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Song Shiqiang's ideas about BDS and Kinghelm’s products (I)

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Kinghelm is an enterprise developed from Huaqiang North. Always thinking and exploring the development and transformation of Huaqiang North, Mr. Song Shiqiang has written lots of articles for Huaqiang North and strongly called for environment purification of Huaqiang North, in hope that Huaqiang North could become a representative for Shenzhen’s flourishment and the great display for achievements of reform and opening up. Recently, by accepting relevant media’s invitation, Mr. Song Shiqiang of Kinghelm gave a long talk about current status and future development of Chinese BDS. 


General Manager Mr. Song Shiqiang of Kinghelm

             Mr. Song Shiqiang is the chief leader of Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. Kinghelm has engaged in more than ten years in BDS GPS antenna RF connector industry and the “Kinghelm” brand is well-known in BDS navigation and positioning RF microwave industry. Kinghelm’s KH series of BDS products are applicable to automobile electronics, long wave timing antenna of military navigation and positioning antenna and microwave RF cable and industrial market shares are leading. “BDS Expert” official account that Kinghelm operates publicizes BDS popular science and BDS generalization vigorously and introduces BDS’s persons and things; beats the drum for BDS’s cause development and treats BDS as not only business but also a cause. Kinghelm is an enterprise developed from Huaqiang North. Always thinking and exploring the development and transformation of Huaqiang North, Mr. Song Shiqiang has written lots of articles for Huaqiang North and strongly called for environment purification of Huaqiang North, in hope that Huaqiang North could become a representative for Shenzhen’s flourishment and the great display for achievements of reform and opening up. Recently, by accepting relevant media’s invitation, Mr. Song Shiqiang of Kinghelm gave a long talk about current status and future development of Chinese BDS.


Could you introduce development history and direction of Kinghelm?

              Established in 2007, Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. is a national hi-tech and double soft certification enterprise and the senior member of GNSS and LBS Association of China, with registered capital of RMB 10 million. Kinghelm has obtained ISO9001 QMS certificate and registered “Kinghelm” trademark has definite popularity and influence in automotive electronic BDS navigation and military BDS antenna industry of precision connector and Kinghelm KH series of products are applicable to wired and wireless communication transmission of microwave RF signal. Kinghelm’s products such as cable for BDS GPS antenna connector have high quality and could provide amicable service for customer. Leading products of Kinghelm: Series of antennas such as BDS satellite navigation vehicle antenna, WIFI antenna, antenna connecting cable, BDS GPS wire, ceramic antenna for TWS bluetooth headset and military missile-borne high-precision antenna.


Kinghelm [敏感词] High-precision BDS Antenna

               Kinghelm has strong science and development strength and large project organization, management and coordination abilities, and with a strong and continuous “independent and controllable” guiding idea in R&D and production, it digs the potential in BDS GPS navigation and positioning and RF microwave connection industry. Kinghelm’s R&D team consists of three doctors, 18 masters and more than 30 professional BDS navigation and RF microwave engineering technical personnel and has originally obtained multiple invention patents for GPS BDS navigation and positioning products and multiple software copyrights. Kinghelm has always been keeping friendly relationship and smooth communication with Tsinghua University, Xiamen University, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited, China North Industries Group Corporation Limited and BDS Xingtong Information Equipment Co., Ltd. and have in-depth cooperation in relevant field. Kinghelm also participates in the “military and civilian integration” project. On July 26, 2018, the “design of electronic skin-based prosthetic hand tactile perception system” that Kinghelm and Xiamen University develops jointly was displayed in the technological innovation competition of neural prosthesis” that Agile Innovation Defense Unit sponsors and won single innovation technology award! After several years of sedimentation and accumulation, Kinghelm will gradually develop towards military missile - borne special antenna and custom non-standard connector. In terms of consumer goods product, Kinghelm engages in R&D of all kinds of Type-C connectors, to greet the era of internet of everything (IoE).

             Kinghelm KH Series Type-C Connectors

Kinghelm (http://www.kinghelm.net) has production base in Dongguan Tangxia Tianlun Industrial Area, self-built high-performance microwave far field anechoic chamber, special testing and debugging instruments and equipment for microwave RF wire such as temperature and humidity double 85 test equipment, high and low temperature tester, network analyzer, pluggable tester for salt spraying testing machine and automatic terminal machine, automatic wire cutting machine, non-standard automatic testing production line, automatic production line and automatic production line for Type-C connector. 


Kinghelm Rohde & Schwarz High-precision RF Network Analyzer

Could you introduce Kinghelm’s orientation in BDS industry chain?

With respect to Kinghelm’s orientation in BDS industry chain, to facilitate your understanding, let me introduce our BDS industry chain, which is also referred to the US’s GPS industry chain. 

                  Kinghelm Glue Stick Antenna, WiFi Antenna, 2.4G Antenna and FPC Antenna

Such important products as BDS satellite that transmits signal in space and rocket launches BDS satellite are basically monopolized by the large central enterprises CASIC and CASC. Aerospace system is designed with steady and mature internally circulating supply chain system. To ensure no risk at all, all key points are designed with redundancy and backup, and external organization is hard to participate in aerospace market, unless it has competitive technologies and products. They usually acquired those out-of-system technical teams within ecological chain. 


BDS application has been transformed from space to ground and market is divided into military and civilian types. In light of technical and qualification barriers, market with high-grade, precision and advanced technologies and favorable profits is also monopolized by state-owned enterprises and military enterprises, such as relevant research institutes of BDStar Navigation, Chengdu Guoteng Electronics, Haige Satellite and CETC. High-precision map and hydrogeography space surveying and mapping are also monopolized by highly professional major corporation and colleges and universities.

BDS industry chain is mainly divided into three links: upstream basic electronic component, midstream BDS navigation and positioning data terminal and downstream geographic position data operation service. In particular, upstream basic electronic component mainly involves BDS chip module, board card and BDS antenna. BDS chip is divided into RF chip and baseband chip, which will be encapsulated into BDS module after combination. OEM board card was occupied by such overseas companies as Trimble, NovAtel and Javas in early times, but nowadays, domestic companies have gradually broken technical monopoly and began to develop.

We, Kinghelm, is engaged in BDS antenna. Market prospect is pretty good in civilian aspect. BDS had a very good development trend in recent years and yearly compound growth rate was 40%. The products that Kinghelm has developed successfully, such as Kinghelm BDS satellite navigation vehicle antenna, WIFI antenna, antenna connection cable, BDS GPS antenna, TWS Bluetooth earphone ceramic antenna, FPC antenna and type-c connectors (e.g. plate end pedestal) could be found in BDS satellite navigation and positioning and connection and switching of BDS microwave radio frequency communication signal. All those products could be benchmarked with famous brands both at home and abroad, such as TE, MOLEX, HRS, Foxconn and LUXSHARE. BDS, the US’s GPS, Russia Glonass and European Galileo Navigation Satellite System have general character for microwave RF signal transmission technologically. All of them are applicable to the products we develop based on technological accumulation and help Kinghelm open international satellite communication market rapidly.

Oriented to military and special industries, Kinghelm has developed BDS [敏感词] missile - borne high-precision antenna and non-standard custom connector wire end. They are also the key points for our future development. We have won the bid of military organization for those products. Kinghelm will further strengthen the R&D and business development of military high-precision products, such as long-wave timing antenna, Loran- C antenna and geomagnetic navigation antenna. Kinghelm also develops a series of antenna products oriented to the special BDS B3 frequency band antenna for “the Belt & Road” countries.


Though civilian BDS antenna connector has large volume, military antenna cable/ connector has high value. It is the markets that Kinghelm (http://www.kinghelm.net) needs to dig deeply! At present, Kinghelm is constantly accumulating and developing.


What are the benchmarking and cooperation enterprises of Kinghelm? Please give the reason!


Our Kinghelm products are divided into military high-precision BDS GPS antenna custom connector and civilian BDS GPS antenna cable and we have benchmarking enterprises of these two products. In terms of military high-precision BDS GPS antenna, Kinghelm’s main benchmarking enterprise is Harxon of domestic BDStar Navigation. The BDS GPS high-precision antenna that Harxon develops and produces has good quality, rich variety and high market shares and is the object that Kinghelm learns. For military special connector custom terminal, Kinghelm learns and benchmarks Tongmao connector. With rich variety and steady quality, Tongmao electronic products are highly competitive in opening non-standard custom mold. 


Kinghelm BDS GPS Test Antenna

With respect to civilian BDS antenna connector, Kinghelm benchmarks with Jiaxing Jiali Electronics Co., Ltd. of the listed company BDStar Navigation. Antenna ceramic wafer that Jiaxing Jiali develops and produces is under one-stop-production of sintering and debugging and vehicle BDS GPS antenna performs well in automotive aftermarket. For Kinghelm TYPE-C connector part of RF plate end pedestal, we benchmark with peer companies both at home and abroad, such as TE, Molex, HRS, Luxshare ICT and Foxconn. Their products have high selectivity and wide application and could help Kinghelm products be recognized by new customer and market! 


Kinghelm RF Plate End Pedestal - Fakra Pedestal

In recent years, USB and Type-C connector are being penetrated dramatically in such application fields as intelligent mobile, notebook computer and automobile and will become the only interface among electronic equipment, power and data transmission of next ten years. Trend of USB and Type-C is sweeping the whole intelligent terminal and Kinghelm has seized this opportunity well!


BDS GPS Antenna Series of Kinghelm RF Plate End Pedestal - Fakra Pedestal

Kinghelm is planning to establish an Overseas Sales Department, to sell the products such as Kinghelm plate end pedestal for BDS GPS antenna cable/connector to foreign market. Kinghelm engaged in product R&D and standardization of production management system and product in the preceding years and antenna connector cable is benchmarked with such brand products as German Trimble, TE, Molex, HRS and Foxconn. Kinghelm provides low-price products and amicable and fast services. As said by Mr. Song Shiqiang, part of Kinghelm products has been expanded to international market, and in the future, growth of foreign market will become a growth point of Kinghelm.

                                 Kinghelm RF Plate End Pedestal - Ceramic Chip Antenna – BDS GPS Antenna Series

You have engaged in BDS industry for several years and are at the frontline of market all year around. What’s your opinion about current situations of BDS industry both at home and abroad? BDS is a GPS market gradually encroached in China. GPS occupied absolute monopoly position in China ago. In recent years, with development of domestic electronic component technology and gradual maturation of BDS ecology, domestic navigation and positioning market has the trend of surpassing the US, leaving foreign Russian Glonass and European Galileo in the dust and making Indian and Japanese navigation satellite systems unable to be established. Domestic products (e.g. BDS chip and module) are strong in terms of product integration, power consumption, position accuracy and cos performance. BDS’s industry chain is relatively long and domestic industry chain is relatively mature. Domestic market is more and more promising from the perspective of BDS RF chip, base band chip, BDS antenna, BDS board card, navigation and positioning module, high-precision RTK module and BDS intelligent terminal.   



Neat and Standard Office of Kinghelm

Domestic market competition is fierce owing to very good development prospect of BDS market. The fierce competition and development, in turn, will promote BDS technology to get mature, and the mature application technology accelerates market development. BDS’s previous military and technical translation and diffusion drive development of folk BDS application technology. Development of folk technology can also be integrated into military technology and it is a process of mutual promotion and mutual optimal scheduling. BDS technology has good performance in military and civilian integration. Flexible sensor signal processing technology applicable to Kinghelm KH-2808 BDS customs lock that Kinghelm develops together with Tsinghua University and Xiamen University has won individual award of military and civilian integration fast response team of Science and Technology Committee, the [敏感词] Commission of the Central Committee of the CPC.     


Kinghelm Wins Individual Award for National Defense Science and Technology Innovation of Science and Technology Committee, the [敏感词] Commission of the Central Committee of the CPC

GPS has relatively large market shares in international navigation and positioning market. In the eye of common people, GPS basically stands for navigation. Besides, GPS developed navigation and positioning market deeply many years ago. Among the US’s allies, the US’s GPS is dominant in military and special industries. With maturation of Chinese BDS system and improvement of comprehensive national strength, there is still a large market to promote maturation of BDS technology and product. With development of “the Belt & Road”, BDS technology, product and system will be output to foreign countries. It is a process of gradual penetration and development. After some time, Chinese BDS must be world’s first-rate brand and could provide comprehensive services of geographic location and spatial information data for 7 billion persons around the world. 


Display Wall of BDS GPS Antenna Cable Product of Kinghelm Factory

Kinghelm (http://www.kinghelm.net) is planning to establish an Overseas Sales Department of BDS GPS Antenna Cable, to sell the products (e.g. Kinghelm plate end pedestal) for BDS GPS antenna cable/connector to overseas market. Welcome to recommend talents to us and sell products for Kinghelm. Kinghelm had engaged in product R&D and standardization of production management system and product and antenna connector/cable is benchmarked with such brand products as German Trimble, TE, Molex, HRS and Foxconn. Compared with them, Kinghelm provides low-price products and amicable and fast services. Therefore, domestic market gradually becomes a growth point of Kinghelm. In general, the gap between BDS and GPS has gotten smaller and smaller. Since Chinese BDS has weak foundation after all and the US’s GPS market has been developed for many years, we still need a process to catch up with the US in industries needed to be certified, such as automobile and high-grade, precision and advanced electronics. But the time will not be so long and the peers in BDS industry should be confident about it!

Technical gap between products both at home and abroad in BDS industry is not so large. Do you think how our BDS industry to get through difficulties and win in the industry? Please introduce current status and pattern of BDS chip enterprise.


Chinese BDS system was formally established from launch of BDS-1 in 1994 to successful networking of BDS-3 in 2020 and is world’s leading geographic data service system of space navigation and positioning position. BDS satellite navigation system (abbreviation: BDS) is the fourth core supplier included in global satellite navigation system by UN Satellite Navigation Committee after the US’s global positioning system (GPS), Russian global navigation satellite system (GLONASS) and EU’s Galilean positioning system (Galileo).

Upon successful networking of BDS-3, BDS has larger and larger world influence and use scope with its unique “short message” function. Compared with Galilean positioning system (Galileo) and Russian global navigation satellite system (GLONASS), our BDS system is much more advanced, just lagging behind the US’s GPS system a little.


Kinghelm BDS GPS Dual-mode Navigation and Positioning + GSM Communication Automobile-grade Antenna

On the one hand, it is necessary to benchmark with GPS product and market if wanting our BDS industry to make breakthrough in the word. It should be concerned by the State, for it is related to national security and Chinese strategic industrial layout. On the other hand, common people should participate in scientific popularization activity of BDS knowledge often; concern BDS and often publicize BDS and use BDS product and more social enterprises will invest in BDS-related industries. Only when enterprise produces more better BDS navigation, positioning and intelligent terminal products, could it promote implementation and heathy development of BDS industry.

There haven’t any relevant policies and regulations at national government level to promote development of BDS upon the project of tourist transportation-chartered vehicle, passenger transport route vehicle and transport vehicle of hazardous goods launched by the State in 2013. BDS is also pushed to a height by public opinion after successful networking of BDS-3, but it is required to issue some concrete operable policies in favor of BDS, to promote development of BDS at official level. In recent years, some policies and guidelines about BDS development were issued in various places successively, but they had no practical operability and basically become amulet of various interest groups seizing land and those engaged in BDS industry really get no material benefits! Everyone is optimistic about BDS’s prospect and development at social and enterprise levels and so many individuals and enterprises have investment intention. Enterprises engaged in GPS before are basically transformed into BDS and a new round of competitions begin. It promotes BDS technology and application progress objectively. Besides, BDS. Besides the unique “short message" function, has very large value that hasn’t been developed. How to realize mobile information transmission and folk application? All those will bring about a new round of growth in BDS industry!

Current status of BDS chip industry isn’t so optimistic and everyone needs effort and persistence. In the time of project of tourist transportation-chartered vehicle, passenger transport route vehicle and transport vehicle of hazardous goods in 2013, Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Transport determined five chip enterprises have vehicle-mounted qualification: Techtotop, Zhongke Microelectronics, RXLY, OLinkStar and BDStar Navigation. All their products are matched with Kinghelm antenna in automobile electronic industry. But there is no large scale of market demand after products of the project of tourist transportation-chartered vehicle, passenger transport route vehicle and transport vehicle of hazardous goods are covered once and their recent status is not good after end of the tuyere. 


Kinghelm PCB Plate End for Ipex RF Connector Pedestal

In light of shrinkage of BDS special market, BDS and GPS modes are of double – module compatibility and coexistence and can be hot switched seamlessly in terms of chip module. It cannot hold a candle to Swiss u-blox in high-end market; with respect to scale, it cannot hold a candle to MTK in terms of cost performance. On intelligent product terminals (e.g. mobile phone), Broadcom, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum and Huawei integrate other functions and navigation and positioning map products (e.g. Tencent Maps, Baidu Maps and AutoNavi) are universal on BDS and GPS. Therefore, BDS chip enterprises have lots of difficulties. Some are transformed, some are acquired and some are closed down. At present, ALLYSTAR has good performance and still survive in market. To be honest, with abundant capital resources, human resources and strategic focus, national BDS team is expected to maintain the favorable ecology for BDS chip under the help of national strength!


                         Kinghelm SMA Multifrequency Spiral [敏感词]-Grade BDS Antenna

The “BDS Expert” WeChat official account that Kinghelm operates is “BDS Gu and Hu” achieves the purpose of disseminating BDS technology and popularizing BDS knowledge, so as to apply BDS666 in BDS system. Website of Kinghelm (http://www.kinghelm.net) develops the column of “BDS Expert”, which includes information of famous experts of BDS industry, such as literature, stories and technical data of the masters including BDS arbiter Sun Jiadong, BDS expert Cao Chong, BDS expert Yang Yuanxi and BDS queen Xu Ying and product solutions for technical analysis and application of relevant BDS navigation and positioning, so as to spare no effort to publicize BDS. It is the mission of “BDS Expert” to tell BDS story, Chinese story and story of Chinese BDS-3. BDS ecology will star virtuous circle when BDS is used by many people, and thus, our BDS will win absolutely.


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