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Examples of project requirements: the construction of county 5g + new smart city command center, the construction of digital twin city and CIM application have started in county-level cities!

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In recent years, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to the construction of new smart cities.In October 2015, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee emphasized the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", which gave new connotation to urban development and put forward new requirements for the construction of smart city. At the end of 2015, in order to implement the instructions of the CPC Central Committee on urban work, the central network information office and the national Internet information office put forward the concept of "new smart city". *** In 2017, the report of the 19th CPC National Congress put forward the strategic goal of building a network power, digital China and smart society. In order to implement the deployment of the national network security and informatization work conference, vigorously develop the digital economy, strongly support the construction of smart society, and guide all localities to orderly promote the construction of new smart cities, the national development and Reform Commission and the central network information office, together with relevant departments, organized and carried out the evaluation of new smart cities in 2018, so as to promote the healthy and rapid development of new smart cities in all localities and cities. Compared with the evaluation index design in 2016, the index increased the weight of citizen experience from 20% to 40% in 2018, reflecting that more attention is paid to citizens' sense of acquisition and satisfaction. At the same time, the network security with a weight of 8% no longer occupies the weight, but is replaced by a score deduction index to further strengthen the basic requirement of network security for the intelligent construction of a city.

*** At present, China is vigorously promoting the implementation of network power, innovation driven development, big dataA series of major strategies such as "Internet" and relevant policy documents have been issued to vigorously promote digital construction and application in the fields of government affairs, governance, people's livelihood and industry, so as to lay a solid foundation for promoting high-quality development.

The key points of digital economy in Henan Province in 2019 pointed out to promote the demonstration of new smart city construction. Study and formulate the work plan for accelerating the construction of new smart cities in Henan Province, organize and hold a new smart city construction site meeting, and identify a number of new smart city demonstration cities. Promote the intellectualization of urban infrastructure, accelerate the construction of intelligent management system of urban public facilities suitable for the rapid development of cities, and promote the intelligent upgrading and transformation of urban power, communication, water supply and other public facilities; Carry out smart city smart application, and support cities to build a number of smart campuses, smart hospitals, smart scenic spots, smart enterprises, smart communities, smart grids, etc.

Through the study and judgment of the national situation and the analysis of the situation in Henan Province, the construction of a new smart city has become an important means of a new round of urban technological change and balancing regional unbalanced development. Puyang County keeps up with the development pace of the country and Henan Province, fully implements the national, provincial and municipal development strategic deployment, closely focuses on the urban strategic layout of Puyang County, speeds up the construction of a new smart city, promotes the refinement of urban management, the facilitation of services benefiting the people, the intelligence of urban infrastructure and the high-end intelligence of industrial economy, and comprehensively improves the urban competitiveness, Strive to build Puyang County into a national county smart city benchmark, and effectively support Puyang County's urban governance, industrial development and people's livelihood services through smart city construction and a series of smart applications.

five point two 5g new smart city command center service

5.2.1Command center service requirements

Puyang County's new smart city construction aims to integrate different departments and different professional systems and give full play to the benefits of urban comprehensive management. It is necessary to establish a cross departmental and cross system information platform. Use information technology as the adhesive to connect the fragmented businesses and make up for the shortcomings in integrated management. By integrating the business and information of urban emergency response, planning, transportation, public security, water affairs, environmental protection, disease control, safety supervision, urban management, meteorology and other commissions and bureaus, a unified urban operation sign monitoring system is established, so that urban managers can grasp the overall picture of the city in one view. At the same time, share the comprehensive operation situation of the city to all departments to help them organize and coordinate their businesses more effectively. Through the integration of business information, we can also open up the work boundary of various departments, establish a unified event coordination system, and comprehensively improve the urban comprehensive management level and emergency disposal efficiency. Finally, through the accumulation of urban overall operation data and method model, combined with dashboard and other display technologies, it can provide comprehensive decision support for urban top managers.

5.2.2Service content of command center content summary of command center

Taking the development and construction of urban intelligence as an opportunity, based on the business data of government, industry and people's livelihood, relying on cloud computing and big data, build a Puyang County urban operation command center integrating intelligence, function and performance, and create a Puyang County urban operation command comprehensive application platform for leadership, serving the people, improving urban management and building a harmonious society. service content of command center

*1. CountShared exchange platform service

Data sharing and exchange includes big data basic support platform, sharing and exchange, basic database and other contents. In the digital platform, big data is the data governance ability of multi-source heterogeneous data source access, unified collection to big data resource pool, cataloging for full data resources, and supporting the construction of public data resource database Support the shared service capability of cross departmental exchange and center landing sharing, as well as the unified operation monitoring capability.

*2. Integrated acquisition platform service

The integrated data collection platform service follows the standard and microservice architecture, and follows the advanced technical standards and specifications. It provides data exchange services including extraction, conversion, transmission and encryption for the interconnection and interworking between different application systems and databases across regions, departments and platforms, so as to achieve good scalabilityApplication and data integration of "loose coupling" structure.

*3. Subject data governance platform service

The data management platform service is the basic support system, which can realize the cleaning, comparison and error data feedback of the front information base provided by the department according to certain rules to form the basic information resource base and subject information resource base; At the same time, it provides data standard definition, metadata management, data quality management, data exploration and other functions for department business sharing library, basic data resource library and subject data resource library.

It realizes the definition, processing and supervision of data resources, and provides data support for other systems. It is a bridge to link data and services.

Services include data standard management, metadata management, data processing, data quality management, data exploration, system management, task management, etc.

*4. Governance collaboration platform services

The urban comprehensive affairs management subsystem is responsible for the definition of the disposal process of urban comprehensive governance business and the closed-loop operation of each link, including emergency command, collaborative office, comprehensive discovery, multi-channel access, supervision and acceptance, unified distribution, collaborative disposal, process tracking, feedback and return visit, assessment and evaluation, etc.

The urban comprehensive affairs management applet provides problems reporting, unified allocation, system disposal, process tracking, supervision and decision-making, operation monitoring, auxiliary decision-making and other functions for grid members, information collectors, collaborative disposal departments, operation centers and comprehensive management leaders through mobile terminal applications, so as to realize urban comprehensive affairs management services.

*5. Comprehensive display application platform service

One map of urban operation: one map of urban operation, including the overview page, integrates the functions of urban operation command and dispatching, distribution and disposal, operation monitoring, auxiliary decision-making, data drying and so on"One picture" carries out visual design, visual integrated development and comprehensive display development.

Operation monitoring subsystem: the urban operation monitoring subsystem is mainly used to monitor the real-time and comprehensive state of urban operation, and visually display it through the geographic information platform. At the same time, the early warning rules of events are pre-defined according to the law of urban operation. Events that meet the rules can trigger alarms, so that urban managers can know the abnormal state of urban operation before the occurrence of emergencies. Urban operation monitoring is based on government public basic database data, business data and monitoring data, analyzes and forms different subject data, and then presents the results in a variety of graphics, tables, maps and other ways through data visualization tools.

*6. Data governance and implementation services

Build a catalogue system of municipal government subject information resources, including not less thanThe preparation of 10 topics, as well as resource directory generation, information resource management, resource service encapsulation, directory sharing management, etc.

Government data sharing and exchange platform services include information resource directory preparation services, directory management and services, and big data sharing and exchange platform services.

The information resource catalog compilation service includes the compilation of departmental government information resource catalog, government basic information resource catalog and government subject information resource catalog.

Directory management and services mainly use various tools provided by the big data sharing and exchange platform to complete the services of resource directory generation and release, resource service encapsulation, information resource management, directory service statistical analysis and resource sharing and exchange.

System docking service: the new smart city command center platform mainly has external interfaces, including national, provincial, prefecture and city system docking and existing system docking, approximately includingData docking of 10 business systems, customized development of 2 network nodes and 100 API data interfaces.

Classified database building service: the platform stores all kinds of information in the form of database, builds various types of databases according to unified standards and hierarchical management, and maintains the consistency of the contents of the database in common items and items.

Platform standard specification service

The central standard system framework consists of five parts: overall standard, data standard, application standard, security standard and management standard.

*7. New smart city command center hall service

In view of the core position of the operation command center in the construction of smart city, mature and stable commercial products shall be adopted for the service of this project to ensure the stable operation of business application systems of subsequent departments.

In this project service, based on the principle of overall consideration, advanced, scientific and reasonable top-level architecture design shall be adopted at the initial stage of design to ensure that the follow-up dynamic expansion process follows a unified framework and ensure the organic and integrity of the overall system; At the same time, the construction means of phased elastic capacity expansion is adopted to dynamically adjust the management center according to the business scale, so as to ensure the construction on demand and avoid ineffective waste.

*8. 5g blockchain edge computing service

Actively respond to the national strategic deployment of new infrastructure and provideThe urban multi-source data acquisition and management platform of 5g blockchain edge computing serves the intelligent management of data assets in the new smart city of Puyang County. Improve the isolation and security of data collection through 5g edge computing, store and manage the collected metadata in a unified way, and manage the data directory on the chain, build a data management system similar to the warehouse goods management system, and enable the new smart city platform to better manage the urban data assets through the display of one map of urban data assets, Provide basic guarantee for urban data governance and urban data opening. In the overall project, from the open interface of data governance to the upper application business process, provide safe and stable uplink services, and enhance the non tamperability and traceability of data.

*9. Epidemic prevention and control big data service

By constructing the functions of input population monitoring and epidemic big data display in the epidemic area, it will be uniformly displayed on a map of Puyang County, so as to provide a visual and unified data platform for epidemic prevention and control command and decision-making.

Population monitoring function of Puyang County imported from epidemic area: it provides population monitoring and statistics function of Puyang County imported from epidemic area; Support statistical population analysis.

Display function requirements: support the use of line chart, bar chart, pie chart and other charts to display the quantity, composition and trend, making it intuitive and beautiful; Support the use of maps to display the analysis results of population distribution, regional distribution, departure and destination.

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