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Galileo system will stop working and it will take 10 years to re network. GPS or Beidou will be introduced into Europe

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       According to the latest news of the European times on November 28, since the 22 satellites of the European Galileo navigation system were paralyzed, the Galileo navigation system began to have major failures one after another. At the same time, European people often fail to update and collapse when using the navigation system.

       According to the investigation of the European Space Agency, the main reason for the paralysis of the Galileo satellite navigation system is that France and the Czech Republic shirked their responsibilities and finally missed the best time to repair the Galileo system. According to the preliminary budget of the European Space Agency, it will take at least 10 years to complete the networking if the Galileo navigation system wants to be completely repaired, And it will cost about 2 billion euros.

       In fact, before the breakdown of Galileo navigation system, the Italian ground operation station reported to ESA that there were major problems with the navigation satellite and needed to be repaired in time, but ESA did not take this matter seriously, which made Galileo navigation system miss a repair opportunity. However, after the sudden collapse of Galileo navigation system, ESA immediately asked all ground operation stations in Europe to carry out comprehensive detection and maintenance. However, France and the Czech Republic failed to repair the controlled navigation satellites in time on the pretext that they were not within the repair scope, which finally prompted Galileo navigation satellites to gradually stop working.  

       At present, due to the stop of Galileo navigation system, it is unable to provide accurate positioning for European maritime shipping, which also causes great difficulties for maritime shipping. Facing the situation that no navigation system is available, ESA has put forward suggestions to European countries, hoping to temporarily introduce Beidou system or GPS system of the United States from China, so as to solve the major problems encountered in Europe. It is worth noting that after ESA put forward this proposal, European countries began to argue about this matter. After all, choosing a navigation system has both advantages and disadvantages for Europe. The advantage is that it can stabilize Europe's accurate positioning, and the disadvantage is that choosing other navigation systems will cause a large number of users to lose in Europe.

       At the same time, the choice of navigation system will also be mixed with a certain military color. Previously, when the United States attacked Syria, it openly closed the GPS navigation satellites in the Middle East, making Syrian missiles unable to effectively accurately guide, and finally all Syrian missiles became blind. Although Europe did not discuss this approach of the United States, it also began to have a grudge against the United States, so it is unlikely that Europe will introduce GPS system temporarily. The only option left is the Beidou system. Unfortunately, Europe's attitude towards China is ambiguous, so the chance of Beidou system being introduced is very slim.

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