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Killing with kindness! Guanghetong 5g module stimulates the charm of flexible intelligent manufacturing

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5G technology realizes highly flexible production for the future manufacturing industry, realizes the upgrade from "traditional manufacturing" to "smart manufacturing", and provides a solid foundation for equipment management and networking. 5G technology participates in the entire operation process of the factory, including manufacturing, assembly logistics, and system maintenance, and promotes the "flexibility" of intelligent manufacturing.For example, the 5G integrated private network can be used to realize the four core applications of 5G + integrated network supporting flexible production, 5G + AI "workshop eye" intelligent visual inspection, 5G + 8K + VR/AR intelligent remote operation and maintenance, and 5G + intelligent logistics. 8K" flexible smart factory.

The flexible manufacturing system is an automated manufacturing system composed of CNC machining equipment, material transportation and storage devices, and computer control systems.The intelligent flexible manufacturing system is free from the traditional factory network architecture. In the intelligent manufacturing scenario, robots have the ability to organize and collaborate, and can handle differentiated services flexibly and efficiently. At the same time, cloud technology robots move a large number of computing functions and data storage functions to the cloud, which can greatly reduce the hardware cost and power consumption of the robot itself.

5G collaboration to help flexible production  


5G technology supports flexible intelligent manufacturing scenarios and builds a unified interconnected environment. 5G has the characteristics of large bandwidth. After the deployment of 5G network, the number of networkable devices will increase by 10 to 100 times; at the same time, 5G network supports 99.9999% connection reliability and lower latency; 5G slicing network can provide end-to-end for cloud robots End-to-end customized network service support enables robots to have self-organization and collaboration capabilities.

5G improves the flexible deployment capability of production lines. The 5G network enters the factory, which frees the equipment on the production line from the shackles of wired connection. Through the wireless connection with the cloud platform, the function expansion and free movement can be carried out, and the flexible transformation of the production line can be realized in a short period of time.

5G provides flexible network deployment methods. The network slicing function, SDN (Software Defined Network), and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) of 5G networks can support manufacturing enterprises to arrange network architectures according to different industrial scenarios, deploy dedicated transmission networks on demand, and provide suitable services for different production links. Network control function.


Guanghetong 5G module, blessing industrial flexible production



A variety of 5G modules based on multi-core platforms of Guanghetong can be built into automated process equipment such as CNC machine tools or industrial-grade gateways to realize wireless device connection. Taking CNC machine tools as an example, CNC machine tools and other automated process equipment, automatic material storage and transportation equipment are connected to the 5G network through the built-in 5G module of Guanghetong or the deployment of 5G industrial gateways, etc., to realize the wireless connection of equipment and greatly reduce the layout of network cables. Cost and shorten the production line adjustment time.Through the combination of 5G network and multi-access edge computing (MEC) system, the limitations of traditional WiFi and 4G networks can be solved, and flexible manufacturing applications can be deployed to meet the requirements of real-time control, data integration and interoperability, Key requirements such as security and privacy protection, support the rapid reconfiguration of the production line according to production requirements, and realize the rapid configuration and optimization of the same production line according to the market demand for different products.

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