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5g + aiot "zero carbon" solution | guanghetong helps a new generation of intelligent vehicles integrated with "4S" drive into the fast lane

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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA.gov, the world's largest CO2 emitter is the transportation industry, accounting for about 29%. The "carbon neutrality" action is gradually being carried out, but under the pressure of the increasing total travel volume, carbon emissions in the transportation sector are still increasing.

Reducing carbon emissions will bring profound changes to the industrial structure layout, energy structure adjustment, and even people's lives and travel methods. Similarly, enabling smart transportation through AIoT technology, ICT technology and other technologies will also contribute to the realization of "carbon neutrality". Intelligent transportation applications such as vehicle-road coordination, intelligent parking, and intelligent transportation planning integrated with the coordinated transportation network, energy network and information network have generally entered people's field of vision.

This is the third article in the series of "5G+AIoT "Zero Carbon" Solution" launched by Guanghetong. It takes 5 minutes to let you "carbon" and stop watching.

# The pain point of carbon emissions in my country's auto industry #


■ The carbon emission of the transportation industry is still in the forefront, and there is a lot of room for emission reduction

As of 2020, the national motor vehicle ownership reached 372 million, of which 281 million were automobiles. It is estimated that a car emits about 2.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide per liter of fuel burned. Coupled with aviation, railways, water transportation, etc., the carbon emissions in the transportation sector are very large, so there is still a lot of room for emission reduction.


■ The vehicle management system has a single function and lacks intelligence

■ The vehicle management system has a single function and lacks intelligence

At present, the vast majority of vehicles have been installed with on-board management systems. Its application functions include GPS positioning, intelligent scheduling, on-board alarms, etc., but the functions are relatively simple and are passive supervision. In the face of the increasingly complex traffic environment and the upgrade of safety regulation management, regulatory authorities need a more intelligent and active supervision system, strengthen intelligent networked vehicle technology, improve management efficiency, ensure vehicle driving safety, and reduce vehicle fuel consumption at the same time.


■ The charging and swapping infrastructure of new energy vehicles is still not perfect

Promoting the electrification of vehicles is a major starting point for carbon neutrality in the automotive industry, but the current industry standards for charging and swapping are not perfect, which affects the technological progress and commercialization of the charging and swapping infrastructure for new energy vehicles to a certain extent. m...............................................................

# Guanghetong module help

A new generation of smart car innovation with 4S integration #

The 4S integration in the Internet of Vehicles refers to the smart car network terminal that integrates smart vehicles (SV) with smart transportation (ST), smart city (SC), and smart energy (SE), which can fully open up the flow of people, logistics, and energy in the city. flow, information flow. The new generation of intelligent vehicle technology based on 4S integration promotes vehicle automation and networking, improves transportation efficiency, and achieves energy saving and emission reduction effects, reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

In-vehicle terminal equipment such as vehicle monitoring, positioning system, ADAS system, and smart car machine can realize communication function through built-in radio module of Guanghetong, synchronously share interactive vehicle road information with cloud management platform, and conduct intelligent prediction and adjustment of vehicles in real time. , to achieve intelligent collaborative perception of "people, vehicles, roads, and clouds" to form decision-making and control of vehicles.

The integrated SV uses big data, cloud computing, AI and other technologies to iteratively promote the realization of autonomous driving. Autonomous driving opens up the internal and external ecosystems of the vehicle to form vehicle-road coordination, which can also achieve energy-saving effects to a certain extent. According to the forecast of CICC Research, the autonomous driving of passenger cars and commercial vehicles will reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by about 118 million tons in 2024.

The coordinated development of smart car 4S can also promote the intelligent construction of cities, the cleanliness of the national energy network, and the intelligent transformation.

# Smart car machine #

The intelligent vehicle machine with built-in Guanghe traffic-scale group can realize wireless communication between people and vehicles, vehicles and the outside world (vehicle-to-vehicle). Such as remote door unlocking, air conditioning control, car search, luggage opening and closing, vehicle condition inquiry and diagnosis; air purification, WiFi hotspot, one-key navigation, reservation service, B-call, anti-theft tracking, etc. At the same time, it ensures smooth wireless communication, which is convenient for data monitoring, collection and uploading of the vehicle, and realizes the remote control of the vehicle.

# Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) #

Built-in Guanghetong SC826 intelligent module, with octa-core Cortex-A53 processor, main frequency up to 2.0GHz, integrated high-performance graphics engine, can play 1080p video smoothly, support dual-screen display; support 7 kinds of standard long-distance communication Mode and dual-band Wi-Fi/BT short-range wireless transmission technology, support GNSS wireless positioning technology. Combined with AI algorithm, it can effectively enable face recognition in ADAS system and remote monitoring of driver's driving behavior.

At the same time, SC826 can also be built in multi-channel video monitoring equipment, mainly used in taxis and online car-hailing, supports terminal DMS+ADAS multi-channel video processing, realizes safety information monitoring, and controls the safety of vehicle conditions in real time.

# Autopilot #

The 5G vehicle module AX168 launched by Guangtong Yuanchi, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guanghetong, is based on 3GPP Rel.15 technology, compatible with LTE-V2X direct communication, and supports vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle-to-Person (V2P) communications meet vehicle communication requirements with low latency, high reliability, and high throughput. AX168 can support global V2X communication to meet the application requirements of enhanced driving safety, autonomous driving, and intelligent transportation system (ITS).

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