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Song Shiqiang's ideas about BDS and Kinghelm’s products (II)

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Kinghelm is an enterprise developed from Huaqiang North. Always thinking and exploring the development and transformation of Huaqiang North, Mr. Song Shiqiang has written lots of articles for Huaqiang North and strongly called for environment purification of Huaqiang North, in hope that Huaqiang North could become a representative for Shenzhen’s flourishment and the great display for achievements of reform and opening up. Recently, by accepting relevant media’s invitation, Mr. Song Shiqiang of Kinghelm gave a long talk about current status and future development of Chinese BDS. 


Mr. Song Shiqiang, Kinghelm’s GM, is in Huaqiangbei office in the initial stage after starting his business


Mr. Song has run its company Kinghelm Electronics Co., LTD. in Beidou GPS antenna RF connector industry for more than a decade. Its brand “Kinghelm” has gained certain popularity in Beidou navigation and positioning RF transmission connector industry. Kinghelm KH series Beidou products have been applied to such industries as auto electronics, time service antenna of military navigation and positioning antenna, microwave RF connection wire industry with certain influence and reputation. “Beidou Expert” WeChat Official Account run by Kinghelm is focused on publicizing and promoting Beidou, interpreting the stories about people working on and anecdote of Beidou and boosting the development of Beidou BDS. Kinghelm not only takes Beidou as its business but also has committed to boost its development forever. 

What’re the Beidou chips (modules) that will stand out in the market competition?

To make it clear, it is of necessity to talk about the technical characteristics of Beidou GPS navigation and positioning chip (module) and rivals. Beidou satellite navigation system (abbreviation: Beidou BDS) is similar to the US’s global positioning system (GPS), Russia’s global navigation satellite system (GLONASS) and EU’s Galileo in terms of technical route, because all of them are fitted with microwave RF technology and real-time data computing functions. Furthermore, product development market is defined based on the requirements of application scenario. Beidou navigation and positioning module includes two parts, i.e., RF chip and base band chip, of which, the former is responsible for receiving signals from Beidou GPS satellite while the latter for receiving the geographic position calculated based on the signal received. The chip module functions of GPS Beidou Galileo is compatible, including Kinghelm’s various GPS Beidou antennas paired with their products. Therefore, thermal switch of GPS and Beidou functions is supported. Therefore, Beidou chips have to involve in homogeneous competition with other navigation chips. Beidou BDS has later-mover advantages of technical layout and later-mover disadvantage of market at the same time. Efforts should be made in the following several aspects, if Beidou chips could survive and develop in the fierce market:        

[敏感词] products featured by high precision, high quality and strong reliability and Beidou’s exclusive “Beidou short message” boast high profits but their market size is small. For instance, salt spray test of Kinghelm’s civil connector RF base (www.BDS666.co) is 24 hours in general but that of connector and terminal customized for military Beidou B3 antenna is 96 hours at least. As for gold plating, not chemical gold but gold with a high purity is required and the metal layer of gold plating surface should be thickened. Beidou navigation antenna with special military purpose also has to undergo rigid vibration test, which results in high antenna cost and price.

Civil consumer field, which seems requiring no high threshold, is actually the main field of competition for Beidou chips and GPS chips. With low profits but large volume, chip industry cannot survive without ensuring its quantity. Due to market reasons, there’re only several domestic companies dealing with Beidou chip businesses. TECHTOTOP and Zhongke Microelectronics are still making efforts but both of them have transferred their main business goals. Allystar started later but has a good performance in Beidou chip R & D and application. Similarly, Goke Microelectronics is also making its full efforts in this field. To be honest, all these key enterprises entail the support of constant and significant investment from the state and they must have the capacity of standing hardships and difficulties in some defining moment.   

The high-end products on domestic market, such as Beidou GPS chip module and products conforming to auto regulations are inferior to Switzerland’s u-blox. The market occupancy rate of u-blox Beidou GPS chip module market is actually far ahead. Under price strategy, the domestic Beidou GPS chips may not be able to compete with MTK from Taiwan (China). Its 2035 washer has monopolized the market of small positioning tracker. As for mobile intelligent terminal products such as wearable mobile phones, Broadcom - Qualcomm MTK, Spreadtrum-Qualcomm, Huawei, Vivo, Xiaomi and OPPO, they have integrated such functions as navigation and positioning gyroscopes on their core processers. Beidou GPS navigation and positioning only act as a small role in it. Individual wearable products will welcome its explosive development soon, and Beidou GPS navigation and positioning function is a required part in these products. In consideration of higher requirements for durability, light weight and complete functions, Beidou GPS chip (module) needs improvement further in such aspects as qualification certification of special industry, reduction of size and power consumption, positioning precision, integration, compatibility, stability and ecosystem. The present situation means a golden chance for domestic Beidou chip market that started late to catch up with overseas GPS chip industry.

Alternatively, Beidou BDS could implement differentiated competition strategies against GPS, in virtue of its exclusive technology (such as Beidou short message) and specific domestic application scenarios. The development potential with significant increment could be further explored in such aspects as difference, inertial navigation, high-precision RTK positioning, space-time integrated information, foundation enhancement, automatic drive and spatial position data.   

“Beidou Expert” WeChat official account run by Kinghelm is aimed to publicize Beidou BDS and Beidou technology and popularize knowledge about Beidou, in order to facilitate BSD666 use of Beidou. In Kinghelm’s website (https://www.kinghelm.net) a “Beidou Expert” column has been designed, where news from famous experts in Beidou industry is available, such as the literatures, stories, technical data, etc. from Academician Sun Jiadong, a leading authority in Beidou industry, Beidou expert Cao Chong and Yang Yuanxi and Beidou heroine Xu Ying, etc. as well as technical analysis, product application and solution of Beidou navigation and positioning, with a view to publicizing Beidou BDS with efforts. The holy mission of “Beidou Expert” WeChat official account is to interpret stories about Beidou and publicize those specialized in Beidou research. Beidou BDS will, as long as it is applied to an extensive range of fields and virtuous circle is realized in Beidou ecosystem.   


What’re the markets of Beidou chips? Which fields would probably become the hot spots?

As mentioned above, Beidou BDS, the US’s global positioning system (GPS), Russia’s global navigation satellite system (GLONASS) and EU’s Galileo all use underlying technology of microwave RF technology and data computing functions. Beidou GPS navigation and positioning module includes two parts, i.e., RF chip and base band chip, of which, the former is responsible for receiving signals from Beidou GPS satellite while the latter for receiving the geographic position calculated based on the signal received. Kinghelm’s Beidou GPS antenna receives Beidou GPS signal from the front end of Beidou GPS RF chip. Kinghelm’s RF connecting wire terminal ensures the normal signal transmission without being interfered by external environment and signal attenuation. The chip module functions of GPS Beidou, Galileo GLONASS and Galileo positioning system are compatible. Application manufacturers define product and development market based on the time-space information application scenario of navigation and positioning. Kinghelm as well as various GPS Beidou antenna, ipex terminal connecting wire and Type-C connector that are paired with Kinghelm could become compatible with each other.   


Kinghelm’s new product ipex patch cord terminal and Type-C connector series

The application market scenarios of Beidou chip is huge and covers many different fields. As believed by Kinghelm’s Song Shiqiang (https://www.kinghelm.net), Beidou GPS could explore the market again that GPS won previously. The total market volume of navigation and positioning market is large after development for decades. The increment market of navigation and positioning positional space include popular unpiloted driving, personal smart wearable products with a fast development speed, smart watches of Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo and Little Genius, Beidou student card, smart pension bracket, tracking of agricultural product supply chain, etc. All of the above need BDS Beidou GPS positioning function. Beidou could explore many emerging markets, such as smart city, smart security, military and weapon equipment, deep-sea fishing and transportation, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Vehicles, smart agriculture, personal sports and health care products, etc. First used in 1964, the US’s GPS met the all-dimension, all-weather and full-interval requirements in 1994. It has nearly monopolized the market of satellite navigation business with its strength in technology and first-mover advantages with a market share of 29%. In 2020 Beidou system was networked all across the globe. Beidou application has entered promotion stage along with the construction by complying with “the Belt & Road” initiative with a present global market share of 11%. The markets ranking second include European and Japanese markets. Beidou BDS’s international competitiveness in the global market has been increasing. According to the data of China Academy of Telecommunication Research of MIIT (CAICT), global satellite navigation will be connected with new technologies such as 5G and IoT in the future in order to provide precise time-space information for new technical infrastructures such as AI, cloud computing and blockchain in the future through mutual interaction.   

I’d like to further add some hot market fields in the future (https://www.kinghelm.net). Alternatively, Beidou BDS could implement differentiated competition strategies against GPS, in virtue of its exclusive technology and strength of being closed to domestic application scenarios. The exclusive parts of Beidou system, such as Beidou short message signal, Beidou high precision difference, Beidou inertial navigation, high precision PTK positioning, time-space position information, Beidou foundation enhancement, data about geographical location information of indoor space within a small scope, air and space position data, etc. For instance, Skylab (www.skylab.com.cn) does well in Beidou high-precision module, which could be used together with our Kinghelm’s Beidou GPS antenna connecting wire Type-C connector to serve customers better with excellent performance. Skylab’s Beidou positioning BDS + UWB indoor positioning technology under development with efforts at present boasts a promising market prospect.   


Which Kinghelm’s product is most popular? Please state why briefly.

In my opinion, I need to give you answer to this question by three parts, products popular previously, at present and in the future. Our best-selling products in the previous several years include GPS Beidou auto dual-mode antenna and supporting auto ipex connecting wire terminal base. Made of off-standard ceramic wafer, the product was totally finished by Kinghelm’s R & D team in every aspect including formula of ceramic powder, die opening, debugging, silver paste printing, welding detection of PCB plate connecting wire, etc. They were sold based on the GPS/Beidou auto tachographs of “large passenger car, large tourism passenger car and trucks of hazardous products), we supplied Beidou GPS antenna connecting wire plate bases for Youwei Information, Huabao Technology, BSJ, Meiligao and Zhongxing IoT. With Kinghelm’s expansion of Beidou antenna market, it has gradually penetrated into auto front loading markets or become Level 2 suppliers of auto parts. Kinghelm mainly cooperates with Nanjing King Long, Nanjing Ford, Jinan-based Sinotruk, etc. and a majority of our products have been applied to military special vehicles. Kinghelm’s Beidou products have undergone rigorous auto certification. The company has kept improving its each aspect, such as supply chain management, incoming inspection, product standardization, quality control, product consistency and business services for customers. Kinghelm also starts to supply goods in small batch for Shaanqi Group, BYD and Xpeng Auto in order to fully get prepared for winning their large orders! Kinghelm’s new products, such as ipex RF base, sell well on the market at present. To be specific, RF base, which is short for antenna base of the 1st generation of IPEX plate chip (model: KH-IPEX-K501-29), has been applied to many different products and industries, such as PCBA/FPC board-to-board connector, Beidou GPS smart terminal, smart city, Internet of Vehicles, auto electronics, etc. They could replace Hirose HRS U.FI-R-SMT, I-PEX’s 20314-001E-01 and GIGALANE’s CMJ-S01-001. It is the best-selling product atwww.szlcsc.com and www.ichunt.com.  Kinghelm (www.BDS666.com) has also launched new product, i.e., RF SMA connector changeover female joint (model: KH-SMA-K513-G), which can replace Hirose’s HRS MURATA SMA products and different types of electronic products. 

In the information society, 3C digital products and smart information terminals have been launched one after another. Information transmission and delivery scenarios have been used more frequently than ever. Type-C connector can be used for charging and signal transmission via an interface alone with promising function integration performance and market prospect. Several kinds of Type-C connectors developed by Kinghelm include on-board STM subsidizing sheet, STM subsidizing sheet, short SMT, etc. as well as Hybird dual-row SMT waterproof Type-C connector applicable to subsidizing sheet (waterproof grade: IPX4-IPX7). We could also customize Type-C connectors based on customers’ drawings or for integrated terminal products. 



ISO Certificate of Kinghelm

Kinghelm (https://www.kinghelm.net) will focus on military products in the future. With the gradual maturity of Beidou BDS system and China’s further improvement, the game between China and US will be penetrated in different aspects. China will make more efforts in military products in order to safeguard our achievements and win respect from the whole world. Kinghelm has established a high-performance microwave far field darkroom in its Xiatang Plant and introduced many test and detection instruments such as network analyzer, smoke tester, temperature and humidity 85 tester, high and low-temperature tester, etc. Many products have been developed for special industries such as military field, such as Beidou [敏感词] missile-borne high-precision antenna and off-standard customized connectors. They are the key R & D orientations in the future. Kinghelm has supplied goods to several military institutions at present. With the further development and accumulation of Beidou navigation and positioning connector, Kinghelm has also engaged in long-wave antenna, Lora C antenna, Beidou time-service antenna, geomagnetism navigation antenna, Beidou antenna RF connecting line able to resist signal interference, etc., all of which will become Kinghelm’s best-selling products! 

What’s Kinghelm’s role in Beidou industry chain in the future?

China’s satellite navigation and position service has ushered a fast development speed. According to the 2021 White Paper for the Development of China’s Satellite Navigation and Position Service Industry, the total output of China’s satellite navigation and position service industry in 2020 was RMB 403.3 billion, an increase of 16.9% compared with that in 2019. A chip and terminal market scale of RMB 500 million - RMB 1 billion/year is expected to take shape by 2025, when the total output will reach RMB 800 billion - RMB 1 trillion. With the fast development of Beidou industry, we (www.BDS666.com) will surely seize this golden chance.


Beidou industry chain mainly includes three links of basic components in upstream, Beidou intelligent terminal in middle stream and operation service in downstream. To be specific, the basic components in upstream mainly include chips, board card and antenna. We are specialized in R & D and manufacturing of Beidou antenna connectors in the upstream of Beidou industry chain, and more specifically, microwave RF signal transmission. Board card has been almost occupied by overseas companies such as Trimble, NovAtel and Javas. However, domestic manufacturers have broken through the monopoly and regain their market. Beidou GPS smart navigation and positioning terminal in the middle stream could bring a large market volume of small terminals together with personal sports and health. The income of geographical and position operation services in downstream is stable with a high added value and promising development prospect.


Kinghelm has a very clear market positioning in Beidou market and antenna market. It mainly learns from Harxon in special Beidou military high-precision antenna, Tomao Connector in military anti-interference connector terminal joint, and Jiaxing Jiali Antenna Co., Ltd. under the listed company BDStar Navigation in terms of civil Beidou GPS. Kinghelm’s RF plate base Type-C connector was developed the latest by learning domestic and overseas peer such as TE connector, Molex and Hirose. 

Kinghelm has a very clear market positioning in Beidou market and antenna market. It mainly learns from Harxon in special Beidou military high-precision antenna, Tomao Connector in military anti-interference connector terminal joint, and Jiaxing Jiali Antenna Co., Ltd. under the listed company BDStar Navigation in terms of civil Beidou GPS. Kinghelm’s RF plate base Type-C connector was developed the latest by learning domestic and overseas peer such as TE connector, Molex and Hirose. 

In brand building, Kinghelm has always believed product quality speaks louder than words. “Kinghelm” Beidou GPS antenna products and supporting products are all excellent in performance ratio. We supply not only Beidou GPS antenna but also supporting RF connecting wire, RF change-over wire, RF plate terminal base connector and Type-C connectors, so as to provide one-stop services of RF signal transmission for customers. Furthermore, Kinghelm has publicized its brand both online and offline for a very long time and paid special attention to realization of Internet marketing traffic. www.ichunt.com, a famous trading platform of electronic components, has always given support for the replacement of imported semiconductors by domestic ones. “ichunt 618” sales promotion activities launched this time include many different discount activities such as present of gifts after reaching a certain sales price, discount coupon of large amount, discount for specified area, etc. All these activities are golden chances for purchasing electronic products. Kinghelm has also started selling its products at www.szlcsc.com, www.hqew.com, www.oneyac.com, www.allchips.com, b2b.baidu.com, JD e-commerce platform, Alibaba 1688, www.hqchip.com and www.chinanews.com, etc. with significant sales volume. kinghelm has laid special emphasis on CIS system of the company and its products, Beidou promotion by advertorials, and attends exhibitions, forums and salons of GPS industry, in order to improve the Company’s influence, brand reputation, and make Kinghelm’s products and the brand develop under a favorable industrial layout.   

Beidou BDS plays a vital role. In terms of military aspect, it could break through the monopoly of GPS so that we could realize independent development further. As for civil field, it could propel economic development and is applicable to many different aspects of national economy. It is our holy responsibilities to publicize, maintain and make the best use of Beidou. Kinghelm has run its “Beidou Expert” WeChat official account in order to publicize Beidou system, interpret stories about Beidou, popularize knowledge about Beidou and bring forth suggestions for Beidou development. All staff in Kinghelm works hard and would like to work together with all people in the industry in order to develop Beidou further, make our country stronger and realize Kinghelm’s sustainable development.


Brief Introduction of Song Shiqiang


On top of being a private economic researcher of the Economic Development Center of the State Council, Song Shiqiang is also a member of the electronic information expert database of China Association for Science and Technology, and a commercial research expert of Huaqiang North. Mr. Song was the former CEO of an international real estate listed company. He has invested and managed a list of companies such as Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., building the "Slkor" and "Kinghelm" brands. Both "Slkor" and "Kinghelm" are national high-tech companies and they have obtained dozens of invention patents and software copyrights. In addition, Slkor is one of the fastest-growing semiconductor companies in China, and its vision is to become "the leader of the domestic semiconductor industry".

 "Kinghelm Connecting Beidou" is the slogan of Kinghelm company. Beginning from the development of Beidou antenna, Kinghelm has developed and produced microwave antenna, RF connection line and electrical signal connector and other products, embracing the intelligent era for Internet of Everything.  Song Shiqiang has a wide reputation and influence in the semiconductor, Beidou positioning and navigation industry. As one of the renowned business leaders in Huaqiang North Commercial Area of Shenzhen, Mr. Song is striving to make his best efforts to improve the business environment, hoping that Huaqiang North will become a catalyst for reform and opening the window of Shenzhen's economic development.

This article is originally written by Song Shiqiang, general manager of Kinghelm and Slkor. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source, thank you! 


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