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As long as China's Beidou system is paralyzed, the army will lose its combat effectiveness? Experts have solved it long ago

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Our Beidou satellite navigation system has been fully completed. Once a war breaks out, will the United States lose its combat effectiveness as long as it attacks our Beidou and makes it ineffective?

The United States not only has a strong combat capability at sea, but also has absolute advantages in the field of aerospace. For example, the most mature satellite navigation system in the world is developed by the United States. It uses this system to effectively contain other countries. Once a war breaks out, it can make the enemy lose combat effectiveness by cutting off the satellite signal. Therefore, the European Union, Russia and China have also begun to develop their own satellite navigation systems. Recently, China's Beidou system has been fully completed to provide positioning and navigation services for global users. The United States said that as long as the Beidou system is paralyzed, China will immediately lose its counterattack ability, but is this really the case?

01. The Big Dipper realizes its dream and the stars shine in the sky

In the 1980s, China proposed to develop a national satellite navigation system. It was not until 1994 that this plan was officially launched. It took decades for China to move forward steadily, realize the "three-step" of Beidou, and gradually promote it from facing the whole country to serving the world. It can be said that it has paid a great deal of hard work. Recently, China's last networking satellite was successfully launched, which means that China's Beidou system has come to a successful end and can further play a role in the world. Experts said that by 2035, China's Beidou satellite navigation system will be more perfect and intelligent, making outstanding contributions to human access to information.

02. As long as you leave satellite navigation, you will become "blind"?

With more and more advanced technology, modern warfare has gradually shifted from conventional operations to information-based and advanced operations. For all countries, satellite systems are equivalent to a pair of "eyes" that can obtain a large amount of information in advance to help the army fight. On the contrary, once they are separated from satellite systems, they will almost become "blind". Before the development of the Beidou, China had felt the constraints of the United States. At that time, a Chinese cargo ship was on the way to the Middle East. The United States made no excuses and forced the inspection, but it was rejected by China. Therefore, the United States directly cut off the GPS, resulting in the cargo ship wandering on the sea for nearly a month. Because of this, the United States believes that now as long as it paralyzes the Beidou, Our country will repeat the same mistakes.

03. Once the Beidou is paralyzed, will the United States really get what it wants?

The idea of the United States can only be described as naive. When China faced a crisis, how can it not be prevented now? At the beginning of the design of Beidou system, experts have considered this problem and installed inertial navigation equipment in many equipment. Even if they leave Beidou, they can return smoothly. For example, the j-20 can not only navigate independently, but also have the function of automatic repair. It can be seen that the calculation of the United States can only fail.

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