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China's Beidou, the world's Beidou, the first-class Beidou, and the Beidou Campus Card Guard students' safety

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On June 23, the global constellation deployment of beidou-3 system was fully completed, and "China's Beidou" officially moved towards "the world's Beidou", opening a new era of global service. This also means that in the future, everyone can enjoy the service of Beidou System in any corner of the earth. How close is this intimate, convenient and reliable partner to our life? How powerful is its function? What other unexpected applications does Beidou have in the future?

Beidou is neither high nor far away. Beidou is right beside you

With the official opening of the global networking construction of Beidou navigation system, it will play a role in many fields such as surveying and mapping, water conservancy, fishery, transportation, forest fire prevention, disaster reduction and relief and public security.


By the end of 2019, more than 6.5 million domestic operating vehicles, 40000 express and postal vehicles, about 80000 buses in 36 cities, more than 3200 inland navigation facilities and more than 2900 maritime navigation facilities have all used Beidou system. Beidou Ping An campus card is a product developed based on Beidou satellite system.


Caring for children and growing up, Beidou has been taking action

Due to various reasons, the number of drowning deaths in the world has exceeded 300000 every year, which has become one of the major public health problems in the world.


Where the children have gone is a big problem for parents to worry about. With Beidou Ping'an campus card, using the high-precision positioning function of Beidou system, the child's location information will be transmitted to the parents' mobile phone in real time. In case of emergency, you can also ask the parents for help with one click.

Beidou Ping An campus card not only provides a favorable guarantee for children's safety, but also provides an effective solution for home and school——Intelligent attendance, dangerous area setting, action track, one button call for help, call and positioning. Parents can realize the following functions through multiple platforms, view their children's attendance, consumption records and positioning tracks, keep close contact with their children, correct and stop their children's dangerous behaviors by setting up dangerous areas, such as ponds (reservoirs) and Internet cafes, and provide an intelligent management system for schools with high efficiency. Campus safety affects the hearts of every principal and teacher, so we can learn from the safe cardappMaster the children's arrival at school.


Guangdong Beidou Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd., which develops and produces Beidou Ping'an campus card, is a high-tech enterprise. So far, Beidou aerospace has formed cooperation with many primary and secondary schools in Huizhou to escort the safety of primary and secondary students!

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