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What is the function of GPS antenna

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Introduction: with the development of GPS, the market demand for GPS antenna is increasing, not only in professional or commercial fields, such as transportation fleet, scientific and technological exploration and military tracking, but also in many consumer products, such as mobile phones and personal data assistant (PDA) equipment. GPS antenna occupies a very important position, so what is its role?


The first function: it is used to capture satellites and receive satellite positioning information, that is, radiate and receive electromagnetic waves; Any high-frequency circuit, as long as it is not completely shielded, can more or less radiate electromagnetic waves to the surrounding space or receive electromagnetic waves from the surrounding space. According to the difference of GPS antenna, it can be divided into flat antenna and spiral antenna. Spiral antenna has stronger star finding ability rather than mobile phone signal.

The second function: convert the electromagnetic wave energy of the radio signal from the satellite into the current that can be absorbed and applied by the receiving electronic equipment, that is, energy conversion; Generally, for special equipment or on-board equipment, because there is often a certain distance between the equipment and the GPS receiving module, the disconnection of more than 1m may be used in the actual environment; However, because the feeder has great loss to the signal, the active GPS antenna can only be selected in this case.

  GPS antennaThere are two main functions. The size and shape of GPS antenna will affect its performance. Therefore, when purchasing, we should consider two factors: antenna size and shape. As the most important receiving component in GPS equipment, GPS antenna plays the role of our "ear", so its performance will directly affect the product quality of the whole GPS machine.


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