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AI + Driving School: Beidou high -precision empower "robot

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From August 1st, all driving schools in Wuhan will install timing training systems and on-board terminal equipment, and connect with the examination supervision platform of the public security traffic control department. In the future, during the Wuhan driving test training, students will need to enter their identity information by "swiping their faces", and the duration of their learning will be recorded.

"Beidou + Smart Time Meter"

Helping pass the driving test with ease

"Yixun Learning to Drive" is a one-stop smart service platform tailored by Yixun for the driving training industry with core intellectual property rights, including: timing training system, driving school management SaaS system, distance education platform, simulated driving test evaluation system and Intelligent training terminal, the system is connected with the traffic management platform, which can realize theoretical learning through mobile APP distance learning and count school hours.

Yixun timing training intelligent terminal is a vehicle driver timing training vehicle terminal based on the standards of the Ministry of Communications. Through information technology such as identity recognition, school hour management, time and meter billing, Beidou navigation application, vehicle location, mileage management, etc., training institutions are prevented from artificially shortening school hours, and the management level and efficiency of each driving school and operation management department are greatly improved.

The driving test products on the market are mainly based on optical, mechanical and magnetic sensing technologies, which have problems such as high maintenance costs, low reliability, and inability to achieve complete automation. The "Beidou + Driver Training Timing Management Platform" independently developed by Yixun, as the first batch of driving training timing platforms that have passed the inspection of the Ministry of Communications, is based on the integration of Beidou satellite navigation technology, virtual sensor technology and intelligent evaluation technology, which can meet the driving needs of driving. The human test has a centimeter-level judgment accuracy and a fully automatic intelligent judgment accuracy of more than 99%, which ensures the fairness, impartiality and traceability of the test, and provides all-round and multi-dimensional "Internet" for students, coaches, driving training institutions and regulatory departments +" solution.

The "Beidou + Driver Training Timing Management Platform" and the "Esun Timing Training Smart Terminal" independently developed by Yixun have both passed the "New Ministry Standard" test of the Ministry of Communications of the People's Republic of China, and are suitable for the operation of driving schools across the country.

The "Internet + Beidou" application technology has fundamentally changed the way the entire driving training industry operates. Yixun uses Beidou technology to standardize driver training and management, which not only improves the driving ability of driving school students, but also strengthens the safety of the transportation system, providing technical service guarantees for the full implementation of the reform of the driving training industry.

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