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Mr. Huang Rusen, general manager of SLINKS, gave a talk in Kinghelm and Slkor -- corporate culture "upward power"

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Recently, Mr. Huang Rusen, the gold-medal lecturer of Huaqiangbei, director of Shenzhen Electronics Chamber of Commerce and Shenzhen Security Association, member of China Rail Transit Association and general manager of Shenzhen Slinks Technology Co., Ltd(www.icrs.com.cn)visited Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd.(www.kinghelm.net) as well as Shenzhen Slkormicro Co., Ltd.(www.slkoric.com) and gave us a wonderful talk "upward power" to share his opinions about corporate culture.



Huang Rusen is giving his presentation

Shenzhen Slinks Technology Co., Ltd(www.icrs.com.cn) is a special agent and distributor dedicated to the promotion of STMicroelectronics, and italso the first batch of agents of Kinghelm and Slkor. Slinks was founded in 2007, and its headquarters is located in the CBD of Shenzhen. In addition, Slinks has two large warehouses in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Slinks mainly engaged in authentic ST brand MCUs, automotive electronic ICs and Kinghelm automotive Beidou GPS navigation and positioning antenna connectors, Slkor power management ICs, power device MOS tubes, sensors, logic devices and other ST full-line products, which are widely used in automotive electronics, network communication, IoT, AI, robot, household appliances, security monitoring, industrial control, medical health and other fields. Slinks has a highly dedicated, innovative and enterprising team composed of high-quality staff, and its core team members are college graduates or above. After years of painstaking work, Slinks has successively established a stable and lasting business partnership with many semiconductor manufacturers such as TI (Texas Instruments), ON (Onsemi), AMPAK (WIFI module) and JINGFAN (Jingfan health monitoring module). Besides, Slinks has also established long-term partnerships with lots of customers, like BYD, Midea, GAC Group, Haier, SenseTime, DJI and other enterprises.


All staff of Kinghelm and Slkor participate in the training about corporate culture


Under the leadership of Mr. Huang, Slinks develops steadily step by step and it has done a good job in corporate culture. Mr. Huang asked, what is corporate culture? Corporate culture is the value system that employees abide by in the enterprise organization, that is, belief. Its the rules of conduct for employees in their work, and its also the core component of enterprise development. An enterprise without culture will develop difficultly. The role of corporate culture is to lead employees to gather into a huge cohesion and centripetal force, facilitate the achievement of corporate strategy, and realize the sustainable development of organization.


Referring to the corporate culture, Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Kinghelm and Slkor, stressed that the rapid development of company needs corporate culture including core values, vision, mission and enterprise spirit, itnot only kind of powerful force, but also the powerful power to achieve enterprise's sustainable development. The corporate culture of Slkor is the core values of "integrity, progress, tenacity and detail". Mr. Huang conducted the following training based on these concepts and his perception in practical work over the years:



The corporate culture of Slkor


I. Integrity


Integrity, one of Slkorcorporate culture


When Mr. Huang talked about "integrity", he took IKEA as an example and focused on the experience of IKEA, which is to keep integrity and innovation, so that customers can really feel comfortable and practical. Once they enter IKEA, they will linger. The design of IKEA is very spacious and its like a maze, which can stimulate customers desire to experience and enjoy a sense of comfort and excitement. They can sleep, lie down or have the entertainment, even eat, anyhow IKEA will make you feel at home. IKEA is also constantly developing a variety of product styles according to customers' needs. In a word, customers can always find the furniture that meets their own requirements here. IKEA is really doing home furnishing products conscientiously, pioneering and innovating, winning stable customers and the market, by virtue of integrity.



Mr. Song Shiqiang also said, people in Slkor and Kinghelm must be real, diligent, dedicated and innovative in the work. Integrity is the foundation of a person and a company, so our company regards "integrity" as the first. The development model of Slkor and Kinghelm, is to rely on the positive labor accumulation to produce value.




Progress, one of Slkorcorporate culture


Referring to "progress", Mr. Huang took T.World as an example. T.Worldthe carrier of communication industry, is his previous employer, and its vision is to become the first chain store in the world. With this corporate goal in place, we require the daily, cumulative, systematic, standardized, digital and humanized management, and work steadily step by step to achieve our phased goals and then strategic goals.


The goal of the world's first chain store seems far away, but nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. As long as we work hard and make further progress, we will achieve our goals.



The key to success of T.World


Mr. Song added that with the rapid development of society and the emergence of new technologies, new models and new ideas, we have to work very hard to keep in touch with the mainstream society and avoid being eliminated. In order to achieve the operation and management goals of Slkor and Kinghelm, we should make further efforts, focus on professional innovation, and comprehensively improve our business ability and grow together with our company through the accumulation of time. Our goal is to make Slkor and Kinghelm listed successfully, in order to realize this ambitious goal, we need to accumulate over time and progress every day.


III. Tenacity


Tenacity, one of Slkorcorporate culture


When Mr. Huang talked about "tenacity", he took ARCHE as an example. ARCHE is a cosmetic company established for many years. In such a fierce market economy, ARCHE has always been in the leading position. Now there are more and more products of ARCHE brand, which reflects the tenacious perseverance of ARCHE. ARCHE continues to develop new products relentlessly, which are quite popular with customers, and ARCHE has become a household name.


Products of ARCHE



The development history of ARCHE

Mr. Song added: "As the old saying goes, the right way in the world is vicissitudes of life". Slkors vision is to become "the leader of Chinas semiconductor industry", in order to achieve this goal, we have to endure great hardships as well as maintain good communication and cooperation with the colleagues in the team. In the process of struggle, we may sweat, tear even bleed. Slkors staff should be able to win the battle, overcome all difficulties and adversity with perseverance and wolf cooperation, be indomitable and never say die.


IV. Detail


Detail, one of Slkorcorporate culture

                  Referring to "detail", Mr. Huang took 
Wuqiong as an example. Wuqiong is a local food brand in Guangdong. Wuqiong becomes successful because of its attention to detail, and Wuqiong only focuses on this part of chicken wings with extreme attitude. For a small company, finance and human resources are limited at the the beginning. And how does constant dropping wear away a stone? This small company can only focus on detail-the extreme requirements of food, and later Wuqiong brings out other new products like chicken leg, chicken feet and eggs. Now Wuqiong has become a household brand in the snack field as well as a successful model of detailed products.


Salt-baked chicken wings of Wuqiong

To be a competitive company, small details at work are very important. Mr. Song Shiqiang also requires employees in Slkor and Kinghelm have more thinking and more analysis of the problems in their work, and then simplify fast and constantly improve the efficiency. In the details of continuous optimization and improvement from quantitative change to qualitative change, and this can make Slkor and Kinghelm a more excellent company.


Finally Mr. Huang shared with us the corporate culture of SLINKS, independence and self-improvement, unity and cooperation, innovation and lifelong learning. At the same time, Mr. Huang also shared with us the hard development history of SLINKS. Like the old saying, a good sword comes from the constant honing, and the fragrance of plum blossom comes from the bitter cold. Under the leadership of Mr. Huang, SLINKS has achieved rapid development, and it can be expected soon that SLINKS will become the leading enterprise in the domestic semiconductor industry.



                                                                                                                              The corporate culture of SLINKS

                  Song Shiqiang, general manager of Slkor and Kinghelm, said in the end: "Together, let us exalt the core cultural values of "integrity, progress, tenacity and detail", regard "to become the leader of China’s semiconductor brands" as our goal, always maintain enterprising spirit, uplifting and forward momentum vigorously with pioneering spirit and diligence, manufacture China’s own strong semiconductor products, work together to build a better future of Slkor, and Slkor’s step forward unstoppable!"


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