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Yunhan core city signs strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba cloud

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In order to build a supply chain data service platform that can improve the overall efficiency of the electronic industry, on July 30, Yunhan core city (Shanghai) Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yunhan core city") and Alibaba cloud computing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Alibaba cloud") signed a strategic cooperation agreement at Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou to carry out more in-depth and specific cooperation. Liu Yunfeng, CEO of Yunhan core city, and Zhang Jing, general manager of Alibaba cloud Zhejiang branch, jointly attended the signing ceremony.


Yunhan core city signs strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba cloud

Yunhan core city is an Internet innovation enterprise in China's electronic industry. It is a supply chain digital innovation and data service platform for domestic electronic manufacturing industry. It connects nearly 1000 suppliers upstream and serves more than 400000 users downstream. It provides electronic manufacturing enterprises with product technical solutions, component technology selection, electronic material procurement PCBA engineering services, technical support community platform and other whole process supply chain services. Through the self-developed artificial intelligence search engine, neural network intelligent algorithm and other advanced data technologies, Yunhan core city provides electronic manufacturing enterprises with the whole process of data services such as digital transformation and upgrading of traditional supply chain, intelligent BOM selection and distribution, localization application of electronic devices, optimization of production process data service, import customs declaration of supply chain and so on.  

Alibaba cloud computing Co., Ltd., a technology company under Alibaba group, was founded in 2009. It is a leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology company in the world, providing services to enterprises, developers and government agencies in more than 200 countries and regions. Alibaba cloud is committed to providing secure and reliable computing and data processing capabilities in the form of online public services, making computing and artificial intelligence Pratt Whitney technologies. This cooperation combines Alibaba cloud's platform capabilities and Alibaba's internal and external ecological advantages with the industrial data assets and operation resources accumulated by Yunhan core city, creates a "data intelligent brain of electronic manufacturing industry" with the help of the two wheel closed-loop drive of "business data and data business", and comprehensively improves the ability and efficiency of Yunhan core city in serving the electronic manufacturing industry.  

Yunhan core city executives visit Alibaba cloud industrial big data platform  

In the future, relying on its data accumulation in the electronics industry and fully combining Alibaba cloud's advantages in general technology, Yunhan core city will continue to develop data service products and intelligent development tools for different application scenarios, do a good job in the "connector, router, amplifier and tool library" of the electronics industry, deeply empower platform partners, and provide better services for customers in the industry, Create greater user value and build an innovation and cooperation ecology of the Internet in the electronic industry.  

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