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Song Shiqiang attended and spoke at the meeting of the economic reform research group of the State Council

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On May 14, 2016, Wang Yiming, deputy director and researcher of the development research center of the State Council, led the research team to Shenzhen to conduct a comprehensive and overall assessment on the progress of economic system reform. The main members include LV Wei, director of the technical and Economic Research Department of the center, Wang Wei, director of the market economy research institute, etc. Tian Fu, member of the Standing Committee of Shenzhen Municipal Party committee and member of the Party group of Shenzhen municipal government, led the heads of large enterprises in Shenzhen to participate in relevant research activities in cooperation with representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises with industry representatives. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Shenzhen Golden navigation mark Electronics Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the meeting because of the exploration results in the innovative development of the enterprise and excellent policy understanding and interpretation ability. During his stay in Shenzhen, the research group held two symposiums with relevant departments and enterprises of our city.

Wang Yiming said that as the forefront of reform and opening up, Shenzhen's experience in economic system reform is very precious. It has been nearly three years since the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed to comprehensively deepen the reform. The research group came to Shenzhen to conduct a comprehensive and overall evaluation on the progress of economic system reform, hoping to find out the problems existing in the current reform and the areas that need to be further improved, so as to provide a scientific basis for the next reform.

Song Shiqiang of Shenzhen Golden navigation mark company made the following speech on the difficulties and challenges encountered by small and medium-sized enterprises in the development:

1、 Under the current economic downturn, the tax burden of enterprises is too heavy, which is not conducive to solving social employment and enterprises' investment in innovation funds, and is unfavorable to the innovation and development of enterprises in Shenzhen;

2、 In the past, when the economy was down, the government generally used the way of government investment stimulation, which was the Keynesian economic model. Now the government realizes that in order to use the Schumpeter model led by innovation, the government needs to be patient and strengthen guidance;

3、 Shenzhen's innovation is leading in the whole country, so the government should do better in this area and build a series of ecological and industrial chains with leading enterprises such as Huawei and BYD to show a better development momentum;

4、 The business model with high conversion rate characterized by Huaqiangbei should become the engine to drive development. Now innovation and commercialization need to be promoted in Shenzhen. There are some incubators in Shenzhen, which have become second landlords or make-up second landlords. In fact, the government should do something for innovative enterprises.

Mr. Song Shiqiang's targeted speech from the grass-roots grounding spirit provides a realistic view from the perspective of small and medium-sized enterprises, which is beneficial to the scientificity and objectivity of the government's top-level design. Deputy director Wang Yiming and member Tian Fu of the Standing Committee highly agree with this. They said that they would make further communication and understanding with golden navigation mark company, arrange to come to golden navigation mark company for in-depth research and exchange, pay attention to golden navigation mark company's products in Beidou navigation field and its development in silicon carbide new material field, and wish golden navigation mark company better and better development.


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