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Escort innovative development of connector enterprises on intellectual property protection

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 On March 16, Huawei released the white paper on intellectual property rights, announcing that it would officially charge patent fees in the 5g field from 2021. Huawei's move reflects a transformation of Chinese science and technology enterprises, from paying patent fees to the United States to obtaining patent license fees, which is a return for Chinese science and technology enterprises to attach importance to innovation. At the same time, it also reflects the improvement of intellectual property operation ability of Chinese science and technology enterprises, which is also the result of a series of games with foreign enterprises.

China's China novel coronavirus pneumonia impact on the background of the new patent pneumonia treaty, the growth rate of the international patent application of the Patent Cooperation Treaty of China has not declined, indicating that China is changing from intellectual property to big country to intellectual property creation, Wang Wenbin, a foreign ministry spokesman, told a regular press conference in March 3rd.

At present, domestic connector enterprises are rising rapidly, including many connector enterprises that can compete on the same platform in the world. Although the connector is only a small structural component, it is indispensable, so it also needs to establish a "protective wall".

International cable and connection interviewed a number of connector enterprises on the topic of intellectual property protection. Through the talk of enterprise representatives, they learned about the transformation, current situation and pain points of the connector industry in intellectual property protection.



Chaos, enterprise development needs "escort"

China's connector industry started late, and many, miscellaneous, scattered and disorderly. The phenomenon of rough and shoddy products in the early stage is serious, and a large number of low-cost imitations flow to the market. At the same time, domestic enterprises do not pay much attention to the layout of intellectual property rights.

Kunshan omnidirectional Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a type-C connector enterprise. Zhai Chongyang, its market leader, told reporters that omnidirectional electronics began to layout the type-C product line in 2014. At that time, there were only a few manufacturers of type-c. Around 2017, manufacturers of type-C have sprung up, hundreds and thousands of them have emerged, but the phenomenon of plagiarism is very serious.

"Structure and foot as like as two peas are copied, which will cause vicious low price competition, which will only make the manufacturing industry price lower and lower, and finally become all enterprises invest a lot of resources, but no actual profits." Zhai Chongyang said.

In addition, many enterprises are facing patent disputes. These disputes not only infringe the intellectual property rights of others, but also are drilled by others because the layout is not comprehensive enough. Therefore, problems such as technology disclosure and imitation occur from time to time.

In the interview with the reporter of international cable and connection, enterprise representatives mentioned the layout of patents and said that applying for patents is more to protect themselves than to suppress or monopolize.

"Intellectual property is the vitality of enterprises, and science and technology is the primary productive force. In the development of Luoyang Copper in recent years, we have always paid attention to the protection of independent intellectual property rights." Luo Liangliang, manager of Chinalco Luoyang Copper Processing Co., Ltd., said that in the whole process of product production, Luoyang Copper applied for a patent from its own brand, which also laid a foundation for the subsequent development of the enterprise and the perfection of the whole product life cycle.

Not only for the enterprise itself, but also for cooperative customers. Every industry attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and whether products are patented. Therefore, there is a certain guarantee for products in each chain.

"If your product infringes the right, you can trace the whole chain from upstream to downstream. It is very irresponsible to sell unpatented or infringing products to customers. Having your own patent can escort customers, which is also a selling point for customers." Li Jianpu said.

Zhai Chongyang said that the legal compliance of products sold can not only guarantee customers, but also deepen the benefits of enterprise brand construction.

Pay more attention to it, from "rough production" to "intensive cultivation"

In the past, China imitated foreign connector products, copied the brand, specification and design of foreign connectors, and fought for the market at a lower price.

But gradually, domestic connector enterprises have realized the importance of intellectual property rights in recent years. Domestic connector manufacturers have also begun to move from "Shanzhai" to independent innovation, and their awareness of protecting intellectual property rights is gradually improving.

"In the early years, because our Chinese mainland started late and the legal system was not so healthy, it could be copied. Now the country is paying more and more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights. We must go ahead." Li Jianpu, general manager of Shenzhen bububujing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., said that bubujing's investment in intellectual property protection is very huge. In the early stage of R & D, each product should do global patent search, avoid existing patent points, and then establish its own patent points.

Not only an enterprise, many connector enterprises interviewed by the reporter said that they had made great investment in the early patent retrieval, the establishment of their own product patents and the later protection of intellectual property rights.

From "rough manufacturing" to "intensive cultivation", from imitation to innovation, and then to the establishment of its own intellectual property rights, are the only way to realize domestic substitution

In order to compete with international brands in the future, it is necessary to create connector products with their own intellectual property rights. In order to do a good job of a connector, enterprises need to spend time and energy on R & D and innovation from product structure design, manufacturing process, production equipment and mold design, as well as patent application.

We can see that foreign connector large enterprises have been very perfect in the layout of intellectual property rights, and the layout of intellectual property rights makes these large enterprises stand firm in the international competition.

Li Gentu, executive director of Shenzhen xingwanlian Electronics Co., Ltd., also expressed his expectations for the future: "The patent layout of old products, Taiwan factory and the world's leading connector brands have been completed. In terms of new products, we hope xingwanlian and other mainland funded factories can work hard and have their own layout and accumulation in intellectual property protection and technical patents."

The road is blocked and long, and "purifying soil" needs the cooperation of the industry

The best place to protect intellectual property is to "purify the soil" and make the whole industry develop healthily. As mentioned above, in the process of development of the domestic connector industry, plagiarism and price war have seriously disturbed the market order.

There are many and miscellaneous connector enterprises in China. Although a number of excellent enterprises are gradually creating their own patents, it is undeniable that chaos still exists. There is an urgent need for the whole connector industry to make joint efforts to maintain, establish a perfect mechanism and form a common norm of the whole industry.

Xiao Lan, general manager of Shenzhen Tuopu Lianke Technology Co., Ltd., said that from manufacturing to creation, more patents, patent groups and mutual cooperation among enterprises will be needed.

"We attach great importance to intellectual property rights and hope to purify the soil so that everyone can develop in a very good industry." Omnidirectional electronics Zhai Chongyang said that we respect intellectual property rights and make the whole industry develop healthily. At the same time, we are also willing to cooperate our patents with some large enterprises to form an intellectual property alliance, which can also avoid blindly low-cost competition.

Intellectual property is like a double-edged sword. Some enterprises have raised concerns. In the future, after all enterprises have established their own technical barriers, they will face the trouble that other enterprises will encounter obstacles in product development. How to balance patent protection and standardization?

Li Gentu believes that the future competition is not only the competition of technology and products, but also the competition of intellectual property rights. Intellectual property rights will be the biggest technical barrier faced by Chinese manufacturing enterprises in the future.

Chen Xingyu, general manager of optical communication / sensor of Guangdong Guochang Technology Co., Ltd., said: "the protection of intellectual property is indeed very important, but we think intellectual property should not be an excuse for monopolizing and digging a moat. Devices and component modules should implement open and standard interfaces."

Chen Xingyu expressed the hope that there will be fewer non-standard patents on the front-end standards of patents and promote the unification of standards in the form of the state. Whether foreign enterprises, state-owned enterprises or private enterprises can better cooperate in the connector field and promote the benign development of the industry.

Any industry needs benign competition. Like the connector industry, intellectual property is an inseparable barrier for China's manufacturing industry to participate in international and domestic competition. Therefore, China's connector industry should continue to make efforts on the road of intellectual property protection and improve its competitiveness. At the same time, patent protection and standard opening are contradictory at present. How the connector industry will develop in a more orderly, open and win-win way in the future needs the joint efforts of the whole industry.

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