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Huawei Hu houkun: 5g + industrial Internet injects new momentum into industrial upgrading

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On November 20, 2020 China 5g industrial Internet Conference was held in Wuhan. The chairman in office of Huawei delivered a keynote speech on "5g industrial Internet, injecting new momentum into industrial upgrading". Hu houkun believes that using emerging digital technologies to promote the transformation and upgrading of all walks of life can provide a strong driving force for the double cycle. He called for promoting the development of 5g industrial Internet and injecting new momentum into industrial upgrading through three key measures: continuous innovation, security and industry cooperation.


Hu houkun believes that "the development of 5g industrial Internet is at the right time, which benefits from the consensus, ability and practice of the current industry." The transformation direction of digitization, networking and intelligence in the industrial field has formed a broad consensus in the industry; At present, China has the best 5g network in the world, and gratifying progress has been made in industrial Internet application coverage and enterprise connection. These new capabilities will provide better technical support for industrial digitization; 5g has been applied in more than 20 industries and more than 5000 innovative practice projects, which has not only realized commercial value, but also created great social value.

Turning to how to promote the development of 5g industrial Internet, Hu houkun said that continuous innovation, security and industry cooperation are three key measures. First of all, we should continue to innovate in the key areas of basic network capacity, industry terminals and industry applications, and consolidate the foundation for the development of 5g industrial Internet. In particular, he pointed out that in the application of all walks of life, 5g network faces diversified scenarios and needs to meet the requirements of production environment in different industries. The ICT industry needs to continue to innovate in network performance and engineering capabilities such as "planning, construction, maintenance and optimization" to improve the basic service capacity of 5g network. In addition, 5g industry terminals should be enriched to achieve more types and lower cost. Huawei predicts that by the end of 2020, the price of 5g modules will be reduced to US $100 and further reduced to about US $40 by the end of 2022, which will greatly enrich the ecology of 5g terminals.

Hu houkun stressed that special attention should be paid to security in the process of industrial digitization. 5g industrial Internet is facing three new changes, namely, multiple new technology applications, massive connections and complex business scenarios. This leads to more complex safety prevention and control scenarios and a significant increase in safety exposure. Huawei proposes to build a security system by building a security system and accelerating the upgrading of the industry security architecture through close cooperation of the whole industry chain, clarifying boundaries and breaking through barriers.

Finally, Hu houkun called for strengthening industry cooperation by "touching demand, building standards and building platforms" to fully release the value of 5g + industrial Internet. On the standard side, he shared the leading practices in the medical, port and coal mining industries, and hoped to see more industries speed up the formulation of standards and specifications for 5g industry application, which is very important for the rapid promotion of 5g in various industries. On the platform side, the government and industry leading enterprises have actively built service platforms such as industrial alliance and 5g innovation center to promote 5g application innovation. "Huawei is willing to increase investment and jointly build such public service platforms with provincial and municipal governments, industrial organizations and industry leading enterprises to promote 5g application innovation and the cultivation of integrated talents."

Facing the future, Huawei's commitment to customers and partners will not change. Hu houkun said, "we will adhere to the strategic focus, build ICT infrastructure, promote the integrated development of 5g industrial Internet, and contribute to the digital and intelligent upgrading of all walks of life."


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