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Sacco micro semiconductor slkor grandly launched a new product -- optocoupler high-speed optocoupler series products

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In September 2021, after several years of research and development, Shenzhen Sacco micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro. Com) launched new optocoupler series, including 6N136, 6n137, 6n139, sl3120r, slm501, slm601, sl3053, sl3063, slh11l1 and other models, which are widely used in level conversion, interstage coupling, driving circuit, switching circuit, chopper, multivibrator Signal isolation, interstage isolation, pulse amplification circuit, digital instrument, long-distance signal transmission, signal pulse amplification, solid state relay (SSR), instrument and meter, communication equipment and microcomputer interface. This can increase the richness of Sarkozy's Micro products and provide better services for customers.


Sarkozy micro semiconductor slkor has a great influence in the wave of "domestic substitution" of electronic components, and contributes to getting rid of the "neck" of China's foreign semiconductor industry. Sarkozy micro semiconductor slkor optocouplers 6N136, 6n137, 6n139, sl3120r, slm501 and slm601 can replace 6N136, 6N136, 6n137, 6n139, 6n139m, hcpl-3120, fod3120, acpl-m501, fodm452, acpl-m61m, ltv-m601, PC817 and other models of products of Avago, Fairchild, Liteon, sharp, Baihong optoelectronics, etc, Sacco micro semiconductor slkor products are not inferior to these international well-known brands in performance, and individual electrical technical parameters are even better than competitive products in the same industry. Sacco micro semiconductor slkor optocoupler slm352, sl3053, sl3063, slh11l1 and other models can replace Fairchild, renesa, Vishay, on, Everlight, Baihong optoelectronics, sharp sharp, fodm352, ps2733-1, moc305xm, vo305x, moc306xm, vo306x, h11l1, h11l1m, pc81c7 and other equivalent products.


Sacco micro slkor semiconductor selling optocoupler 6N136


In recent years, China's semiconductor industry has been suppressed by western countries led by the United States. In the face of the dilemma of no chip available, China is also vigorously developing its own semiconductor industry. Only when it is strong can it become rich and strong. This is what China has always believed. Therefore, China is vigorously supporting domestic semiconductor enterprises. If Sarkozy micro semiconductor slkor wants to occupy a place in the domestic semiconductor market, it must first develop and expand itself in order to seize more market share. Therefore, in September, Sarkozy micro semiconductor has MOS FET, hall hall element, IGBT single tube, SiC silicon carbide device, ESD electrostatic protection diode, TVs transient suppression diode, Schottky diode, CoolMOS On the basis of power management IC and other series products, we have newly developed and produced high-speed optocoupler series products.



Sacco micro semiconductor slkor optocoupler sl3053


Optocoupler is also known as optical coupler equipment (ocep), also known as photoelectric isolator or optocoupler, or optocoupler for short. It is a device that uses light as the medium to transmit electrical signals. Usually, the light emitter (infrared light emitting diode LED) and the light receiver (photosensitive semiconductor tube, photosensitive resistor) are encapsulated in the same shell. When an electric signal is added at the input end, the light emitter emits light, and the light receiver generates photocurrent after receiving the light, which flows out from the output end, so as to realize the "electric optical electric" control. The optocoupler, which uses light as the medium to couple the input signal to the output, has the advantages of small volume, long service life, no contact, strong anti-interference ability, insulation between output and input, unidirectional signal transmission and so on It is widely used in high voltage control and other fields.

For a long time, the optocouplers and high-speed optocouplers in the international market have been occupied by foreign brands such as Fairchild, renesa, Vishay, on, Baihong optoelectronics, Everlight and sharp sharp. This time, Sarkozy micro slkor (www.slkormicro. Com) invested a lot of manpower and material resources to develop and produce slm352, sl3053, sl3063 Slh11l1 and other models can replace the same products as fodm352, ps2733-1, moc305xm, vo305x, moc306xm, vo306x, h11l1, h11l1m, pc81c7 and PC817, and can be completely replaced by matching.

Optocoupler features:

1. The insulation resistance between input and output terminals is generally greater than 10000m Ω, and the withstand voltage can generally exceed 1kV, and some can even reach more than 10kV.

2. Since the optical receiver can only accept the information of the light source, otherwise it cannot, there will be no feedback when the signal is transmitted unidirectionally from the light source to the optical receiver, and its output signal will not affect the input terminal.

3. Because the light emitting device (GaAs infrared diode) is an impedance current driven device, and the noise is a high internal resistance micro current voltage signal. Therefore, the common mode rejection ratio of the optoelectronic coupling device is very large, so the optoelectronic coupling device can well suppress the interference and eliminate the noise.


4. Easy to cooperate with logic circuit.

5. The response speed is fast. The time constant of slkor Sarkozy's photoelectric coupling device is usually on the order of milliseconds or even microseconds.

6. No contact, long service life, small volume and impact resistance.



Sacco micro slkor Huaqiangbei's image store provides optocoupler samples free of charge


Sacco micro semiconductor slkor optocoupler series has just been launched, which has been recognized by many new and old customers and achieved very good sales. Now, Lichuang Mall (www.szlcsc. Com), Huaqiu Mall (www.hqchip. Com), Yunhan core city (www.ickey. CN), aigou (www.taoic. Com), Wanlian core city (www.hqbuy. Com), hard city (www.allchips. Com) Www.oneyac.com, hqew.com, IC trading network (www.ic. Net. CN), Alibaba 1688 (www.1688. Com), hunting core (www.ichunt. Com), sekorm (www.sekorm. Com), www.chipmall COM and other online platforms, enabling tens of millions of electronic engineers to obtain more Sarkozy micro semiconductor slkor products through the online platform.

Sarkozy micro slkor's optocoupler series products are provided free of charge at Sarkozy micro semiconductor's Huaqiang North image store in Shenzhen. The image store is located in Building 1, Huaqiang electronic world, Huaqiang North Road, Futian District. Contact Mr. Huang, Tel.: 0755-83260851, QQ: 673140802.


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