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Successful networking of China's third generation Beidou System

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       Recently, as the satellite of the Beidou Series, the official announced:

        "Beidou No. 3 basic system completed construction, starting to provide global services today. This marks the scope of the Beidou system service as a global, and the Beidou system officially entered the world."

        This means that China's Beidou System began to provide global services, marking the global networking network that was originally scheduled to begin in 2020.

        See such a message,

        GPS response should be: I cao, catch up;

        European Galileo should be crying in the toilet: not regret;欧      

        Chuanpu's reaction is probably: annoying, 5G threats and Huawei things, no solution, Beidou is coming again!

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       Beidou is a strategic project in China. Its Global Network and starts to serve the world, and there are 5 extraordinary significance:

        First, military significance

        Modern military, left the satellite navigation, can't do anything at all. Once there is a satellite navigation, you can do an accurate hunting outside of a thousand miles.

The 91-year bay war, the United States is a dam in Iraq, first use the first missile to blow a gap, the second missile will take the effect along this gap, and the ordinary bomb has to achieve such an effect, must be a bomber The danger of being shocked by the opponent air defense fire to do tens of tons of bombs. Also in the Iraq war in 2003, the US missiles actually played in the air in the news building.

        For example, the United States is now bombarded by Syria. It is basically launched a missile from the aircraft carrier fleet outside two or three kilometers, and it can complete the precise blow to the enemy's goal, so that the opponent is not intended. All of this, there are satellites to navigate uncomage credits.

       It can be said that modern war, no satellite navigation, basically can't do, if you use someone navigation such as the United States GPS, once the other party closes navigation, it is completely grasped, and the United States can even send a false position, let your missile to play my own. Position and goals.

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       Second, the meaning of people

        Modern people have left navigation, I am afraid that life will be very inconvenient, the navigation in the mobile phone, the navigation when driving, and then go to the fisherman in the sea, they leave the no satellite navigation.

       In the future, the satellite navigation combines 5G technology, artificial intelligence technology, so you can shuttle in all corners of the city without yourself, driving); when you pull the curtain, drone can send the goods to your home, So, wait.

At the same time, when any natural disaster occurs, the accurate navigation and precise position of Beidou provided by Beidou also lifted.

       Third, economic construction and business

        The global satellite navigation has a trillion market market. When Beidou offers global services, we can also divide a cup in this market. At present, the Beidou chip and other basic modules have exceeded 70 million blocks, and the future sales will only be increasing. more.

At the same time, the economic construction significance for my country is extraordinary.

        "A band all the way" is the area we have to focus on construction. If there is an Beifun navigation, it will be able to help. "Digital Economy" and "Smart Society" opened in "Beidou + 5G + Intelligent Technology" will be extremely important to our economic development, and my country's information construction is significant for promoting China's economic construction.

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       Fourth, break through blockade

        In 1993, our Galaxy merchant suddenly lost in the sea; 96-year Taiwan, our 2 missiles suddenly deviated from the direction, because the United States closed GPS signals. Including India, it is also "given color" in the United States. During the 1999 Indian GPS signal, the United States closed the GPS signal in India, so that India will catch it.

        Since 1994, we are determined to engage in his satellite navigation, and finally completed the Beidou No.1 in 2003, got rid of the initial dependence on GPS.

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        Since then, we want to cooperate with Europe to engage in the global satellite navigation, but when we pay 200 million euros, it is very little rights to our rights, even more, and more than Japan's rights are much less than that of India and Japan. And we will also exclude outside the core technology research and development. So, we started to engage in Beidou No. 2 until today's Beidou No. 3 began to go to the world.

        This is very beneficial to enhance our international status. To know that the world can engage in satellite navigation, only Sino-US Russia is also the only three countries currently in the satellite navigation field, Russia still with the old foundation of the Soviet Union. There is such strength. Sky resources are limited, international rules, who first launched, who will return it, who uses the corresponding radio frequency, who is the channel, we strongly build, it is extremely important to seize international resources.

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       Also, we have to go to the star sea, and the construction of Beidou will undoubtedly provide a good guarantee.

        China has come all the way, basically is "sealed out" by others, when Beidou technology is completely comparable to GPS, when Beidou is successful to the world, I really want to see what is the expression of the people who blocked our people. When we started to engage in Beidou, the Chinese people were unlimited, and there was only one idea in my heart. "When can we get it!"

        Today, our third generation is finally finished! The Chinese nation will be rebuilt! !


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