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The second round of recruitment of Sarkozy micro slkor semiconductor in summer

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Shenzhen Slkormicro Technology Co., Ltd. (ShenZhen Slkormicro Technology Co.,ltd.) started its research and development in 2005, and its technology comes from Busan, South Korea, specializing in the design, production and sales of power components. With the development of "domestic substitution" in China's semiconductor industry, under the promotion of general manager Mr. Song Shiqiang, the localization transfer of the entire industry chain has been realized, and the company is "determined to become the leader of domestic power devices" in the future.


The vibrant, clean and bright front desk of Sako Micro


        Mr. Song Shiqiang was the CEO of a listed Hong Kong-owned real estate company, a researcher of the Economic Development Center of the State Council, and a columnist for popular science. Shenzhen Jinhangbiao (www.BDS666.com) Electronics Co., Ltd. invested by him is a leading enterprise in technology and development of Beidou GPS antenna connector type-c interface HDMI data transmission interface industry. situation. Semiconductor is one of the most promising industries. Sac Micro is sought after by various capitals and has received investment from the capital circle of Tsinghua University.

       Salkormicro (www.slkormicro.com) mainly develops, produces and sells "SLKOR" brand series of low-voltage MOS transistors, high-voltage MOS transistors, MOS field effect transistors, COOLMOS, power management IC, FRD, chinamos, Hall components, SCR, IGBT Single tube, SiC silicon carbide, gallium nitride and other electronic components. In 2010, Sac Micro began to develop and produce the third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide SiC gallium nitride GaN components, and its IP design, production process and technical performance rank among the top in the world.

In the past two years, the turnover of Sacco Microelectronics has maintained an ultra-high growth rate of 50% every quarter, entering the fast lane of development. Sakowei has a high-end, clean and elegant office environment and a fair, transparent and positive humanistic atmosphere. It provides employees with a development platform for learning, communication and improvement, as well as a personal struggle channel for promotion and salary increase. Competitive salary and performance commission can be obtained upon entry. , the vision is to hold the shares of Salkormicro and Jinhangbiao at the same time, participate in the profit distribution of Salkormicro (www.slkormicro.com) at the end of the year and the option cashing if it can be listed.




The sketch ornaments of Saco Micro's success and progress


Welcome to join the elite team of Sacco Micro Semiconductors to create a better future, strive to be listed in the stock market and enjoy the feast of wealth, sell SLKOR electronic components all over the world, make capitalist wool and win glory for the country!


Now recruiting the following positions:


1. Assistant General Manager of Sac Micro

Job description: Assist the general manager in investigation and research, understand the operation and management of SLKOR, and put forward opinions or suggestions for the general manager to make decisions. Responsible for the reception and inspection of the leaders of government agencies or customer units, assist the general manager to establish good cooperative relations with electronic components counterparts, suppliers, government agencies and other external departments, and be responsible for the reception of company guests.

35 years old or above, female, bachelor degree or above, good appearance, major in law, secretarial, file management, public relations, administrative management, business management and other related majors. Good writing ability and reading ability, good computer and English foundation, familiar with the field of electronic components is preferred.



The clean and standardized office environment of Saco Micro


2. Sacco Micro Data Entry Clerk

Job description: Accurately and completely input the customer information, supplier information, various agency information, and commodity files confirmed by Saco Micro into the Kingdee Cloud and Lanling OA systems.

Over 25 years old, female, college degree or above, more than 1 year working experience in relevant data entry. Enter the "SLKOR" brand series of Sacco Micro's low-voltage MOS tube, high-voltage MOS tube, MOS field effect transistor, COOLMOS, power management IC, FRD, chinamos, Hall element, SCR, IGBT single tube, SiC silicon carbide gallium nitride GaN and other electronic components and other products, improve the entry of product information.


3. Sacco Micro Big Data Analysis Engineer

Job description: Can use data analysis methods to conduct in-depth diagnostic combined analysis, mining, and in-depth analysis of source data from various Sacco Micro companies, and give suggestions by analyzing potential business opportunities. Analyze customer groups based on the data of the slkor brand sales side, understand customer needs, and provide data support. Familiar with Kingdee Cloud and Lanling OA system.

Bachelor degree or above, major in mathematics, statistics or computer, more than 1 year related work experience, cheerful personality, good communication skills, good data sensitivity, able to extract core results from massive data; rich data analysis Work experience is preferred. Possess good anti-stress, communication skills, logical thinking skills, and independently carry out project analysis and research. Research and analysis of "SLKOR" brand series of low-voltage MOS transistors, high-voltage MOS transistors, GaN components, MOS field effect transistors, COOLMOS, power management IC, FRD, chinamos, Hall components, SCR, IGBT The market and sales data of electronic components such as tubes, SiC silicon carbide, etc., and cooperate with the business department to provide data support to help the business department optimize operation services.


3. Sacco Microsystems Engineer

Job description: Responsible for guiding and executing the implementation and management of system integration projects, able to independently complete the design and production of system solutions and responsible for the verification of the solutions, including specific work such as networking solutions, IP planning, equipment selection, etc., and study the feasibility of project construction and is familiar with Kingdee Cloud and Lanling OA systems.

Male, major in communication, computer and other related majors and college degree or above, more than 2 years of relevant work experience, cheerful and hard-working, with good practical experience in system integration, as well as the ability to write solutions and technical solutions; proficient in servers, switches, Planning, configuration and debugging of routers, storage, backup systems, and network security products. Responsible for the stable operation of customer computer systems of Sacco Micro SLKOR GaN FET MOS tube, COOLMOS, power management IC and other projects, manage their PC, OA equipment, LAN WAN, telephone system and other equipment, familiar with electronic components Power devices are preferred.


5. Sacco Micro Planning Manager

Job Description: Responsible for brand building and brand development of SLKOR (www.slkormicro.com). Establish a SLKOR brand operation guidance plan, integrate resources, and achieve brand promotion and maintenance; be responsible for formulating a complete publicity planning plan, advertising plan, and establishing Sako Micro's media communication channels.

College degree or above in marketing, economic management and other related majors, work experience in the electronics industry is preferred. More than 2 years of experience in the same position, with certain knowledge and insights on brand and market planning. Have good copywriting skills and be proficient in organizing various types of copywriting and reports. Responsible for the "SLKOR" brand series of low-voltage MOS transistors, high-voltage MOS transistors, MOS field effect transistors, COOLMOS, power management ICs, FRD, chinamos, Hall components, SCR, IGBT single transistors, SiC silicon carbide and other electronic components Market promotion of devices and other products, implementation of annual marketing promotion plans, participation in electronics industry exhibitions; formulate market promotion plans and market promotion plans, and assist the sales system to realize the sales plan.


7. Saco Micro Marketing Planner

Job Description: Responsible for the writing of SLKOR's brand promotion and beautification market plan, the writing and preparation of advertising plans, and effectively organize the implementation and monitoring. Provide quotations for SLKOR product advertising planning, as well as materials and market dynamics, and classify and archive management.

College degree or above in marketing planning related majors, with work experience in the electronics industry and marketing, sufficient understanding and implementation of brand building project marketing planning programs, familiar with the electronic components industry, good management knowledge and marketing experience priority. Responsible for the market information of low-voltage MOS transistors, high-voltage MOS transistors, MOS field effect transistors, COOLMOS, power management ICs, FRD, chinamos, Hall components, SCR, IGBT single transistors, SiC devices, etc. and data, establish and gradually improve the management of information database, obtain the latest market sales information, and provide a favorable basis for market planning and sales department.


8. Marketing planning specialist

Job description: Responsible for the online promotion of Sacco's micro website and publicity of SLKOR brand products, according to the company's overall market strategy and website characteristics, determine website promotion tasks, evaluate and analyze website keywords, etc., improve website ranking, and use various technical forms to improve Site popularity.


College degree or above in editing, publishing, journalism, Chinese and other related majors, familiar with network marketing channels, with rich experience in network promotion, good at using a variety of network promotion methods, for the low-voltage MOS tube, high-voltage of Sako Micro "SLKOR" brand MOS tube, MOS field effect tube, COOLMOS, power management IC, FRD, chinamos, Hall element, SCR, IGBT single tube, IPM, SiC device and other products are promoted through BBS, QQ group, blog, soft article, post bar, community promotion, Review websites, Baidu Q&A platform, etc. and other ways to promote


Sako Micro SLKOR's field effect transistor MOS tube, LDO power management IC, AC/DC, silicon carbide mos tube, IGBT, thyristor, ESD diode, TVS diode, hall Hall element, Schottky diode, triode and other products , together with the kinghelm brand products of Jinhangbiao Company (www.BDS666.com), to provide customers with high-quality products and meticulous services. Jinhangbiao provides customers with Beidou BDS/GPS antenna WIFI antenna small pepper antenna cable, KH series SMA terminal connector, SMB, SMA, IPEX socket connector, microwave radio frequency antenna cable, TPYE-C interface data transmission connector , Female row and pin header sub-connectors, 3C digital products HDMI interface, data transmission VGA interface and other products. Products are widely used in bds666 satellite positioning and navigation, military industry navigation and positioning, Internet of Things signal connection, smart city, new infrastructure and new energy vehicles, logistics information monitoring and settlement and other fields.

    Shenzhen Sac Micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd. welcomes friends and peers to introduce business elites to join. Once officially hired, the introducer will be rewarded with RMB 1,000! Welcome to forward this recruitment information!

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