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Golden beacon: a brief analysis of the origin and characteristics of connectors- Part II

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Then, let's introduce the following to you:A brief analysis of the characteristics of connectors

1、 Meaning of connector

A connector is an appliance (including accessories) used to connect electrical appliances between circuits or electronic machinery, which is called a connector. Generalized connector refers to the bridge between all signals. It includes various modular electronic and electrical modules and components, which are connected into a complete system in a short time.

2、 Classification of connectors

1. According to the nature of use, it is divided into external connector (for external casing) and internal connector (for internal casing).

2. According to the processing method, it is divided into crimptype, i.d.ctype, also known as puncture type, soldertype and z.i.ftype.

3. Divide the line to board connector, board to board connector, line to line connector, socket and input / output connector according to the use mode.

4. It is divided into PCB board connector, flat cable connector, coaxial cable connector, embedded connector, compression shaft connector, circular connector, angular connector and connector for printed wiring board.

5. According to the structure, it is divided into general connector, moisture-resistant and waterproof connector, environment-resistant connector, air tightness connector, fire-resistant connector and water-resistant connector.

3、 Composition of connector

The connector is composed of insulator, plug combination, socket combination and wire.

1. Insulator: a part used to maintain the fixed position of each combination and complete the electrical insulation between each combination.

2. Plug combination: rectangular or circular steel needle or terminal is used to insert the part (terminal or spring) of the socket combination.

3. Socket combination: it is a combination part with elastic function in order to maintain good contact with the plug combination.

4. Wire: wire is generally used, such as electronic wire, flat wire, isolation wire, etc.

4、 Connector characteristics

1. One of the male or female contacts is elastic, and the mutual connection of the contacts can be used to ensure the connection of the circuit.

2. The terminal part of the contact has a wiring structure that is easy to implement wires or printed wiring boards. It is used for welding, encapsulation, clamping, through-hole welding and other structures.

3. The contact is fixed at the correct position of the insulator, and the insulator can be used to maintain the voltage insulation resistance between the contacts.

4. It has a coupling structure, which is convenient for the insertion or separation of the contact, and remains unchanged after vibration or impact.

The above is the introduction of the relevant contents brought by the small edition of golden navigation mark. I hope it will be helpful to you. Thank you for reading!


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