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Successful networking of China's third generation Beidou System

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        Recently, with the launch of Beidou series satellites, the official announcement:

         "The construction of the Beidou-3 basic system has been completed, and global services will be provided today. This marks the expansion of the Beidou system's service scope from regional to global, and the Beidou system has officially entered the global era."

         This means that China's Beidou system has begun to provide global services, marking that the global networking originally planned to start in 2020 has been carried out ahead of schedule this year.

         see this news,

         The GPS response should be: I am CAO, I am catching up;

         European Galileo should cry faintly in the toilet: regretting the beginning;

         Trump's reaction is probably: Annoying, the 5G threat and Huawei have not been resolved, Beidou is here again!

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Beidou is a strategic project in China. It has established a global network and began to provide services to the world. It has five extraordinary meanings:

        1. [敏感词] significance

        Modern military, without satellite navigation, can't do anything at all. Once you have satellite navigation, precision hunting can be done thousands of miles away.

In the 1991 Gulf War, in order to bomb a dam in Iraq, the United States first used the first missile to blow up a gap, and then the second missile went in and attacked along the gap. To achieve this effect, the bomber must risk the bomber. Danger of being shot down by opposing anti-aircraft fire to drop dozens of tons of bombs. Also during the Iraq War in 2003, American missiles were able to penetrate the air vents of the news building.

        Another example is the US bombing of Syria today. Basically, missiles are launched from the aircraft carrier fleet two or three thousand kilometers away, which can complete the precise strike on the enemy's target, so that the opponent has no chance to even desperately.

Product Map of Golden Beacon


Second, the meaning of people's livelihood

        Modern people leave navigation, I am afraid it will be very inconvenient to live. Navigation in mobile phones, navigation when driving, and even fishermen at sea, all leave satellite navigation.

        In the future, satellite navigation combined with 5G technology and artificial intelligence technology will allow you to travel around the city without driving yourself (autopilot); when you open the curtains, drones can deliver goods to your home, And so on.

At the same time, when a natural disaster occurs, the precise navigation and precise location provided by Beidou are of great significance.

        3. Economic construction and business

        Global satellite navigation has a trillion-dollar market. When Beidou provides global services, it means that we can also get a share of this market. At present, Beidou chips and other basic modules have exceeded 70 million, and sales will only increase in the future. more.

At the same time, it is of great significance to my country's economic construction.

        Along the "Belt and Road", we will focus on construction areas. If there is Beidou navigation, it will be of great help. The "digital economy" and "smart society" opened by "Beidou + 5G + intelligent technology" will be extremely important to our economic development, my country's informatization construction, and China's economic construction.

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Fourth, break through the blockade

         In 1993, our merchant ship Yinhe suddenly lost its direction at sea; in 1996 in the Taiwan Strait, our two missiles suddenly deviated from the direction, all because the United States turned off the GPS signal.

Including India, has also been "gived color" by the United States. During the 1999 India-Pakistan conflict, the United States turned off India's GPS signal, blinding the entire Indian army.

         Since 1994, we have been determined to develop our own satellite navigation, and finally completed Beidou-1 in 2003, getting rid of the initial dependence on GPS.

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     Since then, we have wanted to cooperate with Europe to develop global satellite navigation, but when we paid the astronomical membership fee of 200 million euros, Europe gave us very few rights, even much less than the rights of India and Japan, which paid less. , but also excludes us from core technology research and development. So, we started working on Beidou 2 again, until today's Beidou 3 began to go global.

         This is very beneficial to improving our international status. We must know that only China, the United States and Russia can engage in global satellite navigation, and they are also the only three countries currently recognized by the United Nations in the field of satellite navigation. Russia still relies on the old foundation of the Soviet Union. have such strength. Sky resources are limited. International rules stipulate that whoever launches first will own that orbit. Whoever uses the corresponding radio frequency first will own the channel. Our vigorous construction is extremely important for seizing international resources.

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         Also, we are going to the sea of stars, and the construction of Beidou undoubtedly provides a good guarantee.

         Along the way, China has basically been "blocked" by others. When Beidou technology is completely comparable to GPS, and when Beidou goes global, I really want to see the expressions of those who blocked us in the past.

When we started to engage in Beidou, the Chinese people were desperate, and there was only one thought in their minds, "When will we be able to do it!"

         Today, our third generation is finally done! The Chinese nation is reviving step by step! !


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