the innovation and development of satellite and application industry.

(15) Strive for national policy support.

Closely coordinate with relevant national departments, give full play to the superposition advantages of "two areas", and actively strive for policy breakthroughs and first demonstration from relevant national departments on the policies of cross system transfer of satellite resources and market-oriented application, telecom operation license, radio frequency stations and other satellite application enterprises' core concerns. We will fully support qualified enterprises to apply for the operation license of satellite communication basic telecommunications business. The enterprises that have obtained the operation license will be rewarded with a maximum of 50 million yuan, which will be disbursed from the development planning and supporting policy funds of major projects in the high-tech field of our city.

(16) Make overall use of national satellite data resources.

Encourage the national satellite centers such as the national satellite marine application center, the National Satellite Meteorological Center and the China Resources Satellite Application Center to set up branches in Shenzhen, actively introduce social capital, support the construction of a large satellite database and satellite data service center integrating national satellite data resources, and build a unified market-oriented service port for state-owned satellite data resources, Realize the safety and controllability of satellite data and promote the innovation and development of the industry.

May 26, 2021

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