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The first Beidou industrial achievement exhibition in Zhengzhou was successfully held in the high tech Zone on August 31!

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On July 31, 2020, the beidou-3 global satellite navigation system was officially opened, opening the prelude to the globalization of Beidou industry. Zhengzhou high tech Zone focuses on the smart industry, adheres to Beidou navigation, intelligent sensing, Cyberspace Security and big data as the leading industries, and takes the park as the carrier to build an industrial cluster.

Under the guidance of China Association for science and technology and Zhengzhou Municipal People's government, China satellite navigation and positioning Association and the Management Committee of Zhengzhou high tech Zone will jointly hold a series of theme activities of "Beidou Central Plains of Jizhi high tech Zone" at Ximei building of Zhengzhou high tech Zone from 08:30 to 18:00 on August 31.

Beidou enterprises from Zhengzhou, Henan Province and the whole country were invited to jointly hold the first Beidou industry achievement exhibition in Zhengzhou, which was displayed from three aspects: Beidou industry chain, Beidou application industry and the development achievements of local Beidou industry in Zhengzhou.  

The Beidou industrial chain is maturing, and the internal circulation ecology has basically taken shape  China's satellite navigation and location service industry chain can be divided into: upstream, midstream and downstream. The development, production and sales of upstream basic products are the key to the independent control of the industry, mainly including basic devices, basic software, basic data, etc; Midstream is the key link of current industrial development, mainly including the development, production and sales of various terminal integration products and system integration products; Downstream is the application and operation service link based on various technologies and products.

 Proportion of output value of China's satellite navigation and location service industry chain in 2019 (from the 2020 white paper on industrial development of China satellite navigation and positioning Association)

 Participating in this achievement exhibition are chips, boards, modules, antennas, terminals and other products of Wuhan Mengxin, weiligu antenna, xibotaike, Jimi IOT, Sinan navigation, Huaci navigation and other enterprises. The Beidou chips of Qimeng series independently developed by Wuhan Mengxin have won the first prize of scientific and technological progress awarded by Zhongwei Association. Chip products were selected into the recommended list of Beidou basic products for satellite navigation, entered the first echelon of the country and received the highest level of special fund support. Weiligu company (Stock Code: 835004) is mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of Beidou navigation terminal antenna, aerospace product antenna, wearable product antenna, unmanned aircraft product antenna, etc.

 Sibotech focuses on the location service of the Internet of things, helps the development of China's Beidou satellite system, integrates 5g communication technology, and provides "one-stop" solutions from intelligent hardware to software platform. Its high-precision, integrated navigation, 5g communication and other intelligent products have a good performance.  Jimmy IOT has very mature products and solutions in the Internet of things and the Internet of vehicles.  The products accessed by its location service platform include shared bicycles, intelligent cloud mirror platform HDIT, pet treasure, where ah, AMS (FOTA), etc., with 8 million access devices and 3 million daily active devices.
 Sinan navigation brings display products in terms of high-precision chips, boards, terminals and applications. Relevant products have been selected into the recommended list of Beidou basic products for national satellite navigation. High precision is the focus of Beidou's future application. The company has twice undertaken research on the "multi-mode, multi frequency and high-precision OEM version" of the second generation of Beidou, and has participated in national and Shanghai satellite navigation scientific research projects for dozens of times. The exhibition products include 30 & times; 30mm size, full system full frequency point high-precision positioning label module, supporting L-band, single machine can realize centimeter positioning accuracy, and k823gnss positioning board and other high-precision positioning products for intelligent driving, mechanical control, intelligent robot, UAV and other fields.


 China Survey navigation (Stock Code: 300627), a well-known domestic provider of high-precision satellite navigation and positioning products and system solutions. Based on high-precision satellite navigation technology, independent innovation will promote the automatic and intelligent application of relevant products in geographic information, smart city, precision agriculture, digital construction, commercial navigation and other fields. The products participating in the exhibition include an integrated navigation product cgi-610 high-precision MEMS Integrated navigation receiver that combines satellite positioning and inertial measurement with multi-sensor data fusion technology, which can provide a variety of navigation parameters, and cgi-312, a new high-precision board using multi-sensor data fusion technology launched by China Survey navigation.

The three application directions and the industry market maintained steady development  

Beidou ocean, Beidou government affairs, Beidou public security, Beidou rail transit, Beidou auxiliary driving, Beidou construction informatization, Beidou surveying and mapping, Beidou time service and other exhibitors also participated in this exhibition.
 The first prize project of the first "Beidou star" innovation and entrepreneurship competition "long endurance wave surge motivation based on Beidou communication" also participated in this achievement exhibition. The product is mainly a new type of marine unmanned autonomous robot system propelled by wave kinetic energy. The system uses wave as the navigation power source and collects solar energy for internal sensor measurement and communication. It is the first truly marine unmanned system driven by marine clean energy (wave energy) for digital ocean, marine monitoring, etc.


 Beijing Tongfang Zhike Technology Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Tongfang science and industry headquarters of Tongfang Co., Ltd. Beidou related products are brought this time, which are mainly used in Navy, space, surveying and mapping, and Beidou 5g smart park management solutions. Its company promotes the development of industrial digitization in the core of 5g AI edge computing.


 Special markets involve military, police, disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency rescue, public security and other fields. Beidou related products and services have been widely used and deployed in emergency rescue, disaster prevention and mitigation, public security patrol and other market segments. Hytera is the world's leading provider of intelligent private network communication products and solutions. Hytera is committed to providing customers in public safety, emergency, energy, transportation and other industries with faster, safer and more connected private network communication and command and dispatching integrated solutions at the time of daily work and emergency dispatching, so as to provide a solid guarantee for the safety and stability of the city and the orderly operation of the industry. The products in this exhibition mainly include police walkie talkie series products.


 Xiangsong rail transit company integrates 3D laser scanning technology, UWB technology, space digitization, engineering safety automatic monitoring and other related technologies to quickly obtain complete and high-precision environmental data and connect with Beidou system, which can realize seamless positioning switching between exposed space and non exposed space and provide a comprehensive indoor positioning solution. It is applicable to rail transit positioning system, rail detection system, tunnel safety application, real estate complex service application and smart construction site, etc. Its products in this exhibition include mobile scanning car, positioning base station, total station and other products.

 Mobile scanning car: indoor laser scanning system, a new generation of real scene acquisition, integrated fast mobile scanning, acquisition of 360 DEG; Immersive images and point clouds without sacrificing data quality; Scanning speed is 30 times faster than fixed scanners and equipment; 30000 square meters can be collected every day; Continuous scanning while adapting to complex indoor environment.


 The total station is a high-tech measuring instrument integrating optics, mechanics and electricity. It is a surveying and mapping instrument system integrating the functions of horizontal angle, vertical angle, distance (oblique distance, horizontal distance) and height difference measurement. The artificial optical micrometer reading is replaced by automatic recording and display reading, which simplifies the angle measurement operation and avoids the generation of reading error, The instrument can complete all the measurement work on the station at one time. It is widely used in the field of precision engineering measurement or deformation monitoring such as large-scale buildings on the ground and underground tunnel construction.


 Shenzhen Tengshi technology, which focuses on AI intelligent driving innovation, recently completed tens of millions of yuan of round a financing. This round of financing is led by Qualcomm venture capital, followed by founder Hesheng, rich capital and Dingqing venture capital. As the lead investor of pre-A round of financing, founder Hesheng continues to increase its weight in this round. Committed to the scientific and technological innovation and application of intelligent driving and intelligent transportation vertical industries, focusing on AI intelligent driving and the application of a new generation of intelligent vehicle networking platform, it is the first company in China to accumulate technology in the field of high-end assisted driving. At present, the business has been carried out in more than 20 provinces in China and more than 10 countries overseas, covering logistics vehicles, passenger buses, taxis, online car hailing, engineering vehicles, front loading plants and other fields.

     Automotive products  
      Rail transit products  

 Guangzhou bangzheng Power Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to developing and promoting Beidou system to provide time service, navigation and positioning, short message and other products, which are applied to mobile communication, ubiquitous power Internet of things, government and enterprise business, intelligent transportation and many other fields.

 Satellite synchronous clock device: Taking GPS Beidou system as the time benchmark, it outputs pulse information such as second (1PPS), minute (1ppm) and hour (1pph) highly synchronized with UTC time, as well as standard time, minute, second, calendar year, month and day information of Beijing time. It is especially suitable for power, computer room, hospital, gymnasium, public security, law enforcement, communication base station, etc.

 Beidou distribution network automation products combine Beidou satellite communication technology with intelligent distribution network management technology to realize the "remote signaling, telemetry and remote control" function of intelligent distribution network automation to the underlying distribution terminal. Scope of application: power distribution automation

     Beidou data acquisition products

 Based on the functions of Beidou satellite navigation short message and positioning navigation, various data acquisition and upload in areas without signal coverage or weak signal. Data acquisition in remote power grid public / special transformer area without public network signal, small hydropower, concentrator, distribution transformer terminal and load control terminal.
 Beidou cloud products include GNSS displacement monitoring integrated machine, deep displacement inclinometer, collapse monitoring alarm instrument, differential pressure static level, pull line crack gauge and other monitoring sensors, which are independently developed based on  LORA  Ad hoc adaptive Internet of things system, Beidou cloud  GNSS  Static displacement post-processing system, big data acquisition platform, UAV modeling system  INSAR  3D displacement analysis system, modeling  GIS  Early warning analysis system is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise with integrated displacement and deformation monitoring of space, space and earth.


 Beidouyun geological disaster automatic monitoring product  Make large scale  GNSS  The construction of displacement monitoring points has become possible  。 First, reduce the power consumption of the whole machine and more adapt to the field environment. It is no longer necessary to build a large-scale solar power supply system as before, reducing the burden on the site and reducing waste at the same time.  Second, make  GNSS  The cost of receiver is greatly reduced  GNSS  The popularization of monitoring becomes possible.

     R & D institutions of the high tech Zone gather together, and a hundred schools of Beidou enterprises contend

   Zhengzhou Xinda advanced technology research institute is jointly built by Zhengzhou Municipal People's government, Information Engineering University of the strategic support force and the Management Committee of Zhengzhou National High tech Industrial Development Zone. Focusing on the fields and directions of network communication, Beidou navigation, cyberspace security, surveying and mapping remote sensing, smart city, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things and so on, it deeply carries out basic, forward-looking Strategic theory and technology research, application system development, product development, etc.

Distributed optical fiber sensing safety on-line monitoring system

 Distributed optical fiber sensing safety online monitoring system uses distributed optical fiber sensing technology to realize system early warning and real-time alarm for various interference and mechanical construction activities through back-end analysis, processing and intelligent identification. The system has the characteristics of low power consumption, real-time monitoring and early warning. It can be used in different scenarios such as border security, high-speed railway security, tunnel monitoring, prison security, nuclear power plant security monitoring, oil and gas / natural gas pipeline security monitoring and security in important activity places. It is the best technical means to solve long-distance and large-scale perimeter security all over the world.


 Portable jamming gun. Portable control equipment is generally carried by a single person and can be equipped with optical or infrared sights to suppress UAV remote control, navigation and information transmission signals to achieve the disposal effect of UAV forced landing or expulsion.

 UAV navigation guidance control system. The navigation guidance control system generates a counterfeit deception signal, and prevents unauthorized UAVs from entering the control area through preset functions such as drive off and forced landing, so as to achieve the purpose of clearance.

 UAV detection and jamming integrated machine. By cracking the communication protocol of the UAV, when the UAV and the remote controller are switched on for communication, the system only passively receives and does not transmit any electromagnetic signals, accurately detects the UAV, can detect 95% of the UAVs on the market, and can selectively attack the detected UAVs.

 Henan Dahua security company is a large-scale and professional security operation service company. Its business mainly includes safe city operation service, Beidou high-precision monitoring and early warning disposal and alarm operation service. At present, its business has covered all provinces except Tibet. It is a company with Beidou navigation civil management qualification and an operation platform, It is also the only company that can undertake national security operation business. At present, it has provided professional security and security services for more than 30000 customers in China. In 2017, the company completed the merger and acquisition of ADT China, the first brand of global security services (registered in Shanghai, China), and successfully established a smart security public service platform network headquartered in Zhengzhou high tech Zone with business covering the whole country.

 This exhibition is the product of one key alarm and rescue equipment based on Beidou short message. This series of products are mainly located in mountains, outdoors, sea and other places without mobile phone signal coverage and inconvenient power supply, such as frontier, islands and reefs, mountains, scenic spots and overseas key areas, and even used in mobile operation targets such as offshore ships and field projects.

 Henan thinking information is a company mainly engaged in the R & D, upgrading and industrialization of rail transit traffic safety monitoring products. It is a high-growth scientific and technological enterprise, high-tech enterprise and excellent software enterprise in Henan Province, focusing on the development of railway informatization and information system integration. It is a designated enterprise of the railway Corporation. The products include on-board safety protection system, China locomotive remote monitoring and diagnosis system, rail car monitoring device, locomotive safety and quality remote monitoring device, LKJ operation record data analysis software, LKJ teaching and training system, etc. the products are widely used in railway locomotives and EMUs. The products in this exhibition are the on-board subsystem of China locomotive remote monitoring and diagnosis system, which is applied to railway locomotives and EMUs. Based on mobile wireless communication, Beidou Positioning and Beidou short message technology, the product completes the monitoring, collection, storage and transmission of train status information and safety information, realizes remote real-time monitoring and fault diagnosis of locomotives in transit, and provides information support for locomotive operation, overhaul and maintenance.

 Zhengzhou Tianmai Technology (Stock Code: 300807) is a comprehensive solution provider of intelligent transportation and intelligent charging. For more than a decade, it has been adhering to the concept of "scientific and technological innovation and serving transportation", closely focusing on the theme of "intelligent transportation", and actively using new technologies, products and ideas, It provides products, services and technical support to more than 600 transportation enterprises and public transportation management institutions around the world. The exhibit of this exhibition is tm8760 multi-functional vehicle terminal: it supports Beidou Positioning, intelligent dispatching, video recording, image capture, remote communication, real-time monitoring, voice station reporting, call, storage, vehicle driving record and other functions. Tm9022 distance recording pricing service terminal: an all-in-one taxi pricing machine, which supports Beidou Positioning, on call car appointment, card swiping or code scanning payment and other functions.  

Zhengzhou high tech Zone, the core area of zhengluoxin national independent innovation demonstration zone approved by the State Council in 2006, brings together tens of millions of Beidou industrial application markets. Zhengzhou Beidou park has become a new gathering place for Beidou industry and can be expected in the future!

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