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Find a domestic alternative and come to Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition in September! One stop selection of 500 domestic semiconductor suppliers

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In July, the expected Huawei P50 series mobile phone was officially released. Although it only supports 4G communication, 100% of its core components came from local suppliers. There is no doubt that this is a landmark event in the localization of semiconductor supply chain; Especially since the cold relationship between China and the United States and the spread of COVID-19, the reconstruction of the global semiconductor supply chain is already in progress.

How to grasp the new trend and changes of China's semiconductor supply chain? From September 1 to 3, 2021, elexcon Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition and embedded system exhibition was grandly held in hall 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an new hall). At that time, more than 500 Chinese local chip supply chain manufacturers will gather, covering multiple industrial clusters such as digital chips, analog chips, passive components, SIP packaging, EDA, materials and semiconductor equipment, It is bound to set off a "Chinese wind" in the semiconductor supply chain~

Risc-v, MCU, FPGA, storage    

Local digital core pattern    

1、Digital chips have grown rapidly in the IOT era,Local digital chips (MCU / SOC, risc-v, ASIC, etc.)Manufacturers gathered at the exhibition site of elexcon2021, includingHuada, national technology, smart, surging micro, Hangshun, Zhiyuan electronics, Xinhai, qinheng micro, yateli, Jihai, jiefa, Xinwang micro, Shengquan, modern single chip microcomputer, Zhongdian port, Zhongkexin, Huaxin micro, Huichun, zhaoxun Hengda, canxinWait,RISC-VIndustry players such asXinlai, Shiqing intelligence, Yousi, yilingsi, ruisaide, wanxinchen, zhongkehaoxin, mactai, China Mobile IOTAnd focus on R & DFPGA and AI chipofJunzheng, yilingsi, zhiduojing, Gaoyun, QianxinWait.

For example, time engine intelligence will show at1000, an intelligent computing chip based on risc-v architecture, at the exhibition site. At1000 is an end-to-end intelligent computing chip series based on risc-v instruction architecture developed by Shiqing technology, which has the characteristics of high energy efficiency ratio, high integration and low cost. At1000 is equipped with tm500 main control processor, the main frequency is 300MHz, has 400dmips processing capacity, and supports single precision floating-point operation. At1000 is equipped with timesformer intelligent processor, supports 4-core DSP cluster and special artificial intelligence processor, and can provide energy-efficient computing power of 100gops.


In the field of memory chips, elexcon2021 also brings together jiangbolong electronics, Peyton, Huiyi, Longke, Dongxin, jintaike, Huacun electronics, Hongwang micro, hongxinyu, Wuhan Xinxin, Jinsheng, Yuzhan, Dongfang Jucheng, Zhifu, hengshuo and other brand enterprises to comprehensively display new solutions such as embedded storage, solid state disk, new generation memory and flash memory, We invite you to witness the latest achievements of storage technology in China!

For example, the world's first 40nm USB interface storage control chip hg2319 independently developed by hongxinyu will log in to elexcon2021. The chip adopts usb3 0 technology, which realizes the innovation of flash memory storage speed, improves the speed by 10 times, saves power and energy, has higher compatibility and lower cost. Using BCH 90 bit ECC error correction engine, compared with the 72bit adopted by the industry, it strengthens the storage fault tolerance rate, which is equivalent to increasing the stability and service life of flash disk products. Through leading R & D technology, hg2319 is currently the design of the smallest area in the industry, and the cost is ahead of the industry.

Power devices and third generation semiconductors are gaining momentum    


Continue to explore energy efficiency limits    

2、With the promotion of China's goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutralization", industries such as fast charging / wireless charging, electric two wheeled vehicles, new energy and energy storage are gradually moving towards the road of energy efficiency upgrading, elexcon2021"Power supply, power devices and third generation semiconductors" exhibition areaBringing together many players of local power technology has become the highlight of this exhibition! Exhibitors such asKeyiya, Eurocom, Weizhao, anshengde, Aipu, foster, jianmeng chemistry, energy core, shunluo, jingquanhua, Crick, sariwei, Chuangxin micro, Siyuan, weidiesi, lingxinyuan, Keyes, Hanren and Changgong microAnd other enterprises will display power supply, power management chips, power devices, third-generation semiconductor devices, fast charging / wireless charging and other product solutions, compete with a large number of international manufacturers, and contribute to the future of green and energy-efficient industries!

For example, eurotone electronics has brought the latest Pd / type-C power supply scheme based on GaN devices. The product adopts QR Gan technology and synchronous rectifier SR technology, which has the characteristics of high reliability, high power density, small volume and low temperature rise. It also adopts a new product structure concept and modular production process design, which greatly improves the automation process. Compared with the same power products, the volume of EUROLINK scheme is reduced by 1 / 2, with 16.4w/in ^ 3 power density, and the conversion efficiency is more than 92%.

Passive components are rising steadily    

New applications give birth to the demand for miniaturization and high reliability    

3、The trend of 5g popularization and four modernizations of automobiles has promoted the upgrading of the demand for passive components in new applications such as consumer electronics, communication base stations and automotive electronics. The passive components represented by MLCC are upgrading and developing in the direction of miniaturization, high capacity and high reliability. Elexcon2021 attractedYuyang, Fenghua hi tech, shunluo, Yangxing, Chuang Neng, micro capacity electronics, Ju Ju, Da vacuum, maishiteng, Zhengyao electronics, Xiangsheng resistance, jiashuo, Fujie, kedajia, tianer electronics, new Tianyuanetc.Local passive componentsLarge factories will come to help, and will show the latest technological progress of diodes and triodes, resistors / Capacitors / inductors, crystal oscillators, circuit protection components, fuses and other devices.

For example, micro capacitive electronics is about to display the latest ultra micro MLCC series products. Ultra micro MLCC highly matches the components in the chip package. Micro capacitive electronics has the industry submicron ceramic dielectric film production technology. Relying on the mature ultra micro MLCC production line, it can realize the miniaturization and ultra miniaturization of the whole series of products. At present, 008004, 01005 and 0201 produced by micro capacity have cooperated with the supply of 5g smart phones and modules, and are one of the main suppliers in the industry.

Elexcon2021 will also gather domestic manufacturers such as bubujing, Yuxi precision, shuoling electronics, chuanghaoxin, Shengbai, Houhe precision, weipin and Lianchang precision to bring peripheral devices such as connectors, switches, harness cables and so on. These extensive product lines have laid a solid foundation for the richness of the supply chain of China's electronics industry.

More popular shows: 5g, TWS, SIP    


Based on the local and cooperating with the global    

4、5g communication has great market potential in the industry. Elexcon2021 is invitedCore smart, MEG smart, zhilian'an, Longshang, Lanke XunTong, yunliwuliAnd other enterprises will bring5g, Bluetooth and other wireless communication modulesAnd solutions to interpret the opportunities of 5g landing industry application. At the same time,Xinwei communication, Kaiyuan communication, tiantongruihong, chuantu micro, zuolan micro, Guangxin micro, weideas, Hanrui electronics, jiashuo, Yangxing, Ju Jiong and maishitengAnd other enterprises will bringRF chip, antenna, filterAnd other devices to help optimize the design of 5g communication system.

For example, the key technology of the latest generation tc-saw filter of zuolun microelectronics has made a key breakthrough, and the optimal TCF has reached - 15ppm / 0C. Compared with traditional devices, it also realizes the advantages of small size, low insertion loss and high working frequency (0.5ghz-3ghz). The performance of the designed tc-saw duplexer is comparable to the world-class level.

In the current popular fields of TWS and intelligent voice, global heavyweight players will gather elexcon2021, such as Lou electronics, AMS OSRAM, Xinhai, Juxin, surging micro, jielitai, Xinao micro, Xinjiu micro, axis China, Weichuang Zhiyin, Hexiang electronics, Temei, Beisheng acoustics, goerwei, Huajing, Huapu micro, eput micro, China India cloud Kangda new materials and other world-class manufacturers will talk about the future of the industry with electronic practitioners in Dawan District in the form of speeches or exhibitions.

In addition, in the field of SIP packaging, elexcon2021 provides a stage for global supply chain players to cooperate and display, based on local and coordinated global. For example, riyueyue, Xinhe, Ankao, Welton, ruijiewei, Tianxin interconnection, indium Thai company, JieChuang, Shangyin, Mingsai, Tengsheng, Puyuan Jingdian, oufentai, Jinchuan Island, plesen, estak, Huafeng, Bowei alloy, Kaige, maizhu, Xixi material, fuyingda, Fulaibao mikolong, blue microelectronics and other SIP packaging tests, semiconductor materials Domestic and foreign manufacturers of instruments and equipment will also show widely used advanced solutions.

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