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An exclusive interview with Zhao Dachun during the two sessions: promoting 5g + Beidou high-precision positioning system to better enable thousands of industries

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Beidou system is a space-time infrastructure independently built and operated by the state with the focus on the needs of security and economic and social development. Through the integration of 5g and Beidou technology, it realizes the interconnection and accurate coordination of all things, and provides highly reliable space-time information services to the society.

China has fully implemented the Beidou development and new infrastructure strategy, and has built the world's largest 5g Beidou high-precision positioning system.

In order to better empower thousands of industries, Zhao Dachun, deputy to the National People's Congress and deputy general manager of China Mobile, put forward suggestions from many aspects to increase the promotion and application of 5g Beidou high-precision positioning in the fields of automatic driving, smart port and navigation, smart civil aviation, UAV, surveying and mapping, disaster prevention and mitigation, shared travel and mass consumption.  



5g Beidou strongly supports social digital transformation

In 2020, Beidou system will realize global networking and provide positioning and navigation services for global users. The global positioning accuracy can reach five to ten meters and the timing accuracy can reach ten to twenty nanoseconds.

Zhao Dachun said that "5g Beidou" will become one of the most important infrastructures in the intelligent era.

The proposal of the CPC Central Committee on the 14th five year plan and the long-term goal of 2035 clearly points out that we should systematically layout new infrastructure, accelerate 5g construction, and implement major projects such as Beidou industrialization.

As a new generation of information technology, 5g has the technical characteristics of large bandwidth, low delay and wide connection. Beidou system has the capabilities of navigation, positioning, timing and short message communication.

The integration of 5g and Beidou can realize the integration of heaven and earth, communication and guidance, promote the intelligent connection and accurate coordination of all things, and will become an indispensable support for the new infrastructure to move towards digitization and intelligence and realize upgrading.

Zhao Dachun introduced that by building Beidou foundation enhanced reference station and using 5g and other mobile communication networks, users in the coverage area of Beidou reference station network can be provided with dynamic sub meter level, centimeter level and static millimeter level high-precision positioning services.

In the traditional field, 5g Beidou high-precision positioning can be used in engineering construction, surveying and mapping, environmental monitoring, wharf loading and unloading, airport dispatching and other fields; In emerging fields, Beidou integrated innovative applications such as automatic driving, intelligent transportation, intelligent logistics, precision agriculture, UAV and mobile phone high-precision positioning have developed rapidly.

The high-precision positioning infrastructure integrating 5g and Beidou will effectively promote the synchronous promotion of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, and help the construction of Digital China.

5g Beidou has made positive progress in high-precision positioning

Zhao Dachun said that at present, China's 5g Beidou high-precision positioning has made positive progress in infrastructure construction, integrated application and ecological construction.

First, build the world's largest 5g Beidou high-precision positioning system.

China has fully implemented the Beidou development strategy and the new infrastructure strategy, and actively carried out the construction of 5g base stations and Beidou foundation enhanced reference stations. By December 2020, the three operators had built and opened more than 710000 5g base stations nationwide, providing 5g services for all prefecture level cities and some key counties in China.

Several domestic units have started the construction of Beidou foundation enhanced reference stations. Among them, relying on the existing 5g base station site, China Mobile has built more than 4000 Beidou foundation enhanced reference stations nationwide, built the world's largest 5g Beidou high-precision positioning system, and can provide high-precision positioning services for the vast areas of 31 provinces (autonomous regions and cities) in China.

Second, the integration of application scenarios has been steadily expanded, and the application demonstration effect has begun to show.

5g Beidou high-precision positioning technology is integrated into the national core infrastructure by cooperating with other technologies such as big data, cloud computing and the Internet of things. It has been applied in monitoring and detection, automatic driving, surveying and mapping, smart port and navigation and other scenarios. COSCO Shipping, SAIC Group and Dongfeng Group have actively built a number of high-precision positioning application demonstrations nationwide.

For example, in Shanghai, an intelligent container truck formation of Donghai Bridge Yangshan Port was built, which realized the commercial landing of 5g automatic driving heavy truck for the first time in the world; In Wuhan, Hubei Province, the largest intelligent network connection demonstration project in China has been built, with an area of 21 square kilometers and 26 kilometers of 5g smart road; In Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, 5g smart intersection of high-speed rail new town has been built, and multi service verification of vehicle road coordination based on 5g wireless air interface in China has been realized; In Nanning, Guangxi, the country's first 5g Beidou precise positioning integration application project in the field of slope detection has been created.

Third, the industrial chain is widely coordinated, and the industrial ecology is preliminarily established.

5g Beidou integrated application is entering thousands of industries, including transportation, surveying and mapping, disaster prevention and mitigation, public security, agricultural production and other fields, serving important national infrastructure. The Ministry of transport and other ministries and commissions issued relevant guidance and proposed to continuously promote the in-depth application of Beidou high-precision positioning technology in the transportation industry and guide the implementation of the strategy of building a strong transportation country.

Under the guidance of SASAC, central enterprises jointly initiated the establishment of the central enterprise Beidou industry collaborative development platform and the special committee for "Beidou integration and innovation", and jointly promoted the benign interaction and innovative development of 5g Beidou high-precision positioning industry with ecological partners, so as to jointly promote the large-scale, characteristic and industrialization of Beidou applications.

Promote the deep integration of Beidou and 5g industries

Although some progress has been made, Zhao Dachun admits that 5g Beidou's high-precision positioning still faces some problems and challenges, such as the integration and sharing of infrastructure resources, the lack of corresponding industry standards and supporting development policies, and the imperfect industrial chain. In order to better promote large-scale development and accelerate industrial digital transformation, he put forward three suggestions.

First, strengthen the national top-level design of 5g Beidou high-precision positioning and build strong infrastructure.

First, improve the national comprehensive space-time infrastructure planning with 5g and Beidou as the core, incorporate the high-precision positioning of 5g Beidou into the outline and special planning of the national and local "14th five year plan", and form a national comprehensive space-time infrastructure planning system with integration and unified connection.

Second, based on the actual development of 5g and Beidou and China's basic national conditions, establish a work coordination mechanism between government departments, military and local governments, and issue laws and regulations on the construction, sharing and protection of 5g Beidou infrastructure at the national level.

Third, carry out resource integration and unified management of the existing 5g Beidou infrastructure, further strengthen the qualification requirements and audit management of construction and operation units, ensure national security and long-term interests, establish perfect 5g Beidou standards, specifications and quality evaluation system, and strengthen China's international leading advantage.

Secondly, accelerate the formulation of 5g Beidou high-precision positioning industrial integration development policy to promote industrial development.

First, integrate the 5g Beidou high-precision positioning integration application into the planning of key industries such as transportation, energy, industry and agriculture, and issue 5g Beidou high-precision positioning guidance to realize scientific layout.

Second, it is suggested to speed up the formulation of key industry standards and specifications for 5g Beidou high-precision positioning, promote the improvement of industry management system, and create favorable conditions for the large-scale promotion of 5g Beidou high-precision positioning application.

Third, a series of supporting policies and supporting support were issued to promote the industrial chain to accelerate the introduction of high-precision positioning chips, modules and terminal products supporting Beidou 3, so as to meet the needs of industry promotion.

Finally, guide leading enterprises to build 5g Beidou high-precision positioning demonstration benchmark and accelerate application and promotion.

First, it is suggested to set up 5g Beidou high-precision positioning key demonstration projects at the national and local levels, encourage industry leading enterprises in the fields of smart high-speed, automatic driving, smart port and shipping, smart civil aviation, UAV, surveying and mapping, disaster prevention and mitigation, shared travel and mass consumption to participate, actively play a demonstration leading role and promote large-scale application.

Second, it is suggested that the government should take the lead to promote all parties to deeply study the business model and sustainable development strategy of 5g Beidou high-precision positioning, promote smart phones and other terminals in the field of people's livelihood to support high-precision positioning and high-precision maps, and accelerate the entry of 5g Beidou high-precision positioning into the field of mass consumption and people's livelihood.

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