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Full text of the report on the construction and development of Beidou satellite navigation system

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Part I: system conditions

At present, there are 45 in orbit service satellites, including 15 beidou-2 satellites and 30 beidou-3 satellites. They are in good health and stable in orbit operation.

As of March this year, in terms of space signal quality, the measured signal power spectrum envelope of Beidou satellite remained consistent, and the signal quality was good and in line withRequirements of interface control documents. In terms of spatial signal accuracy, the mean value of spatial signal ranging error (sisre) of Beidou system is 0.42 M.

In terms of Coordinate Datum and time datum, the time difference deviation between Beidou time and international UTC is kept within 26 nanoseconds, and the accuracy consistency between Beidou coordinate framework and international itrf2014 coordinate parameters is kept within 3cm.

Promote the construction of Beidou system operation management coordination organization and linkage mechanism with Chinese characteristics to ensure the continuous and stable operation and stable performance of Beidou No. 3 system since it was put into service.Beidou system always adheres to first-class indicators and first-class services, and constantly upgrades to meet the needs of users all over the world.

At present, Beidou system provides seven services in two categories: navigation and positioning and communication data transmission. Including: providing positioning and navigation timing, global short message communication (GSMC) and international search and rescue (SAR) services for the world; In China and its surrounding areas, it provides four services: satellite based enhancement (SBAS), ground-based enhancement (gas), precision single point positioning (PPP) and regional short message communication (RSMC).

Location navigation timing service,Global measured positioning accuracyThe horizontal direction is better than 2.5m and the vertical direction is better than 5.0m; The speed measurement accuracy is better than 0.2 M / s and the time service accuracy is better than 20 nanoseconds.The system continuity is improved to 99.996%, and the availability is improved to 99%.

The global short message service can provide trial services for global users through 14 MEO satellites,The maximum single message length is 560 bits, about 40 Chinese characters

International search and rescue service, the on orbit test of 6 MEO satellites and their search and rescue payload has been completed. On the basis of conforming to international standards, Beidou features B2B return link confirmation function to provide distress alarm services for users all over the world.

Regional short message service: at present, Beidou 3 regional short message service provides services for users in China and surrounding areas, with a maximum single message length of 14000 bits and about 1000 Chinese characters.

Precision single point positioning service. At present, precision single point positioning signals have been broadcast through three geo satellites to provide precision single point positioning service. The measured level of positioning accuracy is better than 20cm and the elevation is better than 35cm,Convergence time15-20minute.

Satellite based enhanced service covers users in China and surrounding areas, supports two enhanced service modes of single frequency and dual frequency multi constellation, and meets the requirements of ICAO for positioning accuracy, alarm time, integrity risk and other indicators. At present, the satellite based enhanced system service platform has been basically completed and is providing trial operation services to high integrity users such as civil aviation, maritime affairs and railways.

The foundation enhancement service uses the frame network benchmark station and regional network benchmark station built in China to provide real-time centimeter level and post millimeter level positioning enhancement services for Industry and public users.

We will also build a more ubiquitous, integrated and intelligent national integrated positioning, navigation and timing (pnt) system by 2035 in accordance with the idea of focusing on the core, reshaping the structure and enabling integration.

In terms of the development of the next generation integrated pnt system, standardized solutions will be adopted and various means will be used to meet the maximum common needs of users. Further improve the satellite navigation capability and realize decimeter high-precision positioning capability and global integrity service; The new pnt capability is realized by using the communication system resources, and the communication reachable area can be navigated by enabling each other; Micro autonomous pnt to achieve autonomous acquisition of navigation, positioning and timing information.

At the same time, synchronous efforts are made on the supply side and the demand side to open up the pnt capacity generation chain, so that pnt can really be used and used well.

Focus on standardized solutions, integrate various technologies and systems, and take advantage of the scientific and technological revolution to provide users around the world with unified benchmark, seamless coverage, safe, reliable, convenient and efficient pnt services, so as to provide core support for future intelligent development.

Part II: application and promotion

Beidou system has fully served industries such as transportation, public security, disaster relief and mitigation, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, integrated into infrastructure such as power, finance and communication, widely entered the fields of mass consumption, sharing economy and people's livelihood, profoundly changed people's production and life style, and produced remarkable economic and social benefits.In 2020, the overall output value of China's satellite navigation and location service industry will increaseSpeed up,It reached RMB 403.3 billion, an increase of about 16.9% over 2019, and achieved the goal of the 13th five year plan.

According to the actual situation of Beidou application, we select and release documents such as basic product directory and Beidou typical application cases. Today, we officially released the Beidou satellite navigation system public service performance specification (version 3.0) here, which introduces in detail the performance indicators of various services, which can be queried and downloaded on the Beidou system government website (www.beidou. Gov.cn).

In terms of basic products, by the end of 2020, the sales volume of domestic Beidou compatible chips and modules had reached 100 million, and the quarterly shipment exceeded 10 million; The total social ownership of end products with Beidou positioning function exceeds 1 billion units / set; In 2020, the total shipments of centimeter application high-precision chips, modules and boards in China will grow rapidly, exceeding 1 million.

Popular application, with remarkable results. Since the opening of the system, mainstream smartphone manufacturers at home and abroad, including Huawei and apple, have supported Beidou. According to statistics, in the first quarter of 2021, 79% of smart phones applied for network access to support Beidou Positioning. BeidouThe ground-based enhanced information has entered the smartphone, which can realize meter level positioning.

In the field of transportation, Beidou system is widely used in key transportation process monitoring, highway infrastructure safety monitoring, port high-precision real-time positioning and dispatching monitoring and other fields.In 2020, more than 7 million road operating vehicles have been installed and used Beidou system;36300 postal express vehicles were installed with Beidou terminals;About 1600 official ships are equipped with Beidou system;About 350 general-purpose aircraft use Beidou system,It accounts for 12% and is applied to transport aircraft for the first time.

In the field of agriculture, forestry and fishery, the automatic driving system of agricultural machinery based on Beidou system exceeds 45 thousand sets, saving 50% of the labor cost.The agricultural machinery operation supervision platform and Internet of things platform based on Beidou system provide services for more than 400000 sets of agricultural machinery equipment, which greatly improves the operation management efficiency;The positioning and short message communication functions of Beidou system are widely used in forest fire prevention, natural forest protection, forest natural investigation, pest control and so on.In terms of fishery, Beidou provides fishery management departments and fishing vessels with services such as ship position monitoring, emergency rescue, information release, fishing vessel entry and exit management, etc.

In terms of disaster reduction and relief, based on the high-precision positioning technology and short message communication function of Beidou system, it provides real-time disaster relief command and dispatching, emergency communication, rapid reporting and sharing of disaster information, and significantly improves the rapid response ability and collaborative command ability of disaster emergency rescue. Jiangsu, Guizhou, Sichuan and other places have used Beidou's high-precision technology to establish geological disaster monitoring and early warning systems for 24-hour real-time monitoring, successfully early warning landslides and other geological disasters for many times, so as to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

In the emerging application field, "Beidou great health" is becoming a new hot spot of current application, comprehensively expanding its application to epidemic prevention monitoring, telemedicine, intelligent elderly care and other aspects, and promoting the realization of intelligent great health services for everyone.

In terms of digital construction, Beidou satellite positioning combined with multi-sensor and Internet technologies are widely used in the construction of mines, railways, highways, airports, ports and power infrastructure, significantly improving the quality and efficiency of project construction, reducing labor and material cost investment, and effectively improving the safety level.

With the mutual enhancement and empowerment of the two infrastructures of Beidou 5g, and promoting the development of financial technology, financial terminal, financial platform, financial data and financial service, the application mode of Beidou system will be richer.

In terms of overseas promotion, domestic Beidou basic products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions. Beidou based land ownership, precision agriculture and smart port have been successfully applied in ASEAN, South Asia, Eastern Europe, West Asia and Africa, serving local economic and social development and sharing the achievements of satellite navigation construction and development.

In terms of policies and regulations, we continued to promote the promulgation of the regulations of the people's Republic of China on satellite navigation. By April 2021, more than 1000 policies and regulations related to satellite navigation had been issued. The Beidou rule of law forum of this annual meeting will release the report on the rule of law construction of Beidou satellite navigation system, comprehensively and systematically summarize the achievements and experience of Beidou rule of law construction, and escort the large-scale industrialization development of Beidou.

In terms of standardization, the national Beidou satellite navigation Standardization Committee was changed, and a total of 32 national standards and 56 special Beidou standards were issued, which effectively supported the construction, operation and maintenance, large-scale application and industrialization of Beidou project. The national Beidou satellite navigation standard system has been revised and will be released soon, providing a basis for the preparation and revision of national standards in the Beidou field in the next five years.

In the Ministry of industry and information technologyNational Development and Reform CommissionWith the strong support of the Ministry of transport and other relevant national ministries and commissions, the development of Beidou industrialization has become the focus of the 14th five year plan. Relevant ministries and commissions have issued Beidou special development plans, defined the five-year development plan of Beidou system, and promoted the high-quality development of Beidou industry.

It is estimated that by the end of the 14th Five Year Plan period, the overall output value of China's satellite navigation location and services will double, break through the trillion yuan mark, double the global market share, and move forward to a wider range, a higher level and a higher level of Beidou industrialization.

Part III: International Cooperation

The construction and development of Beidou system always adhere to the principles of openness, cooperation and resource sharing, actively carry out international cooperation and exchanges, and help the development of global satellite navigation.

China and Russia will work together in accordance with the Intergovernmental satellite navigation system cooperation agreement that has entered into forceJointly prepare the road map of China Russia satellite navigation cooperation from 2021 to 2025 to provide planning guidance for China Russia satellite navigation cooperation in the next five years. Under the framework of the project committee, continue to promote cooperation projects such as joint testing, station construction coordination, precision agriculture and cross-border transportation.

China and the United States continue to carry out communication and coordination on compatibility and interoperability between Beidou and GPS, strengthen cooperation in satellite based systems and civil services, promote the construction and development of the two systems and jointly serve the people of the world.

China and Argentina signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation. This is the first time that Beidou has signed a cooperation agreement with countries in South America, marking the formal establishment of a normalized cooperation mechanism in the field of satellite navigation. According to the cooperation agreement, China and Argentina will cooperate in the fields of joint application of satellite navigation, test and evaluation, education and training, and accelerate the promotion of Beidou system to serve the national economic and social development of Argentina.

The third China ASEAN Beidou application and industrial development cooperation forum was held. With the theme of "new industrial development and integration of new ecology", the forum promoted the construction of "Beidou" industrial ecology through online and offline forms, and promoted in-depth cooperation and win-win with ASEAN countries.

This year, China will also hold the third China Arab Beidou Cooperation Forum, the second China Central Asia Beidou Cooperation Forum, the first China Africa Beidou Cooperation Forum, the Beidou day of Dubai World Expo and other large-scale international activities to share the achievements of Beidou system construction and development and benefit mankind.

In terms of multilateral cooperation, China has actively participated in international activities under the framework of international organizations such as the United Nations Space Agency and relevant multilateral mechanisms, and participated in activities to commemorate the 50th anniversary of China's restoration of its legitimate seat in the United Nations. on-lineAttend the Munich satellite navigation summit and the 58th meeting of the science and technology group of the United Nations Space Commission, and introduce the latest progress of Beidou; Successfully organized one belt, one road training course for technology and application. Create satellite navigation to become a world-class authoritative journal in the field of satellite navigation, promote the development of satellite navigation science and technology, and actively contribute Chinese wisdom to the development of world satellite navigation.

Continue to promote the Beidou system to enter the standard system of international organizations such as civil aviation, maritime affairs, search and rescue satellite and Electrotechnical Commission; In November 2020, at the sixth plenary meeting of the ICAO navigation system expert group, the technical verification of 189 performance indicators of beidou-3 global system passed, marking the successful completion of the core and main task of beidou-3 global system entering the ICAO standard work.

The annual China Satellite Navigation Conference has been held for 12 consecutive sessions with an annual number of more than 3000 participants. It has become a high-level and international comprehensive exchange platform in the field of satellite navigation and is playing a positive role in the development of satellite navigation technology and applications in the world.

Looking forward to the future, while ensuring the stable operation of the Beidou system, the pace of Beidou's development will not stop. We will continue to uphold the development concept of "China's Beidou, the world's Beidou and the first-class Beidou", practice the Beidou spirit of a new era of "independent innovation, openness and integration, unity and the pursuit of excellence", and constantly promote the upgrading and development of the Beidou system, Make new and greater contributions to serving the development of human society and building a community with a shared future for mankind.

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