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Compilation of "golden sentences" for strategic discussion of the Council of advanced manufacturing Special Committee of Tsinghua Alumni Association in 2021

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 In 2021, the Council of advanced manufacturing professional committee of Tsinghua Alumni Association was successfully held on April 25.At the meeting,Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, former president of the school of mechanical engineering of Tsinghua University, and chairman of the advanced manufacturing professional committee of Tsinghua Alumni AssociationLuo Jianbin, Deputy Secretary General of Tsinghua Alumni AssociationWillow, Assistant Secretary General of Tsinghua Alumni Association and Secretary General of Tsinghua alumni three innovation competitionMei Xiaopeng  Secretary General of the special committeeMa MingxingBrought a wonderful speech    The participating directors, experts and alumni held a discussion on the development strategy of the special committee, and fully expressed their opinions on how to give full play to the advantages of the platform, build an innovation ecology, serve the technological innovation of enterprises and help the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.  Alumni in the strategic discussion  Golden sentence  ”Come out frequently and see it!


Professional incubator is the most promising and best incubator. Only by doing deep and professional work vertically can the strength of incubation and the success rate of incubation be high.

——Level 64 automatic control system Luo Jianbei            He once served as chairman of Tsinghua Science Park Incubator Co., Ltd. and Secretary of the Party committee of the computer department of Tsinghua University

We should give full play to the resource advantages of the directors and contribute to the development of the special committee, so that the special committee can have more cohesion.

——Grade 84 mechanical department Dong Jun

Chairman of qingkong Kechuang Holding Co., Ltd

As a "blacksmith" in the Department of machinery, I am very grateful to my alma mater for providing graduates with the opportunity to continue learning. I have the determination and will to continue to cultivate the manufacturing industry. On the one hand, I link Tsinghua resources and on the other hand, I input fresh blood into the manufacturing industry. I hope to help China's manufacturing industry transform and make China's manufacturing industry truly turn around!
——Lv84 Jingyi Department Hu zuohuan
President of Shenzhen yinbaoshan New Technology Co., Ltd

These two years are the best time for the great development of advanced manufacturing. Because of the current international situation, the whole manufacturing industry will have a leap in transformation and upgrading in the next five to ten years, and the transformation and upgrading should be carried out under the premise of autonomy and control.
——Grade 97 mechanical department Yao Wei
General manager of Beijing Hangxing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd

*** Participate in the brand activities and Industry Research of the special committee and contribute to the development of China's advanced manufacturing industry.
——Grade 03 mechanical department Sui Shaochun
Deputy general manager of AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd

At present, there are three weaknesses in the domestic automobile industry: key materials, core components and high-end equipment. In particular, experimental equipment and instruments are still the short board of the automotive industry. Now most of them still rely on imports and enter the innovation stage. The problem of lack of high-end experimental equipment is more prominent, such as power battery manufacturing equipment.
——Class 77 Automobile Department Dong Yang
Former executive vice president and Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association

At present, manufacturing enterprises need transformation in several aspects: first, capitalization, second, digitization, third, greening and fourth, internationalization.
——Lv81 mechanical department Lu Yuebing
Chairman of the board of directors of Air Liquide (China) Investment Co., Ltd

It is very important to have such an innovation ecosystem as a special committee. Under the current pattern, neither Entrepreneurial Small and medium-sized enterprises nor large enterprises can fight alone.
——Grade 86 motor is Wang Jian
President of smart factory Research Institute

I hope that with your support, forging will no longer be just a "blacksmith", but become a real "advanced forging" that can serve the aerospace industry.
——Grade 02 School of economics and management Zhang Hua
Chairman of Guizhou Hangyu Technology Development Co., Ltd

In the process of the transformation of advanced manufacturing industry, more capital investment is needed, including government investment and private investment. How to better combine the two and how to drive small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of transformation is a big problem. Small, medium-sized and micro enterprises should develop together, make good products with comprehensive advantages, and generally improve the level of manufacturing industry.
——Grade 75 mechanical department Xu Dingbao
General manager of Shanghai Baozhi hardware electromechanical Co., Ltd

It is hoped that the Special Committee on advanced manufacturing can strengthen its contact with local alumni associations and bring more opportunities to Wuxi's advanced manufacturing industry and high-end manufacturing industry.
——Level 76 precision instrument department Hu Shujian
Chairman of Wuxi Jinggong Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd

The special committee has built a good communication platform and will participate in more activities of the special committee in the future to provide more high-quality resources for alumni in the advanced manufacturing industry as much as possible.
——Grade 80 precision instrument is Guan Qinghai
Executive director and general manager of Beijing shuntu Technology Co., Ltd

Manufacturing needs feelings, so that we can stick to it and do it well.
——Grade 80 precision instrument is Huangshan
CEO of Beijing Jingdiao Technology Group

We should help SMEs in the mechanism. I think the experience of Japan and China Taiwan is worth referring to. If we form a mechanism in the special committee, we can help SMEs develop together from the perspective of industrial chain, and enable them to grow rapidly with knowledge service. This is the contribution to China's institutional innovation.
——Level 82 automation department Wang Youzhu
Chairman of Qingda Youzhi Technology Consulting Co., Ltd

The alumni attending the meeting expressed their willingness to provide resource support for the development of the special committee, open up the channel of industry university research fund, and make greater contributions to the construction of their alma mater, helping alumni and serving the society.In the follow-up, the special committee will bring you wonderful contents shared by alumni representatives Zhu Fang, Wang Xiaohao and Zhang Sai on the Council;

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