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Liu Liehong put forward three suggestions for the application and development of 5g technology in Internet enterprises

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On November 11, Liu Liehong, member of the Party group and vice minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, presided over a symposium on 5g technology application development of Internet enterprises, listened to the progress report and development opinions and suggestions of Internet enterprises on 5g technology application, and had a symposium and exchange with representatives of participating enterprises.

Liu Liehong pointed out that as an important direction for the evolution and upgrading of the new generation of information and communication technology, 5g is to realize the comprehensive interconnection of "people", "machines" and "things" and build a new infrastructure for the digital transformation of economy and society. At present, China's 5g construction is in a leading position in the world. Promoting the innovative and integrated application of 5g technology across fields and multiple scenarios is of great significance to boost high-quality economic development and better meet people's needs for a better life.

Liu Liehong stressed that Internet enterprises should seize the new opportunities of 5g technology development, attach great importance to and accelerate 5g technology research, and promote the application of 5g technology to achieve innovative development in a wider range, deeper degree and higher level.

Liu Liehong put forward three suggestions for the development of 5g technology application in Internet enterprises:

First, continue to expand consumer applications  

Seize the innovation and development opportunities brought by 5g technology, give full play to the advantages of existing technologies and resources, deeply cultivate consumer business, make efforts to apply key 5g technologies such as ultra-high definition video, virtual reality and holographic video, constantly improve user experience and promote the transformation and upgrading of mass consumption.


Second, accelerate and deepen the integration of the real economy      

Actively explore the blue ocean of enterprise business and promote the deep integration of 5g and industrial Internet. Accelerate the application of 5g technology in medical treatment, energy and government affairs, help the construction of new smart cities, explore the role of new technologies in the high-quality development of industrial chain and supply chain, and make urban society smarter and smarter.


Third, continue to strengthen industrial exchanges and cooperation  

Taking demand as the guide, deepen the exchanges and cooperation among scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises, build a public service platform, promote cross-border exchanges, cultivate industrial ecology, incubate more innovative applications, and realize the coordinated development of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

Ministry of industry and information technology, information and communication development department, information and communication administration, network security administration and China information and Communication Research Institute are responsible comrades, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong, Kwai Mei, Sina, tiger tooth, micro medicine, good future, Iqiyi, Xiao Hong book, shell search room, byte beating, Youku, mango TV, fast hand, education together. The relevant person in charge of second shooting attended the meeting.

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