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TWS Bluetooth chips are out of stock, and Huaqiangbei reappears its glory of that year

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 Time magazine recently selected the "top 10 most influential technology products in the past 10 years", including Dajiang mirage UAV, iPad, Tesla Model s and other products, and Apple's airpods was also successfully selected.
 TWS market is hot
 Airpods was not favored by the outside world when it first came out, but users voted with money. At present, airpods is one of the most successful hardware accessories released by apple in the past two years.  Last year, airpods shipped about 35 million units worldwide, accounting for 75% of the global wireless headset market  , both the ordinary version and the pro version were robbed, and apple once again proved its strong appeal.  

According to the data provided by Dan ives, an analyst at wedbush, he expects the shipment volume of the whole series of airpods to reach 65 million units this year and 85-90 million units next year. It can be said that Apple has promoted the TWS (true wireless Bluetooth headset) industry on its own.  

Driven by the upsurge of apple, the traditional earphone industry also continues to benefit. Samsung TWS is expected to reach 25 million next year, a year-on-year increase of about 3 times.  TWS leading ramblers have been running all the way. Since this year, they have increased by 488.31% and 335% in nearly 60 trading days  , the total market value of the company has soared from more than 2 billion at the beginning of the year to 18.4 billion yuan, and the two shareholders cashed 137 million yuan.


 Huaqiangbei reappears brilliance  
 In the TWS boom, Huaqiangbei benefited the most. According to institutional research, Huaqiangbei's OEM TWS sales are hot, and the monthly sales are at 10kk level, even reproducing the meaning of the era of "Shanzhai machine".  


As the distribution center of China's digital black technology, Huaqiang North has only unexpected things, and nothing they can't do. Some time ago, Apple released the second-generation headset airpods pro,  Less than a week after the launch, Huaqiangbei has completely cracked the airpods pro  And started the way as like as two peas. The chip is the same as the chip of apple, except for the H1 of the apple, and the other components are the same. The price is only about 500 yuan, which is 1/4 of the genuine AirPods Pro.  

The previous generation of airpods can not escape the fate of being quickly and highly imitated. Relying on a perfect industrial chain, Huaqiangbei will lower the price of Bluetooth headsets and buy a fake airpods of less than 100 yuan in Huaqiangbei. Although the workmanship is not as exquisite as the genuine ones, it has all the functions of the genuine ones on the premise of a price difference of more than ten times. It also has some functions that the genuine ones do not have, which is not cruel enough.  

Of course, there is a contribution from the domestic semiconductor industry chain. With the launch of master chip schemes covering medium and low-end fields such as apple, Huawei, Qualcomm, Ruiyu, hengxuan, loda and Jerry, and the gradual improvement of the industry chain of Huaqiang North white TWS market,  The factory shipment cost of TWS has dropped sharply from 100 yuan / pair to less than 20 yuan / pair  , in pinduoduo, you can even buy one for less than 10 yuan.  


Out of stock!  
 The other side of TWS's popularity is out of stock. Airpods Pro is out of stock and needs to be purchased in line. Some products such as vivo and Sony have been out of stock. The main reason for the shortage is the shortage of chip manufacturers. According to Geng Zheng, an electronics researcher at Everbright Securities, the popularity of TWS enables many factories to ship 5 ~ 6K a day,  Bluetooth chips of brands such as Jerry, the main control chip manufacturer of Bluetooth headset, have been out of stock  , the shortage of master chips has led to the rise in the prices of some products, and the shortage of labor before the Spring Festival will further reduce the chip production capacity.  

all flowers bloom together  
 In addition to apple, the Bluetooth headset chip market of Android camp is also full of white hair. In the United States, Qualcomm Technology is the most mature and one of the most mainstream TWS schemes in the market. Botong and cypress (just acquired by Infineon in June this year) have entered the market; In Taiwan, the main chip designer led by Luoda (incorporated into MediaTek in 2017),  Loda accounts for a large share in the Bluetooth audio market and is more acceptable to the public in terms of cost and technology. More than one billion Bluetooth headset chips have been shipped this year  ; In addition, Guangzhou Ankai Anyka, Zhuhai Juli, Shanghai BK, Zhuhai Jerry, RDA and Zhongke Lanxun are also in scuffle. Zhuhai Jieli and Zhongke Lanxun ranked first and second in the ranking of TWS Bluetooth chip shipments in October according to Xuri big data.  

 The popularity of the market has led to the increasing dependence of enterprises on talents, and even the mutual excavation of peers to expand R & D.  


Main control chip manufacturers  

 high pass  (CSR8675、CSR8670、QCC3026、QCC5100、QCC302X、QCC303X、A63120)  Qualcomm's TWS Bluetooth chip business comes from CSR company acquired in 2014. CSR's full name is Cambridge silicon radio. It is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer. Its main product lines are single-chip Bluetooth chips and GPS chips. Qualcomm's official website shows that its Bluetooth products are mainly divided into two categories: Bluetooth for voice and music products and low-power Bluetooth for the Internet of things. Qualcomm's performance and flexibility solutions after the acquisition of CSR have supported the success of many of the most iconic headphones and headphones from leading consumer electronics brands.

 Product application  : oppo o-free, Bose soundport, Bragi the headphone, Sony wf-sp700w, crazy rice funcl, stroller tws3, qcy q29, jblfree, crazy boy   

 broadcom  (BCM43436)  Founded in 1991, Broadcom is one of the largest wireless semiconductor companies in the world, with more than 2000 U.S. patents and more than 800 foreign patents. Broadcom is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of Wi Fi, Bluetooth and NFC, and also leads the development of SOC architecture. Broadcom's BCM series are widely used in mobile devices, wearable electronic products, networked home technology, and emerging markets such as automotive electronics and robots.

 Product application:  Samsung gear lconx, Samsung sports gear lconx   

 Cypress  (CYW20721)  Founded in 1982, it is a world-renowned electronic chip manufacturer with Chinese name of cypress. The company mainly produces high-performance IC products for data transmission, remote communication, PC and military systems. Acquired by Infineon in June 2019, cypress's cyw20721 chip is equipped with wireless audio stereo synchronization (wass) application and low-power Bluetooth (ble) audio MCU. Its link budget is 6dB higher, which is equivalent to doubling the effective transmission distance. High integration is parallel to low-power consumption.

 Realtek  (RTL887X、RTL8763B)  Founded in 1987, Ruiyu semiconductor is headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan's "Silicon Valley". Taking the R & D and design of integrated circuit products as the enterprise positioning, Ruiyu semiconductor integrates product R & D, design, testing and sales, and has developed high-performance, high-quality and high economic efficiency IC solutions widely recognized and welcomed by the global market, It is an international well-known IC professional design company and a leading supplier of intelligent wireless audio chips.   

Product application:   High imitation apple airplads, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset airdots youth version, qcy T1 youth version, Sabat magic banquet X12, redmi airdots      

 Airoha  (AB1526、AB1526P、AB1532、AB1511)  Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, Luoda technology is a leading IC design manufacturer in the industry. It was acquired by MediaTek in 2017. The company develops highly integrated circuits for wireless communication, provides customers with all kinds of high-performance and low-cost RF and mixed signal integrated circuit components and Bluetooth wireless communication chips, and provides low-power microprocessor system chips with various types of wireless communication technologies to connect hundreds of millions of intelligent devices in the future Internet of things world.


Product application:  Lenovo S1, syllable bell, Nakamichi Zhongdao, Philips Philips, jingzao, stroller, havit Hewitt i93
    Primary phase technology  (pau16 Series)  Pixart, founded in July 1998, is mainly engaged in the design, R & D, manufacturing and marketing of CMOS image sensors and applications. In April 1999, it acquired condorvision technology, Inc., which mainly developed CMOS sensor. At present, the paid in capital is NT $1.24 billion. The main management team consists of Mr. Huang senhuang, the chairman, and an excellent design team in the industry. At present, protophase has rich experience in Analog IC design and image sensing IC design, and has become one of the leading manufacturers of CMOS image sensors in the world.   


Mainland enterprises  
 Heng Xuan  (BES、BES2300)  Founded in early 2015 and headquartered in Shanghai, hengxuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic innovative chip design company. The company focuses on the R & D and sales of RF SOC chip of wireless audio platform, and provides customers with audio system level chip with WiFi / BT wireless connection, software and hardware development kit and complete reference design scheme, so as to help customers quickly launch industry-leading wireless intelligent products.


 Product application:  Huawei freebuses, Huawei freebuses 2, glory Flypods, Meizu pop, Huawei freebuses 2 Pro   

 Torch core  (ats300 Series)  Founded in June 2014 and headquartered in Zhuhai, Juxin (Zhuhai) Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading low-power consumer system level chip design manufacturer in China. It has an industry-leading level in ultra-low power design, advanced semiconductor technology and high integration. It provides professional chips and complete solutions for wireless audio, intelligent ear wear, intelligent multimedia, intelligent computing, Internet of things and other product fields. The multimedia chip products of torch core technology occupy a leading position in the global market.   


 Zhuo Rong  (CW6626B、CW6693D)  Zhuorong group (Zhuorong and Jianrong), founded in 2003 by Mr. Zheng Zhuorong, an outstanding entrepreneur and engineer returning from Silicon Valley, is an integrated circuit design enterprise that designs and sells chips with independent intellectual property rights. Zhuo Rong has been committed to providing high-quality Bluetooth solutions for the industry. In order to meet the requirements of the market for the combination of intelligent control and traditional audio applications, and make Bluetooth products more diversified. Cw6626b and cw6693d are Bluetooth multimedia system single chip, support Bluetooth 5.0, integrate br / EDR / ble mode, internal RF receiver and transmitter, and support TWS mode.   


 Ziguang zhanrui  (Ivy 5882)  
 Ziguang zhanrui is committed to the independent R & D and design of core chips in the field of mobile communication and Internet of things. Its products include 2G / 3G / 4G mobile communication baseband chip, RF chip, wireless connection chip, security chip, TV chip and image sensor chip.   


As zhanrui's first TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset chip, chunteng 5882 adopts the TWS Bluetooth headset technology independently developed by Ziguang zhanrui to solve the delay problem of Bluetooth audio through the audio device group scheme. Compared with the TWS competitive product scheme in the market, the chunteng 5882 reduces the delay of both ears by more than 30%, which can not only realize the power balance of the left and right ears, but also increase the working time of both ears by 20% compared with the competitive product.     Shanghai Broadcom integration  (BK3252、BK8002、BK8000L……)  Founded in 2005, Broadcom integrated is the largest wireless connection chip company in China. Broadcom has achieved mass production of more than 40 kinds of wireless connection products, covering more than 10 kinds of wireless communication protocols and standards, including Bluetooth, WiFi, DECT, NFC, etc and 2.4GHz, covering key fields such as energy consumption, noise reduction, filtering and wake-up in the field of wireless RF, and 70 integrated circuit layout designs, It is one of the main suppliers of special interphone, Bluetooth mouse and other chips at home and abroad.   


 Guangzhou Ankai  (AK1052C)  
 Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Guangzhou, it is a Fabless IC design house that provides core chips for intelligent hardware of the Internet of things. The company designs and sells core processor chips for mobile Internet peripheral devices, and provides relevant software system development platforms. The main products include Internet of things camera core chip, Bluetooth chip and application processor chip.   


 Zhuhai Jerry  (AC691N、AC6916)  Founded in 2010, focusing on integrated circuit design, the company is mainly engaged in the research and development of system on chip (SOC) such as RF intelligent terminal and multimedia intelligent terminal. SoC chip of the company is the core component of intelligent terminal operation and control, and the "brain" of intelligent terminal. It is mainly used in Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets, portable speakers, intelligent voice toys, car audio, tachograph, video monitor, sphygmomanometer and other intelligent terminal products.  

Arrangement of TWS industrial chain company  
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