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[7.10] summary of major logistics events last night and this morning

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 [China Post Express News] the State Post Office recently issued the notice on carrying out the pilot work of "express delivery to the village", and decided to organize the pilot work of "express delivery to the village" in 6 provinces (districts) and 15 cities (prefectures). The six provincial-level pilot projects are Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and Qinghai. The 15 municipal pilot projects are Taiyuan, Jilin, Jining, Zhumadian, Huanggang, Chenzhou, Fangchenggang, Haikou, Ziyang, Qiannan, Yuxi, Xi'an, Yan'an, Yinchuan and Hami.  

[State Council] the State Council issued the notice on the replication and promotion of the Sixth Batch of reform pilot experience in the pilot free trade zone. The notice points out that the localities and relevant departments where the pilot free trade zone is located have made every effort to promote the practice of system innovation in combination with the functional positioning and characteristics of their respective pilot free trade zones, and formed the Sixth Batch of reform pilot experience of the pilot Free Trade Zone, which will be replicated and popularized throughout the country. Among them, the reform matters replicated and promoted nationwide include investment management, trade facilitation, financial opening and innovation, in-process and post regulatory measures, and human resources. Specifically, in the field of investment management, there are 9 items, including "joint handling system of publication distribution business license and network distribution filing", "standardized management of green ship repair enterprises" and "green channel for power engineering approval".

[logistics news] Xinning logistics announced that the Guangzhou intermediate people's Court of Guangdong Province issued an equity auction announcement in "Ali Auction & middot; justice", which will publicly auction 46357500 shares of the company's unlimited sales and circulation held by the company's shareholder Suzhou Jinrong Investment Co., Ltd. and 679914 shares of the company's unlimited sales and circulation held by the shareholder Zeng Zhuo.

[national development and Reform Commission] the national development and Reform Commission said on the 6th that it had recently issued an investment of 200 million yuan in the central budget to support the construction of China Europe train assembly center demonstration project in five China Europe train hub node cities such as Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an and Urumqi.

[Tencent] meituan released an organizational adjustment announcement, saying that in order to further explore the community fresh retail format, meet differentiated consumer demand, and promote the online and offline integration of fresh retail, it will establish a "optimization business department" to enter the community group buying track, which will be in the charge of Chen Liang, senior vice president and S-Team member of meituan. At the same time, the former Xiaoxiang business department was renamed "vegetable shopping business department" and continued to accelerate the development of meituan vegetable shopping business. The person in charge was Xin Chongyang and reported to Chen Liang.

[euro billion] Tian Rui, CEO of Suning Carrefour, sent an internal email, saying that Carrefour will continue to increase the efforts to open stores and warehouses nationwide, and improve the coverage radius and distribution timeliness of home service through small warehouse construction and subsidies.

[36 krypton]At the industry intelligent service Summit Forum of "wisdom creates new value", Lenovo released rise intelligent service strategy and launched intelligent industry solutions in 6 fields, namely smart city, smart education, smart agriculture, smart energy, smart commerce and smart manufacturing. It is understood that Lenovo venture capital has established a fund of US $1 billion to support the development of ecological partners.


[Sina Technology] according to foreign media reports, data released by the US government on Monday showed that a number of enterprises providing the last mile distribution for Amazon were funded from the US government's COVID-19 epidemic relief plan. Peregrine express, rapid logistics, systemize logistics, Sheffield express and Valdivia logistics each received at least $1 million in loans, and some other Amazon distribution partners received up to $350000 in loans.

[China Post Express] recently, DHL Global Cargo cooperated with afklmp, a Dutch company merged by Air France cargo and KLM cargo, to improve the transparency of the pharmaceutical logistics chain. The data of both parties can be directly connected to view all transportation information and container temperature in real time, so as to improve the reliability and availability of data. Through DHL's lifetrack portal, customers can access and track cargo transportation information.

[36 krypton]According to the data of Alibaba international station, through the "66 cross-border trade service Festival", the timeliness of cross-border logistics services of the international station has approached the pre epidemic level, and helped customers reduce performance costs by up to 60%. In addition, Alibaba international station announced to cooperate with rookies and logistics ecological partners to ensure that cross-border logistics trunk lines "do not dump cabinets" and "lose cabinets". In the peak shipping season, when the shipping space is full, the goods considered to be unimportant may be "postponed for one water" (postponed to the next voyage) or even postponed again. Wang Tiantian, head of the cross-border supply chain of Alibaba international station, said that there was no case of cabinet dumping in the logistics of the international station in June.

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