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Waves surge behind the spire, appreciation of super scarce landmarks in the Bay Area

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As a classic urban landmark, It is a reinterpretation of urban resources and a bold prediction of global human settlements,transformationFlutterCreativepower, inThe tide rises and falls”In the changing world, it seeks the value aggregation point and becomes the rare and precious business card of the famous city

NO.1Global capital in the era of negative interest rateWhere are you staring?

Where core assets pile up, it is the gateway to the hinterland of the bay area.

      Under the impact of the global epidemic, all major economies have put in massive amounts of money. The flood is flooding, the water rises, and the ship rises. Where does the water flow?

      Asset intensive places, industry intensive places and infrastructure intensive places belong to the core areas of several Bay areas in the world.

      Delve into issues outside ChinaSandawan DistrictcanIt is found that the inner bay hinterland of each super big bay areaCoastal area, the strongest plates in the bay area will be born in almost every city: they tend toIt has a pleasant environment, gathered high-end industrial chains, densely distributed large enterprise headquarters and a huge economic aggregate, it can be calledBay Area Pearlcoastalgateway"National business card"

      oneLong Island Bay-First in the world Bay AreaNew York BayofbasinNot only the scenery is beautiful,It also gave birth to the world's first financial centerManhattan.Main label:National economic and cultural center,1/3More than the largest in the United Statesfive hundredCompany headquarters, with the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQLocation of United Nations HeadquartersIt also gave birth to the top rich areas in the United States and even the world-Long island.This area has gatheredeight hundredWith a population of million, it is the largest rich area in the world and one of the most densely populated areas in the United States. Long island also has the best public education system in the United States.


      twoDuxin port area-World industrial Bay AreaofTokyo BayofwithinBay,TokyocityDuxin District 6Center point ofMain label:Tokyo shoppingandsightseeingheaven-Liubenmu new town, TokyoMidtownfull-timeThe region with the strongest international atmosphere-Foreign embassiesGathering areaIt has more than a dozen famous universities in Japan, such as Tokyo University and Keio University. In the port area, the industry is developed,per capita incomeexceedone thousandMillion yen,yesOne of the most famous rich areas in Japan.The Japanese have a cloud, they are all heartPort areaActuallyCenter of Tokyo CenterAfter reading it, you can understand the urban evolution history of Japan.

      three))Menlo Park-World science and technology Bay AreaofSan FranciscoBaybasin, itssilicon valleySanctumYahoo, Google and Facebook were born, appleIBMAnd many other technology giants. As one of the core areas of Silicon Valley, Monroe Park occupies the core area of San Francisco Bay, which is not onlyFacebookThe headquarters is located close to famous American universitiesStanford University. Monroe park has become the home of many rich people in Silicon Valley because of its convenient transportation and superior location.

      Compared with the inner bay core area of the other three Bay areasShenzhen Baycatch up from behind,Emerging industries, scientific and technological innovation, financial centers, fashion and urban culture are young and prosperous, forming a global label with its own distinctive character. In this area,It condenses the most active elements required by innovative cities, and aggregates TencentAli, Baidu, China Resources, Evergrande, etceightyManyMultinational headquarters and famous enterprises,The crowd gatheredexceedten thousandHundred millionlevelcapital, world topBenchmarkingluxury houseandCultural and commercial landmarks,IndeedAn intoxicating gathering place of wealth.


      With the passage of time and the influx of massive capital, this area has long been congested in the rush purchase of land resources, which has been sold cumulatively in recent yearsthreetwoA global headquarters level land, including finance, science and innovation, commerce, culture and sports, art and ecology, has come back one after anotherOccupying precious sea view resourcesProjects are more rare and expensive, which is in sharp contrast to the strong demand for high-quality asset allocationDrop


      In a sense,Shenzhen BayThis fertile land actually explains China's enterprising spirit and the surging vitality of international emerging cities,Its status and appearance,Comparable to New York's Long Island Bay and Tokyo Bay, it is not too much. It is a place worthy of the name of global capital assets.

NO.2There is a kind of urban peak, which is called the integration of nature and art into the soul

      Shenzhen Bay Cultural Plaza, located inShenzhen Houhai central seashore,yesIn recent ten yearsShenzhenRapidly developingnewEconomicsareaandGlobalGathering point of scientific and technological innovationReception hall of international innovative city

      withSurreal landscape with primitive senseguideArchitecture melts into nature and makes itself a landscape that can be experiencedDialogue with the past and the futureBecame a possibility.The meandering and dense urban high-rise landscape composed of scattered stone buildings, green spaces and public activity areas connected in series by footpaths shows the combination of the original atmosphere brought by buildings and future forces.


Panorama of Shenzhen Bay Cultural Plaza

      The central axis of its layout extends directly toseaside,linkagePartial subsidence of Dengliang RoadIt is connected to the talent park to form a continuous open space, topublic spaceTurn intoUrban"Separation"Let peoplea little distanceTouchCulture and artNourishment ofExperience the integration of urban life into natureHuge urban public space, activate the value of urban center,becomeShenzhen will be a natural city in the future"Guest & middot; Hall"

      This super new species with international artistic and humanistic vision,fromEarth covered roof squareLandscape buildingsAnd underground public exhibition spacetripartitecomeform

The earth covered square on the roof, landscape architecture and underground public exhibition space are the main bodies chart

Central axis Landscape BridgeIntegration of the two pavilions into one

      As one of the top ten world-class new infrastructure construction facilities in ShenzhenCreative Design Museum”, andLife Science MuseumShenzhen Bay Culture PlazaNorth South Pavilion complexThere is an overhead central axis landscape bridge between the two pavilions, which leads to the roof theater.

      stayExhibition spaceaspectIt can be divided according to different functions and regionsGreen slope area exhibition hall, stone group exhibition hall and underground exhibition hall. Under the green slope istwoDouble story UnicomnatureExhibition hall; Some exhibition halls on the first floor and the first floor underground havesixStandard exhibition hall with a clear height of meters

      The stone group is a special exhibition hallyesoriginalityMuseumFinishing touchwithOn the roof covered with natural green,when the water subsides , the rocks emerge。 On the horizontal stone surface, people can pick up steps and climb directly to the stone top.DesignExtensive use of natural light breaks the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, so that thinking is not constrained by space.

      A spiritual space that looks up to the sky. Natural light penetrates into the room in semi hidden and semi solid stones, connectingA winding path up a rockLet the mind not be constrained by space,spacefullFlow dynamic, desalinationSense of time, embellish the soul luster of Shenzhen's innovation and creativity

The suspended stone contrast makes the space more strange chart

      In addition, share educational areas and multi-functional public spaces,AndCentral squareMirror poolmusical fountainpoolcenterstageConstituteExcellent seaside TheaterArt ecosystemenoughHold international art festivals and exchange exhibitions.

      adoptThe roof viewing platform, open-air theater and sunken courtyard provide a new and exploratory public space for the city, and create a dynamic outdoor museum experience with landscape design and art installations.

The mirror pool stage in the central square, the seaside night is due to Literature and artbright chart

      Great significance for carrying forward the past and opening up the futureCultural landmark buildingGenerally speaking, it often forms a pair ofIt has a far-reaching impact on people's life, society, culture and artShenzhen Culture Plazathen isCreate a kind of modern urban lifeAnd integrate the urban life of the bay areaofAnother space and context:It can be the past or the future, andSupport the creative soul of human beings seeking a better lifeunchanged.


NO.3Excellent Bay View comparable to the three Bay areas in the world

      sky blueCulturecoastLine, reverieBrilliant life style。 Shenzhen Bay belongs to Shenzhen, vipolia Bay of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It is the Houhai garden of Hong Kong.

      Pleasant air, inland lake like sea surface, continuous coast, surrounding buildings and sea crossing bridge connecting Hong Kong and Shenzhen virtually outline the beautiful modern urban integration map of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area.

The greenway is long, the shade is dense, and the branches are luxuriant and fragrant.

LAN TiangaoRaise, BaiyunElegantThe beach is scatteredSeveral birds.

The water and the sky are the same, the tall buildings are towering, and the waves on the coast are dancing.

      One day, imagine the urban life in the bay area. In front of the door is the Shenzhen Bay culture squareShenzhen BayTalent Park, Yuanwang isShenzhen Bay Coastal corridorshenzhen bay bridge, Shenzhen Bay Mangrove, etcAlong Shenzhen BayScenery.

stayShenzhen BayOn the broad embankment, walking around the waterside pavilion with relatives and friends, seagulls play in the water, laughing and cheering. Looking across the sea from Houhai garden in Hong Kong, a classic picture of Shenzhen Bay life in an international innovative city arises spontaneously.

NO.4Shenzhen BayCThe waves behind the location are surging

      Where the world is surging,Must bePlace of Art。 As a rising star of Shenzhen Bay,Hengyu Shenzhen BayHold highCore of Shenzhen Bay cultural corridorCentral axis of Houhai headquarters basearea, build world classics with giant ingenuity,Cultivate world-class cultural and artistic temperament andMeta super lifestyle, with surroundingShenzhen Bay Sports Center, Poly Theater, China Resources Building Art Center Art MuseumandShenzhen opera house, etc,Complement each other and blend into a natural whole.

      Looking at the overall situation, this perfect product has written and outlined aboutforty-one10000 ㎡ coastal skyline complex, byaboutthree hundred and fiveMeters headquarters business, abouttwo hundred and fifty-fiveMi yunduan apartment, abouteight10000 M2 Duhui commercial and other business formatsform, standing in the center of Shenzhen Bay。 Among them, Hengyu business headquarters and Shenzhen BayoneChina Resources building is the only three buildings in Shenzhen Baythree00Meters of skyline landmarks.


      andIn Shenzhen BayoneThe most appropriate skyline is between No. 1 and spring bamboo shootsagainHow high?

      A real urban landmark,The key is ingenuitymodelOutThe city outline allows the building complex to establishFusionDialogue.

      OverlookHouhai skyline,three hundred and fiftyMeters of Shenzhen BayoneNothree hundred and ninety-two point fiveThe bamboo shoots of meters are separated, and the buildings are scattered among them, Hengyu Shenzhen Bay ghost axe magic landNatural transitionInside, it forms a beautiful waist line with charm.

      Although with Shenzhen BayNo. 1, China Resources spring bamboo shoots and other benchmarking competitions, Hengyu Shenzhen Bay is the inheritance and superposition integration of international luxury house genes. It is more real at home and less flashy. It is more welcomed and enjoyed by the spire crowd in the real environmentShenzhen UniversityAvenueNanshan Ziyuan, Xiangmihu No. 9 compound, Hengyu Bincheng, etcThe project brings the luxury house culture nurtured by Hengyu group.

      In this super complex,three hundred and fiveM business building,thirtyMigao's businessskirt, through three floors above the groundOn the second underground floorFusion and penetrationconnectedSubway stations, underground businesses and surrounding areas,formationResidence, business, office, etcintegratedScene,Freedom in the needs of diversitySeamless switching.


On a near human scale,We should build a central green spaceCohesive multi-level green leisure spaceIt is also a world-class Twin Star apartment"Broad mind", Haolanabouttwo point four fiveMeter wide curtain wall glassabouttwenty-threeMeter view sea surface width, directly capture the stunning sea view of Shenzhen Bay,Create a three-dimensional, ecological and active coastal areathe acmeLife experience.

When the market changes, it is the best time to buy.

But the golden area of Shenzhen Bay"No land"!

Investors and home guests are not bad for money, but bad luck.

After more than ten yearsofdevelopment, this area has long been perfect,The development of marketable properties is exhausted, Shenzhen Bay1. China Resources Shenzhen BayEqual benchmark projectonlyLeftover bits and piecesTail plate.

In addition, this area is designated as Houhai"Headquarters science and technology innovation"Base, developable land in the areaMostlyEnterprise self use officeAlmost byChina Resources, Alibaba, CNOOCWhen the giants divide up.andCan go outSale of propertyVery few, products with residential attributes are more scarce

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