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President Yu Xiancheng attended the Beidou + great health industry expert forum and delivered a speech

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On December 22, the Beidou health industry expert forum, CO sponsored by Beidou space time Technology Research Institute of our association and China News Agency career development center and co organized by tongquanda Health Management Co., Ltd. and Wuhan urban forest health Valley, was successfully held in Beijing. Focusing on the related topics of "Beidou great health", the participating experts and scholars jointly put forward suggestions and suggestions for the future in-depth integrated development of Beidou and health in the context of the continuous promotion of Beidou system's global service and "healthy China" strategy. Yu Xiancheng, President of China satellite navigation and positioning Association, attended the forum and delivered a speech.

       President Yu Xiancheng pointed out in his speech that as an important national spatial information infrastructure, Beidou global satellite navigation system plays a basic supporting role in the development of national defense, economy, science and technology. At present, Beidou has been widely used in transportation, agriculture, forestry and fishery, hydrological monitoring, meteorological forecasting, communication system, power dispatching, disaster relief and mitigation, public security, Internet location services and other fields, resulting in remarkable economic and social benefits. Beidou has been widely used in various fields of national economy and people's livelihood, penetrated into all aspects of human social production and people's life, and injected new vitality into global economic and social development.

       President Yu Xiancheng said that in recent years, Beidou innovative applications have been deeply integrated into the transformation, upgrading and development of many industries. The two-way development trend of "Beidou +" and "+ Beidou" applications is also more obvious. For example, backbone enterprises in the fields of automobile, high-speed railway, energy, mining, postal service, mobile communication, transportation logistics and Internet services are taking the initiative to "Beidou" and become a new force in the industry, which has greatly promoted the overall development of China's satellite navigation and location service industry, and their contribution to improving the economic benefits of the industry is significantly increasing.

       Combined with this forum, president Yu Xiancheng stressed that with the gradual promotion of the "healthy China" strategy, the application of Beidou in the field of health has also become a hot spot. At present, Beidou has made very valuable and meaningful exploration in epidemic prevention monitoring, telemedicine, care for the elderly and intelligent elderly care. Beidou also played an important role in the epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan and the construction of Leishen mountain and Huoshen mountain hospitals at the beginning of the year. He hopes that "Beidou great health" can give birth to more new technologies, new products, new formats and new models, create more and greater value and benefits, become a model of "Beidou" and "Beidou", better promote economic and social development, better serve people's lives and meet people's yearning for a better life.

       Experts attending the meeting generally believed that Beidou has made very valuable and meaningful exploration in epidemic prevention and monitoring, telemedicine, care for the elderly and intelligent elderly care. In the future, Beidou will also have great potential in public health emergency, food and drug traceability management, intelligent medical equipment, modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, daily health monitoring and management, etc. In addition, experts also pointed out that the Beidou health industry involves the national economy and the people's livelihood, and its future development needs government guidance, market promotion and extensive participation of enterprises; At the same time, we should constantly explore the mechanism and mode of industrial development and take the road of sustainable development.

       Cao Chong, chief expert of China satellite navigation and positioning Association, made a keynote report on Beidou new space-time and China's great health at the forum. Zhang Di and Li Donghang, deputy secretaries general of the association, also attended the forum. Some experts from Beidou navigation, medicine and health, some enterprises engaged in health care, and some central and local news media attended the meeting.

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