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The US special operations command uses portable terminals based on millimeter wave 3D antenna technology to connect the "star chain" LEO satellite communication network

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According to PRNewswire website on July 21, 2021, the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) signed a contract with dujud to develop an energy-efficient portable satellite communication terminal to use SpaceX's "Starlink" low orbit commercial satellite communication constellation.

The terminal will be backpack type, half the size of the current "star chain" terminal (i.e. dishy), and the power consumption will be reduced by 30% to 40% at the same data transmission speed. The underlying technology is based on the dujud 3D antenna scheme, which is the first of its kind.

The "star chain" dishy terminal is based on the traditional 2D phased array antenna system, and the dujud terminal aims to solve the limitations of this antenna. Specifically, when a user is on the move and needs to be continuously connected to the Internet through a LEO satellite constellation, the 2D antenna cannot provide a robust communication link. The scanning angle of dujud's proprietary 3D antenna array (patent pending) exceeds that of the traditional planar (2D) antenna array by 88%, and realizes the "horizon to horizon" satellite communication coverage under the condition of 40% reduction in power consumption and half reduction in size.

The U.S. government hopes that through dujud technology, applications requiring portability can access the "star chain" commercial satellite communication network. Due to the limited scanning angle of traditional satellite communication terminals, this capability could not be realized before. In addition, the new satellite communication terminal based on dujud's proprietary 3D antenna technology will reduce the power consumption to the level that the terminal is powered by battery, and will also solve the problem of high manufacturing cost. Commercial Internet service providers based on satellite communication are facing the cost challenge of satellite communication terminals. This satellite communication terminal based on dujud 3D antenna significantly reduces the demand for electronic equipment and the production cost.

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