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Urban brain solution

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1. Background of the program

In 2015, based on the Internet brain model, the definition of the urban brain was first proposed. In 2016, Hangzhou started the world's first urban brain construction plan. In 2020, driven by rounds of technological waves such as 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and new infrastructure, the "urban brain" has become a new hot spot in urban construction and cutting-edge technology.

Data resource sharing provides a new guarantee for urban brain construction. After years of new smart city construction, many cities have built data resource sharing platforms, laying a solid data foundation for the construction of urban brains.

New infrastructure provides new support for the construction of urban brains. The digitization of public infrastructure provides real-time data for building digital models of cities and promotes real-time awareness of urban operational situations.

Urban brains provide new tools for coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. In this epidemic prevention and control, the city brain provided important functions such as centralized data collection, real-time situation analysis, unified deployment of materials, and comprehensive event command.

2. China Mobile Integrated Solutions

01 Construction principles

The Urban Brain follows the construction principles of people-oriented, overall planning and economy, innovation-led, combination of peace and war, safe and controllable, serves the society with science and technology, drives development with innovation, and brings new momentum to the transformation and upgrading of urban intelligence.

Adhere to people-oriented:

To facilitate the people, benefit the people, and benefit the people as the fundamental principles, solve the difficulties, pain points and blocking points in urban development, and enhance the public's sense of gain, experience, happiness, and security.

Adhere to co-ordination and intensive:

Fully integrate and utilize the existing information infrastructure and data resource system, maximize the role of existing resources, and reduce duplication of construction.

Adhere to innovation and leadership:

Combined with the current situation of urban development, explore new technologies, new models and new mechanisms, innovate new models of urban governance and operation, and meet the needs of the government, enterprises and citizens.

Adhere to the combination of peace and war:

Focusing on "usual use in peacetime and usefulness in wartime", it achieves the combination of peacetime and wartime, unified dispatch and emergency linkage, and realizes comprehensive awareness of urban situations, timely elimination of hidden dangers, real-time problem disposal and forward-looking insights into trends.

Adhere to safety and control:

Actively implement the network security level protection system, deepen the protection of key infrastructure and key data resources, and conduct regular inspections, level assessments and risk assessments.

02 Overall Architecture

As the central nervous system of a smart city, the city brain consists of a smart application group, a platform layer, a business layer, and a city comprehensive operation command center. The platform layer is based on OneCity's big data platform, integration platform, and artificial intelligence platform to realize data docking and capability access to urban intelligent applications, and build a video cloud network platform to integrate urban video surveillance resources. Based on the digital twin base, the city brain business layer provides functions such as city sign monitoring, city resource management, and city event management, empowering smart city traffic decision-making, health care, government services, emergency management and other business scenarios to solve the difficulties and pain points of city management. 


The overall architecture of the city brain

001 City Brain Command Center

The construction of the urban brain command center follows the principle of "usable in peacetime and useful in wartime", and builds the command center into a "monitoring center", "command center" and "reporting center".


Command center construction content

Monitoring center: The city brain command center assumes the responsibilities of the monitoring center in the usual urban operation. By integrating business systems in various fields of the smart city, the command center can view the operation of different aspects of the city at any time.

Command center: The city brain command center assumes the responsibility of command and dispatch in public emergencies. The command center cooperates with multiple departments to provide joint emergency command capabilities and support rapid and intelligent response to urban emergencies.

Reporting center: The city brain command center can assume the responsibility of the reporting center in the daily work of the government. It can be used for government special reports, leadership decision-making meetings, etc., and it is the embodiment of the city's comprehensive strength.

002 Command Center Integrated Communication Dispatching System

The communication dispatching system of the city brain command center makes full use of various existing communication resources to complete the interconnection and intercommunication of various professional communication systems. It has wired command and wireless dispatching functions, and is used to support daily on-duty communication and voice during emergency command and dispatch. , fax, data and other business transmission needs, and can decode and output the image and video in the access system.

Communication scheduling system

003 Digital Twin Base

By recreating a "virtual city" in the digital space, the digital twin base forms a new form of coexistence and integration between the physical world of the city in the physical dimension and the virtual world of the city in the information dimension. digitization of all elements, such as things, things, events, etc., to promote smart city resource management.
Urban tertiary twin system           
004 Video cloud network platform     

The video cloud platform provides functions such as video access, video encoding and decoding, video storage, video distribution and sharing, and operation management. Based on the digital twin map, it realizes video data statistics, video distribution viewing, video emergency scheduling, and video relay monitoring of urban video resources. and other functions.

Video cloud network platform function

005 Artificial Intelligence Platform           

The city brain artificial intelligence platform is based on the video source connected to the video cloud network platform, empowers video analysis with AI capabilities, provides the city brain with the basic ability to judge, early warning, and assist decision-making, enhance the city brain's perception ability, continuously monitor the city's security situation, and do Real-time access to event alarms.

AI Platform Features

03 Business functions 

001 Monitoring of urban signs

Build a city operation status monitoring index system, and create a city operation status dashboard through various charts and visual image displays, focusing on monitoring the operation status in the fields of population situation, urban management, ecological environment, industrial development, and government services.

Monitoring, Diagnosis and Analysis of Urban Signs

002 Urban Resource Management

Urban brain resource management mainly realizes the unified management and scheduling of urban intelligent components, video surveillance, emergency resources, and police resources.

Intelligent component management: Based on new digital infrastructure such as 5G and the Internet of Things, realize dynamic monitoring and all-round perception of the operating status of energy supply facilities, environmental monitoring sites, underground pipe corridors, municipal facilities, natural disasters, etc., and carry out urban lifeline operation monitoring , to promote the city's global perception.

City Smart Component Management   


Video surveillance resource management: The city brain video resource management is based on the video cloud network platform, which integrates city video resources and realizes unified video access, unified management and scheduling of all networked surveillance cameras in the city.

Emergency resource management: Urban emergency resource management supports the unified and centralized management of rescue teams, rescue equipment, disaster relief materials, experts and other data, and establishes a comprehensive and real dynamic database of emergency resources.


Emergency Resource Management          

Police resource management: Based on the system linkage between handheld terminals such as police personnel and grid personnel and the city brain platform, real-time interaction between front-line inspections and background management is realized, and functions such as real-time viewing of personnel distribution, video viewing of law enforcement recorders, and remote communication can improve the Inspection efficiency and accuracy.


Police Resource Management

003 Urban Event Management

The city brain integrates information resources in the fields of public security, emergency, fire protection, security, meteorology, transportation, etc., to achieve all-round three-dimensional urban public security situational awareness and real-time alarms, comprehensive management and scheduling from different stages of incidents, and improve comprehensive security prevention and control ability to effectively ensure the safety of the city.


urban event management

04 Application scenarios

001 Urban Comprehensive Management

Through the construction of the urban brain, the interconnection of urban data is realized, the problems of urban management are discovered through data mining, and the monitoring, prediction and early warning of possible hidden dangers are carried out, and the comprehensive management of the city is realized.

Aiming at the problem of weak multi-party data integration in urban management, a multi-channel and multi-method data collection mechanism is established, and the city is all-round, full-time, and refined through grid system, city component perception, video surveillance, personnel reporting and other methods. ecological management system.

In response to the slow response of early warning linkage in urban management, establish a four-level cross-department, cross-level, and cross-regional linkage mechanism at the city, district, township (street), and village (community) levels, focusing on community prevention and control, and develop a refined network Grid governance, to achieve grid-based, carpet-style, comprehensive management of the whole life cycle, and the ability to respond quickly and efficiently.

002 Government service management

The city brain integrates the data resources of various government affairs applications in the construction of the digital government, builds an information sharing system, assists the digital government in government affairs decision-making, and realizes the visualization of the whole process of government affairs service management.

Aiming at the difficulty of cross-departmental information sharing in government affairs management, based on the OnCity big data platform at the bottom of the city brain, a cross-departmental and cross-industry information sharing mechanism and data catalog are established to realize the interconnection, sharing, openness, security and credibility of urban data resources. Solve the problem of urban data silos.

Aiming at the single problem of decision-making data in government affairs management, relying on the city brain to realize the visualization of the whole process of government affairs services, assisting digital government supervision and management, and creating a clean, efficient and transparent digital supervision system.

003 Public Safety Management

In response to the problem of low utilization of urban public safety information, the city brain has built a video cloud network platform to integrate monitoring resources in urban management, public security, transportation, security and other fields to achieve global coverage of urban video resources, sharing of the entire network, controllable and comprehensive intelligence throughout the entire process.

Aiming at the weak intelligence capability in the field of public safety, the real-time monitoring and analysis technology of the city brain artificial intelligence platform improves the city's early warning and handling capabilities in social security, production safety, natural disasters and other scenarios, and realizes the city brain command center and public security command center. connectivity and data sharing.

004 Emergency Management

The construction of the urban brain can optimize the inter-departmental coordination mechanism, build a city-level emergency response and disposal system, and solve the shortcomings and deficiencies of emergency response in the face of emergencies in cities.

In response to the problem of untimely response to urban emergencies, the urban brain has built a functional system for emergency management of public emergencies, and has comprehensive access to real-time dynamic data such as emergency response, grid, transportation, telecommunications, monitoring, community, and urban operations to form a peace-to-war situation. Combined, rapid response emergency management capabilities.

In response to the difficulty of cross-departmental coordination and linkage, the city brain has built emergency plan systems at different levels, integrating multiple links such as disease control, health and health commissions, emergency bureaus, communities, reserve centers, medical care, health, public security, fire protection, and operators. , establish a cross-departmental linkage mechanism, and improve the emergency response and handling capabilities of sudden social and public incidents.

3. Advantages of the program

The digital twin city in China Mobile's integrated city brain solution adopts cloud rendering technology, integrates the advantages of UE4 and Unity engines, and uses plug-ins and nodes to render the large urban scene model in the cloud and display it locally in the form of video streaming. This way of separating the display ability and rendering ability of the client program gets rid of the hardware limitations of the terminal device, allowing customers to get the ultimate rendering at any time, any place, and any device. At the same time, based on the advantages of mobile 5G, real-time interaction between the client and the rendering end is realized, bringing users a smoother experience.


Comparison of cloud rendering and local rendering

Fourth, the landing project

Hohhot New City Smart City Operation Center Project

The new urban operation center project is based on the urban characteristics of the new urban area. By building data analysis, video AI algorithms, geographic information services, integrated communications and other capabilities, it realizes urban sign monitoring, indicator early warning, event early warning, joint command and auxiliary decision-making. The project adopts the inclined model to restore the real scene of the new urban area, and provides a new way for the refined management of the new urban area. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the living area can be quickly located according to the personnel information, so as to prevent the spread of the epidemic. The artificial intelligence platform gives algorithm capabilities to various surveillance video points in the new urban area. There are tens of thousands of cameras in the new urban area. If all of them are replaced with intelligent AI cameras, hundreds of millions of dollars will be invested. However, the artificial intelligence platform built by the smart city operation center can realize The AI empowerment of video, while reducing labor costs and workload, greatly reduces the cost of video probe upgrades.


Project renderings

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