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The national development and Reform Commission made a great voice! 5g will cover all prefecture level cities!

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 According to CCTV financial news, the general office of the State Council recently released the opinions on accelerating the development of new consumption with new formats and new models to promote the deep integration of online and offline consumption. It is understood that relevant implementation plans and supporting policies are being formulated. Where is the new consumption pattern?  The national development and Reform Commission said it would further increase  5G  , artificial intelligence, Internet of things, blockchain and other new generation information networks.  5G  The network will cover all prefecture level cities and urban areas. We should continue to deepen the cultivation of a number of new consumption demonstration cities and the formation of a number of new consumption leading demonstration enterprises    Tube suit    Reform, inclusiveness and prudent supervision to promote the healthy development of online consumption norms.  
 about  5G  build  , the communication headline called on the national development and Reform Commission to formulate policies to involve local governments  5G  Construction, return to the last century  ninety  In the s, according to the development model of postal and telecommunications, local governments focused on the construction of local needs according to their own industries and industrial characteristics  5G  Coverage weight  Point area instead of according to  2G    3G    4G  In that way, it will cover every corner of urban and rural areas, but will be incorporated into the industrial planning for next year and the 14th five year plan and built according to demand. At the same time, the local government adopts public land and shared public roads in the site selection of supporting stations to reduce the construction difficulty and cost of operators and effectively ensure  5G  Precise service for local. According to the current operator mode, it is difficult to complete  5G  Effective coverage of.

yes5GConsumption and application brought by, the national development and Reform Commission pointed out that, compared with traditional consumption, new consumption mainly refers to the new consumption applications, new business forms and new modes that are jointly driven by scientific and technological empowerment and consumption demand upgrading under the background of digital economy. For example, online education, online office, online medical treatment and so on. At present, new consumer groups are rising rapidly, and the scale of Internet users in China has reachednine point fourThe young consumer group has gradually become the main force of consumption, and the elderly consumer market is also growing rapidly. New technologies have given new impetus to traditional industries, and a large number of new manufacturing and new domestic products came into being. The construction of new consumption scenes is accelerated, and new media are widely used. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, nearly 100 consumer vouchers have been issuedtwo hundredRMB100mn


Deputy director of income distribution and consumption Department of national development and Reform Commission     Chang Tiewei: promote the two-way close and in-depth integration of online and offline consumption and further improve it    internet    And actively guide the online development of offline traditional enterprises, so as to realize the complementary advantages and collaborative application of online and offline enterprises.  

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