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40 years of Zhongguancun

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40 years later, looking back on the legend of Zhongguancun, we still have to start with Chen Chunxian.

In 1978, when the Chinese Physics delegation visited the United States, Chen Chunxian, a fusion expert at the Institute of physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was among the people who got off the plane's hanging ladder. This year,He has just won the first prize at the National Science Conference and, together with Chen Jingrun and others, has been exceptionally promoted to the youngest positive researcher in China.

If there are four seasons in life and national fortune, it can be called "spring".

At that time, the United States was still an imperialist country that was "decadent, declining and about to collapse" in the eyes of the Chinese people. But turning down along Boston highway 128 and San Francisco Silicon Valley, Chen Chunxian saw thousands of companies founded by professors, college students and engineers, as well as high-tech industrial clusters built by them.

An American professor can supply NASA and global nuclear laboratories with only a small permanent magnet company of 20 people. The high degree of synergy between technology and business can produce such amazing productivity.Chen Chunxian deeply realized that this is the ultimate mystery of the strength of American economy, science and technology.

In the 1960s, the "time difference" between China and the United States in developing the first laser was only half a year; 20 years later, the United States has a strong laser industry, and China's scientific research achievements are still lying in the laboratory.

Thinking of these gaps, Chen Chunxian's heart ached faintly, and "ZhongGuanCun" came to mind.

In that year, Haidian District of Beijing gathered more than 30 top universities and more than 130 scientific research institutes in China, and the talent intensity was no less than that of Silicon Valley. In 1980, when Chen Chunxian told the audience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Beijing Association for science and technology about the "report on visit to the United States", he said enlighteningly that "as long as we change our ideas, we can do it", and boldly announced that we would establish a "Silicon Valley company".

Only three years after the end of the "Cultural Revolution", Chen Chunxian dared to say such words. Some people thought he was crazy.

Chen Chunxian is even crazier than these people think: he decided on one"Two no four self"Principles: do not allocate funds from the state, do not occupy the national establishment, freely combine, raise funds, operate independently, and be responsible for their own profits and losses.

This later became a model for numerous Zhongguancun companies to follow, but at that time, let alone the Chinese Academy of Sciences, there was no such precedent in China. Chen Chunxian opened the company's report to the Institute of physics, but the stone sank into the sea.

Fortunately, a key person named Zhao Qiqiu soon came.

As the head of the Consulting Department of Beijing Association for science and technology, Zhao Qiqiu was surrounded by Chen Chunxian at the scene of the "report on visit to the United States". She clearly knows that this "company" can not be opened, but she can use Chen Chunxian's identity as vice president of the plasma society to set up a "service department" first, which will be approved and funded by the Beijing Association for science and technology, and then engraved with the official seal of the public security Bureau and opened an account in the bank.

A "curve to save the country" and the "service department" opened.

On October 23, 1980, Chen Chunxian, Ji Shiying and others cleaned up an abandoned warehouse of the Institute of physics and established the "service department". This day is recognized as the birth day of Zhongguancun company.

But at the same time, Chen Chunxian's "small report" of "corroding the scientific and technological team and occupying public houses" also reached the leaders of the Institute of physics. The evidence of its corrosion is that each warehouse sweeper received an extra 5 yuan for meals.

Everyone is watching, hesitating and watching jokes, but Chen Chunxian keeps up.

He went to the United States, inverted chips, built a batch of nuclear fusion power switches, and made 30000 yuan; He held training courses to teach unemployed youth electronic technology and became the "Huangpu [敏感词] Academy" of the "electronic street" in the future.

People were surprised that the service department had made money, but they couldn't bear to see that Chen Chunxian gave employees an extra allowance of 7-15 yuan a month, which was equivalent to a salary increase of 1-2 levels. There are more rumors: the service department sells products to the Physics Institute, which is "harming the public and enriching the private"; Sold to other units, a typical "eat inside and eat outside".

Soon, the leaders of the Institute of physics began to be unable to bear the public opinion, and some people themselves envied, envied and hated.They publicly criticized Chen Chunxian, Ji Shiying and others for "not doing their jobs, devious ways and corrupting cadres", and then decided to file a case for investigation against the service department.

Defamation, audit and detention followed.People realize that Chen Chunxian will not only be punished, but also be imprisoned.Hundreds of people in the service department dispersed in a crowd, and only Ji Shiying followed them to death.

It was Zhao Qiqiu, an "outsider", who ran to the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to cry out for Chen Chunxian. But it didn't help.

Her sad talk to her husband Zhou Hongshu attracted the attention of the vice president of the Beijing Branch of Xinhua news agency. As a result, Chen Chunxian's experience was published in the domestic dynamic sample on January 6, 1983.

This confidential internal reference directly submitted to the central leadership reversed Chen Chunxian's fate.The next day, Chen Chunxian's review was stopped, and the practice of the service department won the appreciation and encouragement of the central government.

In April 1983, Chen Chunxian simply had more courage and founded the "Huaxia Institute of new technology development" and its subordinate "Huaxia electric appliance company", which completely broke through the institutional obstacles and became China's first "technology, industry and trade" enterprise.

However, the mission entrusted to Chen Chunxian by history seems to come to an abrupt end.

Since then, Chen Chunxian has founded more than 20 companies and experienced countless hardships such as project failure, trade disputes and illegal detention. Not only did he not accumulate wealth, but also because he lost the welfare treatment in the system, the evening scene was quite bleak.

On August 10, 2004, Chen Chunxian, 70, passed away. He donated his cornea and left his last wish of "leaving the light to future generations".

The "first person in ZhongGuanCun" with great wisdom and courage is not rich, but he took the lead in breaking the ice of the times. When the Chinese mind was still confined in the dark, he illuminated the future of Zhongguancun with his own eyes and courage.


At the same time as Chen Chunxian, there is also a landmark: Wang Hongde.

It was their "rebellion" that led to the era of "two links and two seas" in Zhongguancun.

At the end of 1982, at a meeting of the Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Hongde, a "rightist", suddenly stood up: "if you can't hire me, borrow me! If you can't borrow me, transfer me! If you can't transfer me, resign! If you can't resign, fire me!"

With that, he brushed away.

In that year, Wang Hongde created the Beijing sea by "five walks", which caused a sensation in Beijing.

This is also the release and outbreak of suffocation.

In 1979, in order to solve the problem of educated youth employment, Wang Hongde pulled up a team in the Educated Youth Society of the Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, specializing in the installation of computer room engineering. He made a big profit of 600000 a year, which caused a sensation in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and attracted the review of the Bureau of industry and Commerce and the Commission for Discipline Inspection.

He said in tears: "our new products fill the gap in the country, or we will import them from abroad. They not only create benefits, but also solve employment. Why should I be guilty?" But the Commission for Discipline Inspection insisted on investigating to the end.

In August 1983, 46 year old Wang Hongde couldn't bear it, so he angrily created "Jinghai", and his entrepreneurship was much smoother and more successful than Chen Chunxian.

He borrowed 10000 yuan from the educated youth society. As soon as he opened an account in the bank, he won a computer transformation project in Peking University. The Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese computer company and other Chinese prefixes all bid, but the people of Peking University only trust him, Wang Hongde.

This project makes Jinghai earn 90000 yuan, which can't be collected from now on.With excellent project quality, orders for major projects such as COSCO, the State Planning Commission and the Beijing [敏感词] Region poured in. In 1987, the total output value of Beijing and Hainan exceeded 130 million, ranking the top in China's computer room industry.

The pioneering feats of Chen Chunxian and Wang Hongde hurt the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Haidian District,"Scientific and technological personnel can run enterprises, why can't the government do it?Seeing the reduction of scientific research funds, the Planning Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Haidian District decided to cooperate to dig out 100000 yuan from the "new vegetable field reconstruction fund" to establish a "Kehai" jointly run by officials and people.

Kehai was founded in the hope that the scientific research achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences can be popularized and applied in enterprises in Haidian District. More than 20 new technologies have been brought out, but the success rate is very low. For example, the artificial marble of the Institute of chemistry was taken to the bakery as a decorative wall. As a result, the room temperature changed its shape. The enterprise thinks that the technology is unreliable, and the chemical institute thinks that the enterprise has poor quality and does not know how to control the curing temperature.

Moreover, the two sides dislike each other and can't talk about it.

With such a mentality, Kehai didn't go too far. Although it launched China's earliest computer Chinese character device, air humidifier and financial management system, it won many first places in China and made some money.

However, the successive attempts of Jinghai and Kehai have made the minds of more researchers vivid. They wanted to go to the sea, but they didn't have the money. Seeing their readiness and wanting to do some industry, Sijiqing Township, Haidian District, decided to invest and cooperate.

On May 16, 1984, the stone link was established in the conference room of Sijiqing Township,The village invested 20000 yuan and invited Yu Guangyuan, a famous economist, to be the honorary chairman of the board. "Four" is taken from the four seasons green, and "Tong" means "extending in all directions"; "Stone" in English means stone, which is interpreted as:If you do well, you will become a diamond. If you don't, you will be willing to pawn the paving stone.

The first business of stone came from the computing center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a group of Japanese printers that could not be printed in Chinese and sold. They spent 400 yuan to hire a programmer and wrote a set of printing Chinese software. As a result, they were quickly out of stock, and the company made a big profit of 200000.

Along this road of wealth, stone found that units usually buy computers only for printing, but "computer printers" cost 50000 yuan. If we can create a cheap all-in-one printing machine, there must be a market.

In 1985, the Sitong ms-2400 Chinese and English typewriter was born. A group of scientific and technological workers who had not seen much money made great efforts to offer a high price of 89000 yuan, which could not stop the surging orders. In one year, the company took 30 million yuan and broke 100 million yuan the next year.

In July 1993, Sitong electronics became the first share of private enterprises listed in Hong Kong in Beijing.

In its heyday, the stone family accounted for 60% of the tax in Zhongguancun. The overpass on the south side of Renmin University was named "stone bridge", eclipsing Lenovo and founder.

However, in 1997, a financial fraud caused the four links to incur 240 million liabilities, and only in 2002 did it get out of trouble. Although a big dark horse like Sina was thrown during the period, after that,The four links made a series of tricks. First, they took over Shi Yuzhu's brain platinum, and then followed Huang Guangyu in real estate,Finally, in the tide of the new era, the glory is no longer.

It was Xintong that once danced on the same stage with the four links. This is the first joint-stock enterprise in Zhongguancun,The Institute of computing, scientific instrument factory and Haidian District invested 1 million respectively and opened in November 1984.

The first pot of gold of Xintong comes from the anti-interference regulated power supply of the Institute of computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Relying on the industrialization of the technology that won the science award, he made 120000 in that year.

But ICT is not a visionary enterprise.

That year, it first invited Ni Guangnan to produce 100 Hanka and agreed to share it with the Institute. As a result, the calculation Institute sold 93 yuan and Xintong only sold 7 yuan. According to this, the calculation Institute divided the big head, and Xintong insisted on half and half.

Finally, Xintong got the hammer by seeking the hammer, which achieved Lenovo's great cause of Hanka in the future.

Since then, the performance of ICT once topped the "two links and two seas". However, in the early 1990s, the first one fell down in Zhongguancun because of the east window incident of a 70 million smuggling case.


1984 is known as the "turning point year" of Zhongguancun.

This year, in addition to the "two seas and two links", there were later famous associations.

Liu Chuanzhi admitted that he was inspired by Chen Chunxian's deeds and had the idea of starting a business: "hold it too long, the opportunity comes, and I especially want to do something!"

On October 17, 1984, Lenovo's predecessor, the new technology development company of the Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, held its first meeting in a dusty reception room.The company has only two or three benches, desks and 200000 start-up expenses. Everyone was talking and felt that the top priority was to make the first money quickly. However, Liu Chuanzhi has a sad face and has no bottom for the future.

There is a reason to worry.This year, the financial allocation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences decreased sharply by 20% and is expected to be cancelled in five years.It will be a problem for 1500 people in the calculation Institute to eat. The wonder soldier in the Institute is hoping to find a way to live. At this time, "two connections and two seas" have made a lot of money in the electronic street. Their families are still like headless flies. How can they not worry.

The opportunity soon came.According to "reliable" news, in the hands of a woman in the distant "Jiangxi women's Federation", there are a number of color TV sets to be sold.This is the most popular product in those years. You can make a net profit of thousands per unitBlock.A large sum of money was waving. Liu Chuanzhi urged him to inspect the goods first and then give the money. As a result, he was cheated out of 140000 in one breath.

That year, Liu Chuanzhi earned 78 yuan a month. The swindler cheated him out of his 150 year salary.

Liu Chuanzhi, who is in trouble, does not know how to turn defeat into victory. He had no choice but to take people to sell electronic watches, roller skates and sweatshirts on the roadside to plug the hole.

"Two connections and two seas" make tens of millions of money a year, and the 40 year old set up his own stall.This is an extremely embarrassing thing. Liu Chuanzhi bit his teeth and dried it. No matter how big his heart is, he can't imagine that he will buy the global PC business of "blue giant" in 20 years.

Inadvertently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences saved the mourning Soldier: the Academy imported 500 IBM computers to be distributed to scientific research institutes. Liu Chuanzhi got the news, put down his stall and went straight to the equipment department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, seizing the business of computer acceptance, training and maintenance. A group of people took three rounds on their shoulders and earned 700000 from this business.

This is Lenovo's first pot of gold and the beginning of the legend of Zhongguancun.


In May 1988, Beijing new technology industrial development pilot zone was approved and "ZhongGuanCun" was officially born.

The upsurge of entrepreneurship, which has been suppressed for more than ten years, gushed out.

In 1988, Wang Xin resolutely bid farewell to Lenovo and saved his first pot of gold by reselling software in Zhongguancun. In 1993, he joined hands with Liu Xu, China's top anti-virus expert, to establish a well-known company, Ruixing.

In 1986, when Ni Guangnan's Lenovo Hanka sold crazy, "China's first programmer" Qiu Bojun also came to ZhongGuanCun.After three outbreaks of liver disease, he made WPS on his own in the hospital bed, sweeping the whole text software market. The reason why he is so desperate is that he recognizes a death reason:"No nation in the world is willing to build the software industry as the soul of the information industry entirely on the wisdom of others."

In 1988, Guo Wei, who was "fooled" into Lenovo by Liu Chuanzhi, first figured out"What will the world be like if human beings lose association?"The advertisement changed the "second prize" of the national science and technology progress award published in the people's daily and won by Lenovo Hanka into "first prize"; Sun Hongbin, who joined Lenovo in the same year, also "corrected" his Shanxi accent under the guidance of Liu Chuanzhi, and was sent to the class room two years later;The real person in charge of Lenovo's future is still catching up with his graduation thesis at the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

This year, Wang Wenjing, who was in the organ affairs administration of the State Council, also inspired by Liu Chuanzhi's entrepreneurial deeds, threw away his "golden rice bowl" and entered Zhongguancun. He and his partner Su Qiqiang founded UFIDA with 50000 yuan. When UFIDA went public in 2001, Wang Wenjing, who was worth 5 billion, was only 36 years old.

Su Qiqiang didn't wait for UFIDA to go public.

In 1993, he parted ways with Wang Wenjing. In 1994, with Wang Wenjing's money to buy back his equity, he founded "Lianbang software", which became a genuine software store with outlets all over China. In Zhongguancun, where countless women holding children asked you "do you want CDs", he became a clear stream.

In 1995, yinghaiwei erected the billboard "how far is the Chinese from the information highway, 1500 meters north", announcing the arrival of the Internet in Zhongguancun.

This year, Ma Yun, who created the "yellow pages of China", came to yinghaiwei as a pilgrimage to visit his idol Zhang Shuxin, but was only received for half an hour.After coming out, Ma Yun stared at yinghaiwei's billboard and said, "if someone dies on the Internet, Zhang Shuxin must die earlier than me."

Later, he found someone from the sports committee and said that the Olympic Games were about to open, and our Chinese Web page could not be empty; However, the person who reluctantly received him did not know what he was talking about, but stressed that it was not in line with the rules to come to the door without making an appointment.

People's actual experience of the network comes more from Feiyu Internet cafe of coal miner Wang Yuesheng. College students completely fell in front of the Internet and games. At the peak, 1800 computers were harvested day and night, making Zhongguancun a success"Feiyu Internet cafe Street"The reputation of.

With the singing of "meet in 1998", Zhongguancun began to rise together.

This year, Qiu Bojun's Beijing Jinshan is facing life and death. Previously, he made every effort to develop and challenge Microsoft's office software "Pangu", which suffered a heavy blow. Even if he sold the villa, he was unable to return to the sky.At the critical moment, Lenovo injected $9 million to make it survive.

Yang Yuanqing, who joined Jinshan, was full of ambition. Together with Qiu Bojun, he recognized the Pearl and entrusted Lei Jun with the responsibility of general manager of Jinshan.At this time, Lei Jun was planning to pocket Zhang Xiaolong's Foxmail with 150000, but he was entangled by the appointment of the general manager, and finally missed Zhang Xiaolong, who built wechat in the future.

This year,Zhou Hongyi, the "founder's best programmer", just married Hu Huan, the "flower of Founder", and founded "3721" on March 21.In the next 19 years, "cardinal" fought with all the strong men in the Internet circle, but he was determined not to forget the wife's words in the entrepreneurial era: "you do it, I work to earn money for you to eat."

It was also this year that Dr. Zhang Chaoyang, who studied in the United States at Tsinghua University, brought Sohu and venture capital into the village.

A few blocks away, Liu qiangdong cleaned the counter he had just rented, and Jingdong new media, which sells CD recorders, quietly opened a ticket.

Liu Qiangdong's CD-ROM hasn't been sold yet. In 1999, Robin Li ran to San Francisco to pull the wind and go all the way. Looking forward to starting a business with $1 million, he was forced to pay $1.2 million.It was Christmas, Peking University Resources Hotel put up a sign with two big words: Baidu.

Also this year, Su Qiqiang put Wang Juntao, the franchisee of Lianbang software(Net name Lao Rong)Please go to ZhongGuanCun and set up the famous e-commerce website "8848".Previously, Lao Rong's online article "no tears in Jinzhou, Dalian" won the tears of netizens all over the country, and easily brought fire to a website called "Sina" in the future.

At this time, Ma Yun ended his depression and hesitation in Beijing. But when he returned to Hangzhou to run Alibaba, he did not know how to survive. In 2000, the transaction volume of 8848 had reached 2.6 billion, almost realizing the monopoly of China's e-commerce. But later, 8848 fell apart, and Ma Yun really pushed the 10000 ton ship onto Everest.

How many people have boldly imagined that if 8848 succeeds, where will Ali go today? He also kept asking: Why did 8848 fail, but Ma Yun did.

But this is ZhongGuanCun, this is high technology.


In 1992, Feng Jun, who graduated from the Department of civil engineering of Tsinghua University, rented half the counter of Zhongguancun Sihai electronic market with 220 yuan in his pocket, and then rode a tricycle full of keyboards and chassis to sell one by one along the shops every day.

He walked into the shop with his keyboard and case, smiled at each boss and repeated the same words:“I only earn you 5 yuan.If you can't sell it within a month, I guarantee a refund. You see, I come every day and won't run away. "

From the beginning, he was directly kicked out of the door to being brainwashed by "I only earn you 5 yuan" every day. The stall owners lost in front of Feng Jun's will to wear through water and stone. They took the keyboard and chassis from him and gave him a nickname"Feng Wuyuan".

Later, Feng Jun's company had a loud brand - patriot. The electronic market he started, which can be called a mixture of good and bad people, is the most grounded vitality of Zhongguancun.

The four seas market reconstructed from the vegetable market was the best-selling office automation products such as computers and printers at first; Later, the business of buying accessories, saving computers and installing systems was the most prosperous, which attracted a sea of people everywhere.

Zhongguancun electronic market began to gain fame.

In the 1990s, the hot business blocked Zhongguancun. In 1997, the Beijing Municipal Government ruthlessly cut down a large number of trees. Just after widening the road, the village opened a roadKeyuan, CNOOC, Silicon Valley, Hailong, PacificAnd so on.Pentium processor windows operating system has become the standard configuration of computers, and the electronic market has entered the Pentium era.

Migrant farmers, laid-off workers, poor college students, frustrated technicians... People poured into Zhongguancun, turning the dilapidated small counter into a rising heroic land, dreaming of becoming "Feng Wukuai".

When Zhou Hongyi fell in love, he pulled Hu Huan to and fro in the electronic market. After shopping, Zhou Hongyi patted his chest and assured him: "I'm sure I can make money, that is, I save machines. My level is the highest."

It was a time of explosive growth.

In May 1999, as soon as the Hailong building in Zhongguancun opened, the shops were looted, and in the twinkling of an eye, the average daily passenger flow was 30000 or 40000. In the crowded crowd, there are all kinds of brands and accessories. Whether it's saving hard money or changing hands to sell shops, there are many people with a monthly income of tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands.

The surging flow of people, rising rents and hot market have won the reputation of "China's Silicon Valley" for Zhongguancun electronic market, but they have gradually degenerated into the base camp of swindlers.

The miracles of cheating such as thousand yuan film, ten thousand yuan mouse and tens of thousands of Yuan fake books are constantly performed in the electronic market.

Consumers encounter the most is the "machine change" routine: do you want 7000 yuan of a notebook? no problem! As soon as it is turned on, it will continue to blue screen and restart. The technicians are "good words and advice": change the B model. The price is the same and the performance is much stronger. The user exchanged it for a look, and it was more stable and smooth. As everyone knows, model B is only 5000 yuan.

Because there are too many abductions, netizens spontaneously summed upZhongguancun fraud prevention manual.Even so, real parallel goods, fake memory and refurbished machines are hard to prevent, "old bird" will look out of sight, and "Xiaobai" will only be cheated into "returning with a full load".

It's not that no one asks for an explanation, but we have to ask ourselves if ye man has the ability to "beat ten one". Black shopping guides who shout "110 we all know" are the most polite; Those who come up to break the bridge of their nose and beat and cut people are the dark ones in Zhongguancun.

According to the statistics of Zhongguancun police station, in 2010, there were 3527 alarm disputes in Hailong, Dinghao and e world stores alone, and 764 black shopping guides were arrested. In 2011, Zhongguancun was on the list of the "top ten public security chaos points in Beijing" officially announced.

Such chaos make complaints about the capital people.com.cn students in Beijing's leadership message board on the people's website."I want to know why there are so many cheaters and cheated for so many years in Zhongguancun e-store? Why can't the government manage it?"

Of course the government is in charge. In 2009, Haidian District put together 31 departments such as industry and commerce, taxation and public security to form the coordination and Management Committee of Zhongguancun West District. The working group settled in the store for comprehensive improvement. But the chaos is too dense and complicated to manage in the end.

Do not live in sinIn 2011, the Pacific officially closed, ringing the death knell of electronic storesTheir grave digger is Liu qiangdong who came out from there

In 1998, 24-year-old Liu qiangdong came to ZhongGuanCun and won a reputation for genuine goods. He started his family by selling CD recorders. When SARS struck in 2003, he had no choice but to switch to the Internet,Founded Jingdong Mall, but the trick hit the key of the electronic store: your price fraud, my price transparency; Your fakes are rampant, and I guarantee the authenticity; You beat the customer, I guarantee return and replacement

It was"Huaqiang in the South and Zhongguancun in the north".

Today, Zhongguancun electronic store no longer exists.

Liu qiangdong finally moved Jingdong away from Zhongguancun and left an enlightening sentence:"Jingdong revolution didn't kill you, but yourself! Ask your heart, how many cheating activities have you done? How many parallel and fake goods have you sold? How many customers have you beaten? This is karma!"

The noisy reincarnation of more than 30 years confirms one point:Even if you sell CDs and earn five yuan, you should abide by the most basic business path.


In those years when Jingdong was crazy about electronic stores, it also beat up online bookstores such as Dangdang and Excellence Amazon. But what really lies down is Haidian Book City, the "cultural landmark of Beijing".

On May 7, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang suddenly came here. He walked into the cafe, ordered a cup of Vanilla Cappuccino, and read out the slogan "life is endless and tossing" on the cup in his laughter with entrepreneurs.

On this day, in addition to the "Premier's same money" coffee, the "opinions of the State Council on vigorously developing e-commerce and accelerating the cultivation of new economic power", as well as a wave of favorable policies such as "19 articles for Industry and commerce", "12 articles for food and medicine" and "new deal for foreign talents" in Zhongguancun.

Zhongguancun has ushered in a new era of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation".

Among the factors that triggered this change, we can't get aroundGarage coffee.

In 2010, Su Di, acting as the investment director of a company, found that in the vast Beijing, watching investment projects has become a manual labor: it is efficient to see three or four projects on the road most of the time every day.

He thought with an open mind whether to set up an entrepreneur concentration camp?

The bleak Haidian book city fell into Su's eyes. Among them, he especially liked a large Internet cafe with large area, poor Feng Shui and no business, and transformed it into garage coffee. "Garage" comes from the American "garage culture" that created Google, Microsoft and Youtube.SUDI has great ambitions and hopes that the greatest company in China in the future will be born here.

It's not easy to find the garage.

When entering the first floor, people have to cross a corridor in the dark; On the second floor, I saw a sudden bright, metaphorical of the dark twists and turns of entrepreneurship. Because it is remote, it is cheap; But SUDI's deeper idea is to filter out lovers and individual tourists and focus on serving entrepreneurs.

When everything is ready, everything is difficult at the beginning. The 800 square meter place was empty, and SUDI even caught a team of acquaintances to warm up. The entrepreneurial team was so poor that they didn't even order a cup of coffee and drink free lemonade for 15 days.

Seeing that both the garage coffee and the entrepreneurial team wanted yellow, Su Di invited Lin Xinhe, former CEO of sina and co-founder of DCM, to take the palm of his hand.With the introduction of Su Di, this entrepreneurial team without ppt won Lin Xinhe's 2 million financing.

The news, like a nuclear bomb, detonated the venture capital circle. The popularity of garage coffee soared and entrepreneurs flocked to it.

Entrepreneurs without capital and background soon found the beauty of garage coffee.Order a cup of 20 yuan coffee, you can enjoy a day's office environment and 1g fast network; Pay another 30 yuan and spend the night on the sofa. A five person team is stationed here. The office "monthly rent" is only 3000 yuan. In Zhongguancun, where an inch of land and an inch of gold, this is the price of cabbage.

With more and more people, Zhongguancun Management Committee and large enterprises also responded positively. Through the garage, the entrepreneurial team can take the green channel to register the company; In addition, Microsoft gives 3-year genuine, Alibaba gives free cloud storage, and ABC has comprehensive financial services... After a series of "benefits", the garage can provide more than 300 comprehensive entrepreneurship services.

But none of these are the deadliest attractions of garage coffee.

The entrepreneurial team has successfully attracted more than 200 venture capital institutions.Lei Jun, Xu Xiaoping(Zhenge fund), Wang Jing(Dangerous peak Huaxing), Liu Yiang(Qingke venture capital)And other big men, who haunted here regularly, jokingly called "sitting on the stage". Well known enterprises such as Didi, ofo, aunt Mody and magic man camera also incubated and grew in garage coffee, making them famous.

In March 2013, the 200m pedestrian road was officially transformed into Zhongguancun Chuangye street.

As a result, more than 30 incubators such as 3W coffee, binggo coffee and 36 krypton have madly settled in; All kinds of entrepreneurs travel here, mixing circles, meeting celebrities, talking about projects and doing roadshows. They all dream of turning into unicorns and subverting bat, which also creates a unique "21-year-old entrepreneurship phenomenon" here.

The pioneering predecessors in Zhongguancun are more vigorous.

Whether they are diligent in creating wealth or ringing the bell to cash out, most of them feel not excited and stimulated in the happy life of yacht champagne. So he rushed into the cafe, incarnated as an investor, cried and shouted and invested in the new economic tide.Their personal adventure, knowledge experience and spiritual charm, together with their majestic capital, have been injected into the soul of innovative enterprises.

A few years ago, o2o, P2P, big data and mobile Internet were still outlets; In the twinkling of an eye, VR, AI, blockchain and driverless have become popular again. The cold winter of capital comes and goes, and the entrepreneurial coffee is hot and cold,The depth of this street has far exceeded the appearance of 200 meters. It has not only become the wind vane and thermometer of China's entrepreneurship and innovation, but also extended the entrepreneurial spirit of ZhongGuanCun to the world.


40 years, a flick of the finger.

Today, walk to Chuangye street from Zhongguancun station of Beijing Metro Line 4, and you can look up to the changing history of Zhongguancun.

At the intersection of Haidian Street, stands the benchmark stone building of the first generation of enterprises in Zhongguancun; To the north, passing through Hailong building and Dinghao mall, the electronic store has been crowded; In the innovation building and ideal international building to the west, iqiyi, Sina and other Internet heroes are still elegant; Turning into Haohai tower and entering Chuangye street, the infinite future of ZhongGuanCun is surging in the garage coffee.

Zhichun Road not far away is the epitome of the era of China's Internet. Sina, excellence, meituan and today's headlines all come from this; Lei Jun entered Jinshan, invested in ordinary customers and created Xiaomi. His glory has risen and fallen for decades, and he has never left this slap in the face place.

As China's first national high-tech zone and independent innovation demonstration zone, Zhongguancun has gone beyond the geographical scope and become the largest brand of scientific and technological innovation in China.

Today, Zhongguancun, a "one district and sixteen parks", has gathered 10000 angel investments, 20000 innovative enterprises and 30000 overseas returnees, contributing a quarter of Beijing's GDP and the total income of enterprises has exceeded 5 trillion; Among them, there are 321 listed companies and 70 "unicorns", accounting for half of China's "unicorn" enterprises. In 2017, there were 74000 patent applications and 43000 licenses in Zhongguancun, which was praised by Forbes as the "world's largest science and technology center" comparable to Silicon Valley.

The "ZhongGuanCun index", as an innovation vane, shows that the investment per square kilometer of Zhongguancun has surpassed that of Silicon Valley.

A large number of emerging technology enterprises shine:The AI and AR chips of Cambrian, Huajie and Amy, the intelligent recognition of Shangtang, Kuangshi and horizon, the automatic driving of Baidu and Yushi technology, the new anti-cancer drug of Baiji Shenzhou, the large titanium alloy 3D printing of AVIC laser, and the flexible display of BOE... Are changing the face of China's Science and technology industry.

Chen Chunxian may not have expected that the entrepreneurial spark he ignited in those years has already burst into the sky and started a prairie fire.

After 40 years of reform and opening up, someone said with infinite emotion:Rural reform is the first pioneer in Xiaogang Village, and Zhongguancun bears the brunt in the field of science and technology.This city of science and technology will become a permanent place of air outlet.

Premier Li Keqiang's evaluation of ZhongGuanCun is even more enlightening: "ZhongGuanCun is full of vitality and vitality, contains great potential, and shows the infinite creativity of our Chinese nation and even all mankind."

Ji Shiying, who has experienced Zhongguancun for 40 years and co founded the "service department" with Chen Chunxian, said:"The history of ZhongGuanCun is jointly created by winners and losers. We must not forget those who failed."

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