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Ubisys builds smart home integration solutions for real estate developers based on ZigBee 3.0 certified products

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Focus on smart homeubisysThe company is a real estate companyVIVAWESTBohong, the first Gigabit digital city in Germany(Bochum)Provide innovative solutions for projects.

In view of the growing market demand for intelligent buildings, Germany is a leading residential developerVIVAWESTuseubisysIntegrated solutions.


two thousand and eighteenend of the year,ubisysreceivedVIVAWESTThe need to provide intelligent solutions for its new building projects. The residential project can accommodateeighty-nineHome tenants, each apartment will be equipped with a full set of integrated smart home. VIVAWESTIt is required that the smart home solution can achieve a variety of functions and is easy to use. It is mainly arranged in the living area. In particular, it is emphasized that the solution must be high-quality, durable, economical and safe to meet the expectations of tenants and the high standards of real estate companies.


VIVAWESTFinally choseubisysofZigbee(Editor's note: unless otherwise specified, ZigBee refers to ZigBee 3.0)Smart home product portfolio, because it is the most efficient solution to meet its various requirements. throughZigbeeThe certified products are safe, reliable, energy-saving, easy to use and user-friendly. ZigbeeIt is one of the leading standards in the intelligent building industry, developed and applied by many advanced equipment manufacturers around the world. Experiencedubisys ZigbeeThe whole process of smart home system deployment and operation,VIVAWESTDeeply understand the advantages of building a system based on internationally recognized standards: a stable and open system; Strong certification program; And long-term support from trusted suppliers.

adoptubisysof ZigbeeSmart home portfolio,VIVAWESTIt provides a number of intelligent functions for apartment tenants. In order to facilitate the use of lighting, shading and security systems,ubisysThe following module products are installed: power switchS1. power switchS2. general dimming switchD1. shutter control switchJ1, control unitC4, smoke alarm, multi-functional sensor, door and window magnetism, and a gateway is configured for each apartment. In the living, dining and kitchen areasubisyscurrencyD1The dimming switch allows the tenant to control the lighting brightness of each area separately. Users can alsoubisysSet and save specific configurations in smart home applications to further enhance convenience and flexibility.

The application also allows users to create groups. For example, a group can contain all equipment in a room, and the different states of these equipment in the group can be set, changed and deleted in different scenes.VIVAWESTTwo scenarios are preset: "lighting off" and "fire"/Theft alarm ". Trigger the "lighting off" scene, and all lights in the apartment will be turned off. And "fire"/The theft alarm scene will turn on all lighting and turn the brightness toone hundred%At the same time, all smoke detectors will sound an alarm and the shutters will be opened. With these preconfigurations,ubisysSo that residents can enjoy full comfort immediately after moving in.

Tenants can also use it after moving inubisysIntuitive applications integrate "homemade" scenarios into smart home systems. For example, you can configure the "good morning" scenario every Monday to Friday morningeightOpen the blinds on time and turn on the light tofifty%The brightness can easily start a new day without bothering to set the alarm clock. In addition, these scenarios can help save energy while improving convenience and comfort.

Another way is to create a shortcut using the scene. For example, the pre configured shortcut can use the switch next to the door to turn on or off all the lights in the apartment with one key to ensure that all the lights are turned off when leaving the apartment.

Tenants can also check the status of their connected devices through applications when they go out to remotely monitor the system. The "out" scenario will notify the system that the resident is not currently in the apartment and automatically activate the security system. During this period, any marking action will trigger an alarm. This function can be realized by using the door and window magnet installed on the door and window and the intelligent motion sensor in the corridor. When residents activate this option, if someone breaks in, they will immediately receive it on their smartphoneubisysIn addition to the notification pushed by the smart home application, the system will open all shutters and lights to intimidate potential thieves. At the same time, all smoke detectors in the apartment will sound a loud alarm. In addition to operating through the application, the alarm system can also be activated or disabled through the numeric keypad placed next to the apartment door.

These exciting features distinguish the system from the conventional alarm system without smart home function, which usually only includes an audible alarm, or in addition, informs the resident that the alarm has been activated.

urgeVIVAWESTchoiceubisysAnother factor is "free addition"Zigbee"Device" feature: allows tenants to integrate other devicesZigbeeCertified products into their existing smart home environment. This feature has no effect onVIVAWESTIt is particularly attractive because it gives users the opportunity to expand the system according to their wishes.

Less than a year later,VIVAWESTResidents were asked to feed back their experience of smart home system and received unanimous praise. Therefore, following the first pilot project of Bohong, the second project has been carried out in another city, Essen.


ubisys Technologies GmbHYu Zitwo thousand and fiveSince its establishment in, it has devoted itself to the Internet of things and is committed to the field of home and building wireless automation. in recent years,ubisysDeveloped a unique product line, including: self-developedZigbeeProtocol stack(coverZigbeeThe alliance is called“Golden Unit); variedZigbee 3.0Certified products;iOSandAndroidSystem application control program; And data central control solutions that can be deployed on site or based on cloud. The product line includes not onlyubisysTechnical solutions, including customized white label solutions for customers.

these years,ubisysHe has served as the leader of many technical groups in the alliance and has been continuously supportedZigbeeThe alliance has made significant contributions to its development, includingubisysDevelopednewestBLEND/ZTechnology that enablesBluetoothandZigbeeStandards can run in parallel.

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