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Q86: What are the main frequencies of GPS and Beidou?

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GPS: L1=1575.42MHz, L2=1227.60MHz, L5=1176.45 MHz

Beidou: L=1615.68 MHz, B1I=1561.098 MHz, B1c=1575.42 MHz

The frequency of Kinghelm's Beidou antenna is 1561.098MHz


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Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd.(www.kinghelm.net)has technical backbones from Tsinghua University and UESTC, and has introduced overseas returnee professionals. Kinghelm is able to develop highly reliable and high-performance antenna and connector products.KH series products of "Kinghelm" brand include Beidou/GPS antennas, RF adapter connectors, plug connector, electrical data connectors, terminals, and customized vehicle harnesses, industrial / medical connectors, and military special antenna connectors."Kinghelm connects Beidou", Kinghelm has grown with the development of China's Beidou industry. Starting from supplying Beidou/GPS dual mode antennas, IPEX terminals, and RF adapter cables for automotive manufacturers, Kinghelm has continuously developed products. Currently, it has a series of WiFi, Bluetooth, NB-loT, LoRa, Zigbee, UWB, and GSM antennas, RFID tags, RF adapter cables, military standard microwave antennas, vehicle grade SMA, SMB, FAKRA holders, coaxial cables, and can customize non-standard antenna connectors based on customer drawings or samples.


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