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Find the market direction and keep up with the times. Song Shiqiang was interviewed by international cable and connection magazine

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With the rapid development of today's society, the market faced by enterprises is becoming more and more complex and changeable. Therefore, enterprises need to try to find the right direction of their own sustainable survival and development.

"We need to know the direction of our market development, so that we can have a definite goal. This is one of the purposes of our golden beacon to participate in the exhibition today." when the reporter of international cable and connection magazine interviewed song Shiqiang, general manager of Shenzhen Golden beacon Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "golden beacon Electronics") at Shenzhen ICH exhibition, he said.


            Song Shiqiang, general manager of jinhangbiao, was interviewed by the media


          According to song Shiqiang, the main industry of golden beacon electronics is"Kingelm" brand automobile Beidou / GPS antenna, antenna connecting line, RF connector used in navigation and positioning products, Beidou GPS module R & D and production, and its series of products are widely used in satellite navigation and positioning and other fields. At present, golden beacon has a new layout on the automobile harness connector, which is also a new direction of transformation in the future.

          In the face of the new energy vehicle market that has been running for nearly two decades in the automotive electronics industry, golden beacon electronics also follows the new market trend and actively distributes the field of new energy vehicles,"We have relevant products on sale with Kaiwo new energy, China heavy truck, Liuzhou Wuling new energy, Xiaopeng automobile, etc. under Nanjing Jinlong automobile, and we also tailor some non-standard wire connectors and other products for them."

          This year, COVID-19 suddenly be taken by surprise."This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the general environment of the automobile industry is not very good. Therefore, on the one hand, our golden beacon company should vigorously do a good job in Internet marketing, but also follow the pace of market development. This year, we have made some extensions of common technologies based on the RF and microwave technology of automobile antenna, mainly strengthening the development of automobile harness RF antenna." Song Shiqiang said.

          Under the new situation, the competitive pressure in the market is also increasing. Song Shiqiang believes that quality is the most key factor to stand out in the market. Second, it should be supported by technological development.


Song Shiqiang, general manager of jinhangbiao, was interviewed by the media


          Song Shiqiang told reporters that recently, the customized terminal of golden navigation markKha 2808 has entered the supply chain of Daewoo new energy vehicles in South Korea, and is also customizing antenna connectors and other products for several military enterprises. Daewoo Automobile Institute requires that the reporting, certification and assessment process is very strict. At the same time, wire products should also meet the requirements of maintaining high stability in extreme environments. Therefore, jinhangbiao has made corresponding improvements in R & D production technology, testing equipment and testing process, such as adding constant temperature and humidity tester and other equipment.

          Talking about the domestic substitution of connecting line antenna and other products, song Shiqiang told meInternational cables and connectionsandAccording to the reporter of ICH exhibition, in the past, the domestic high-end antenna connector market often chose the products of connector leading enterprises such as Amphenol, te Tyco and Foxconn. However, at present, the R & D, technical conditions and technical parameters of individual wire connector products of "kinghelm" brand of golden navigation mark meet or exceed their requirements, and the domestic Yangtze River connector and Lixun precision are also developing rapidly. The main supply chains of new energy vehicles are in China, which also provides development opportunities for domestic manufacturers and is also the development goal of golden beacon.




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