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Recently, Xiaomi released a very popular UWB technology industry chain

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On October 12, Xiaomi announced officially released Xiaomi UWB (ultra-wideband communication) technology in Weibo and major social platforms. Xiaomi said that the technology gives mobile phones and smart equipment space perceived ability, and mobile phones can be oriented to control, so that millet is "leading to the way to the future". " As a supplement, the UWB has an Apple iPhone 11 Series, Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

The official introduction Xiaomi UWB technology has 500MHz bandwidth transmission data, just like "indoor GPS%% And the algorithm, the angle measurement accuracy of centimeter level positioning and %& plusmn; 3 %& deg; "a" one means control "and" one finger delivery "two new features.

One means manipulation: pick up the phone, align the smart device, and automatically pop up the control interface. Turn on TV, tape lamp color, etc., you can in place.

One finger delivery: Under any interface of the phone, the intelligent device will automatically send the current screen to the millet TV, touch screen speaker, millet notebook.

Overall, Xiaomi's UWB used to use the mobile phone to control smart home more technology, refer to where. Although there are also small partners say that the work with mobile phone to align the equipment is not as good as a little loving classmate, but speech control is still limited in some scenes, such as a partner in the room is sleeping.

What exactly is UWB, let's take a look:


UWB chip original factory

At present, the main industry giants in the world are: Ireland DECAWAVE, UBISENSE, US Time Domain, Zebra, Netherlands NXP, etc., China Zhengzhou Lian Ru Electronics, Hao Yun Technology, QUANT, etc. Dozens of companies, also began to rise, Welcome the baren period of the market.

1, Ireland Decawave

Decawave is currently known to uniquely supporting UWB positioning chip vendors that IEEE 802.15.4. It offers low-cost chips for sale, retail prices are in a few dollars. The model is a chip of DW1000, in line with the IEEE 802.15.4-2011 UWB standard protocol (under ideal conditions, the maximum measuring range is 300m). Applications in government buildings, high-value warehouses, supermarkets, large manufacturing workshops, hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens, hotels, large restaurants, entertainment venues, prisons, residential quarters, logistics companies, museums, research institutions, laboratory, etc. Positioning monitoring of materials.

UbiSense was established in January 2003. The team from the University of Cambridge, the significant feature of Ubisense UWB is precise and reliable real-time positioning, and the active RF tag is suitable for indoor / outdoor environment and high precision, can reach 15 cm and the base facility can Replace each other, with high reliability (two sensors track 3D positioning) provide a mature software platform for the client. Applications include logistics, industrial, dangerous environment, healthcare, military, and more.

3, US Time Domain

The company's PLUS overclocked UWB timely positioning system consists of labels, readers, synchronous allocation panels, antennas, and positioning software. At the end of 2009, Time Domain launched a European system with a central frequency of 7.3 Hz. The user can dynamically change the transmit frequency (1 ~ 10 Hz) and operating modes (active or standby) of the label.

4, American Zebra

Zebra Technologies offers active UWB tags, card readers, and Zebra software for American Students' Football Senior Bowl. After the Zebra software reads the data, it will calculate the speed of each player run, the distance from the player and the player, and the speed and rotation, height, distance and other information. These data will then be forwarded to the management software of Senior Bowl, showing a social media to fans and media. These information can not only be used to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the player, but also determine if the player is tired.

5, France Bespoon

Bespoon's UWB RTLS system, easy to deploy, has a highlighted advantage of "large capacity, long label standby time, wide coverage, high positioning accuracy%% , Tool, real-time location of the pallet. This system is suitable for all kinds of industrial environments, even in a multi-barrier in the sheet metal, the system is still good.
6, Netherlands NXP

NXP will apply UWB in the automotive electronic field. A recent concept car based on the Volkswagen Arteon model is unveiled in Hamburg, Germany. By carrying the latest ultra-wideband technology released in July this year, the car has increased significantly in terms of anti-theft protection, safety and convenience. Although in this model, the main application scenarios of ultra-wideband technology are also limited to verifying the defending of vehicles, but future applications will have unlimited possible.

7, Chengdu Gas Technology

Chengdu Gas Technology can reach 1-10cm in UWB system, RF maximum range of 400 meters, base station refresh rate up to 8000 Hz, label refresh rate 100 Hz, large range positioning, and 3D real-time positioning. Its high-precision positioning platform can set different attributes according to different platforms, providing API development kits, developing a variety of application software on the basis of relatively unified software platform, can visually display location targets, positioning scenes, managing positioning data, To meet the needs of different industries.

8, Beijing Qingzheng Shuke

Qing Ji Dynamic is from Tsinghua University Test Technology and Instrumental State Key Laboratory, which is a industrial wireless precise positioning product and positioning system provider. It provides the LocalSense precise positioning solution that acts in real-time positioners, vehicles, and assets in real time in production links, and realizes trajectory tracking, regional alarms, and imaging linkage.

9, Zhengzhou Lianrui Electronics
Core Electronics, China Harida, Ltd., focusing on regional high-precision real-time positioning products R %& D and related technical services, industry applications are widely involved in warehousing logistics, judicial prisons, smart cities, etc. Recently, the company successfully won the "Huawei UWB mobile phone wireless anti-theft device" will provide wireless anti-theft instrument products that can get rid of traditional mobile phone anti-theft chains for major Huawei experience stores, and is expected to have a quantity of more than 10,000 yuan.

10, Guangzhou Hao Yun Technology

Hao Yun Technology, deep farm UWB technology, UWB technology can be done indoors or outdoor accurate positioning to cm level, and the company has mastered the technology used by UWB embedded mobile phones, forming mature products, and applies related technologies and product applications Smart judicial, nuclear power and other fields, indoor static positioning accuracy can reach 2 cm, high-precision technology leading the same industry 1-2 years.

11. Nanjing Tang En Technology

Tang En Technology is derived from the positioning technology R %& D team of the National Key Laboratory of Software New Technology, Nanjing University, launched a variety of positioning products based on satellite, UWB, inertial and visual technologies, providing a number in intelligent factory and production control. Solutions, such as intelligent factory visualization, production operation and maintenance safety management, industrial vehicle intelligent guidance, etc., improve the management refinement and automation level of the industry. In 2014, he took the lead in cooperation with Decawave to launch the first domestic UWB self-polishing high-precision positioning system.

12, Shanghai Xu Xu Electronics

The company is the forefront of my country's "ultra-wideband wireless communication key technology and its coexistence and compatibility technology%%

13, Shanghai Renmian Electronics

High-precision UWB positioning system has successfully combined UWB positioning technology and industry demand, launched numerous industry application programs and successful applications, such as smart prisons real-time supervision, safety positioning of construction workers in smart sites, intelligent chemical risk zone Surveillance, smart law enforcement case center positioning bracelet anti-string supply.

14. Nanjing Wo Xu Communication Technology

The company was established in 2012 and began to move Wi-Fi hotspots for China, and then turned to UWB technology. Wo Xu is the first high-tech enterprise based on IR-UWB product development and application, and is also a major partner designated by "Decawave". 2016 Waixu completed the pre-a round financing. The product has passed the country's no commission, FCC, and is willing to pass the German Rhein TUV functional safety certification.

15, New Yurin

In 2016, New Yisi's independently developed the high-end key radio frequency and simulation of the high-end key radio frequency and simulation of the communication chip. NRTP (Newradio-Technical-Platform) has been jointly developed with many well-known universities at home and abroad. Many topics have completed the flow of six RF core key IP technology modules, including 5G SUB-6G and millimeter wave full range high-performance frequency synthesizer, 5G high-speed high-precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC), radio frequency The full-duplex integrated transceiver chip and key module and other key IPs.

New Yisheng's full-scale UWB Great Bear (UMAJ) series SOC chip and system are mini-integrated complete integrated chip regions of ultra-low power design, where UWB Great Bear (UMAJ) system chip has been successful at the end of 2019, is expected to be It is officially produced before 2020.

16, Shenzhen Runan Technology

Shenzhen Runan Technology Development Co., Ltd. is Hao Yun Technology Holding Subsidiary, focusing on providing UWB precision location services to the Internet + Internet of Things + large data overall solutions, is a member of Guangdong Judicial Administration and Cooperation Innovation Center. The company has core technologies such as high-precision positioning of complete independently.

17, Changsha Chi Semiconductor Technology

Changsha Chi Semiconductor Technology as an Internet of Thin Chip Design Startup, focusing on the development of low-power distribution network chips, 2020 has completed UWB (Ultra Wide Band Ultra Broadband) chip prototype development, breaking through low-power high performance communication Baseband IP, high-precision positioning IP and UWB chip required for IP and analog radio frequency IP, and obtained relevant patent technology, this round of financing is mainly used for the development and productization of UWB chip products, and expands the scale of R %& D teams.

On August 18, 2020, the chop semiconductor announced the completion of tens of millions of annuality round financing, and the two institutions were jointly invested by Changsha Xunxin and Shenzhen Qunar, and the two institutions were the Lanza Technology and Yu Suit of A-share listed company. The investment company of science and technology real-fired people.

18, Yi Baid

Hangzhou Yi Baide Microelectronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, officially released the UWB positioning chip in April 2020. It is understood that EB1003 facing the consumer market will be mass production in the fourth quarter of 2020.

19, Shenzhen Jinyi Technology

The company's main products include UWB positioning and video recognition technology, in the automatic road parking management system, which is planned to further promote the promotion and pilot of V2X, UWB and RFID in Hong Kong and Singapore in the first half of 2020.

2 0, Hangzhou Xinhua San

The UWB solution created by the company is the first WLAN and UWB fusion, which not only provides WLAN function, but also UWB high-precision personnel, asset positioning, Xinhua San UWB positioning scheme has end-to-end overall ability, and its UWB positioning scheme can be implemented 20-50 Centimeter positioning accuracy, with low power consumption, insensitive to channel decline, strong penetration, powerful anti-interference, etc., does not interfere with other equipment in the same environment.

This millet supports UWB, which is not confirmed to be a specific industrial chain partner. During the country, the company is currently doing UWB companies and the above manufacturers. It is worth mentioning that there is a large number of small and medium-sized entrepreneurial teams in the development of UWB solutions, mainly for indoor high-precision positioning and smart home, intelligent parks, intelligent buildings and other scenes. At present, in addition to Apple and Xiaomi, Samsung is also very optimistic about UWB technology, which will become one of the next generation of wireless communication technology that can change the rules of the game.

As Xiaomi performs in the public technology demo, under the application scenario of smart homes, UWB technology can perform a sense of ranging from mobile phones to the core, minimizing the dependence of the traditional industry, can realize mobile Internet access Remote control, intelligent unlocking function. In this scenario, relatively frequently invoking smart home control software, UWB technology application simplifies interactive flow between users and smart home devices, and is a major innovation application for smart home systems. In fact, with the assistance of mobile phones, the functionality of UWB technology is still more than this. According to incomplete statistics, the iPhone 11 has applied UWB technology since 2019, in addition to the "remote control + open smart door lock" function of Xiaomi demo, there are many new features. for example:

1) Assist AirdroP (ie, email delivery) precise positioning data transmission objects. AirdroP on iPhone 11 has a new feature that can be sorted by people around them so that users can choose the most recent person to transfer data.

2) Real-time positioning Real-time Location. In the case where there is no GPS, such as the underground parking lot of the airport, UWB can help position, users can share it to the webmark driver, inform yourself, so that the driver finds passengers.

3) Car key carKey. Apple launched a CarKey function in iOS14, sharing the car key through the mobile phone, the initial partner is BMW, which uses ultra-wideband UWB technology.

According to recent media disclosure, the object tracking device will be Apple's next UWB technology application. It has been reported that Apple plans to release a new small peripheral Airtags in the first half of this year, with UWB wireless features, attached to objects such as mobile phones, wallets, keys, etc., which can be easily found via the Find MY app on the phone. In summary, the application scenario of UWB technology has been unlocked from traditional industries to smart home, intelligent office, smart city, smart transportation, consumer electronics and other fields.

Based on the mobile phone market, UWB technology has begun to highlight the explosive trend of the consumer electronics market. It is understood that the sales of iPhone 11 in 2019 is about 40 million, that is, only Apple has driven 40 million UWB chips in 2019, which has reached the sum of the sales of UWB chips in the past few years. In 2020, as Samsung and Xiaomi announced that the UWB technology represented in the mobile phone, the consumer-based application of the mobile phone was gradually approached. Before you have any brokerage, UWB technology has been mature, the market is available or exceeded, and the consumer application is undoubtedly the most imagination in numerous applications in numerous applications.

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