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Pakistan's application for use of Beidou has been approved

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On June 23, 2020, the last networking satellite of China's Beidou satellite navigation system was successfully launched by the long march 3B carrier rocket at Xichang Satellite Launch Center! So far, China has finally achieved great success in the construction of Beidou satellite global networking. Soon after, on July 31, 2020, the Beidou satellite navigation system was officially put into full operation under the "intensive" commissioning and preparation of Chinese staff.

Of course, the official opening is only a new beginning. The Beidou satellite navigation system is for all countries in the world. In the future, the Beidou satellite navigation system will serve not only China, but also the world. Moreover, we know that the navigation system is not only widely used in the civil field, but also plays a great role in the field. China has established a Beidou defense network by using Beidou. Not only that, China has also included "iron buddy" Pakistan into the field of Beidou.


According to India's economic times, Pakistan hopes to apply China's Beidou satellite navigation system to Pakistan's civil affairs, so as to completely end Pakistan's excessive dependence on the U.S. GPS satellite positioning system. At present, in addition to civil use, Pakistan's application for using Beidou in the field has been approved by China. Pakistan also said that this will be part of China Pakistan strategic cooperation.

Indian media said that at present, China is likely to take Asia as the main pilot to promote and develop its own satellite positioning and navigation system, while Pakistan is only the beginning. In the future, once China's Beidou satellite navigation system is popularized in Asia, it is expected to end the global hegemony of the US GPS navigation system for many years, At present, China satellite navigation office has said that it agrees to establish and enable the continuous operation radar station network of Beidou satellite navigation system in Pakistan.

China Pakistan Xiaolong fighter

In the future, the system will comprehensively assist Pakistan in all aspects civil. Firstly, in civil affairs, Pakistan will be able to use Beidou to obtain accurate geospatial mapping data and building data. In the field of scientific research, Beidou can also help Pakistan obtain more and more important scientific research data. The next field is different. At present, Pakistan is importing all kinds of advanced weapons in large quantities from China.

These weapons include armored vehicles, UAVs, air defense systems, artillery systems, submarines, fighter planes, etc. there are everything flying in the sky or running on the ground, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. In the future, these equipment will be used together with Beidou satellite, which will bring Pakistan's strength to a higher level. As we all know, Recently, India has made frequent trouble at the border.

Pakistani forces  

Pakistan's move is not only to protect itself, but also to support China. Although Pakistan's capacity is limited, we should know that the more friends we support in confrontation with other countries, the better. At present, China has established a monitoring station in the Pakistan space and upper atmosphere research commission, I believe there will only be more and more such monitoring stations in the future.

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